Apple AirPods EXPLODING in People’s Ears

Friends, what is it gonna take for people to realize that they are killing themselves using these wireless devices?  The amount of pulsed microwave radiation coming off these airpods is absolutely insane, and people are cooking their brains every time they use them or hold a cell phone close to their head.

Has Mankind gone completely insane?  Are we living through a state of collective insanity?

I definitely think so.


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Apple AirPods Still Exploding in Ears and Exposing Wearers to High Levels of Biologically Harmful Radiation (Videos)

By B.N. Frank

Apple AirPods have been known to overheat, catch fire, and/or explode.  They have been identified as a huge source of toxic electronic waste (E-waste) too.


Apple has also warned repeatedly about how its wireless radiation-emitting products can cause interference issues with pacemakers and other medical devices.  Of course, all manufacturers of wireless devices are required to include warnings about radiation emissions with their products.  If you’ve ever wondered how much radiation is being emitted by Apple Airpods, this short video may blow your mind:


Additionally, almost 2 years ago, a federal court ruling in favor of petitioners who sued the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for NOT updating wireless radiation guidelines (including 5G) since 1996; however the agency has still not addressed this.


Got pets?  Exposure can hurt them too!  Two paws down!


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