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Nature’s 5 Most Powerful Protections From Radiation, Chemicals, and Heavy Metals



Nature’s 5 Most Powerful Protections From Radiation, Chemicals, and Heavy Metals

April 01, 2019 20 min read

The Effectiveness of Whole Earthen Resources and the Dangers of Iodine, Baking Soda, and Chelation Therapy

Complimentary to the information provided below, a Whole Body Detox Program is outlined here:

Whole Earthen, Whole Body Detox Program & 14 Day Detox Kit
Straight from Nature – A Comprehensive Approach toward Radiation, Chemical, and Heavy Metal Detoxification

Topics in the article include:

5 Solutions to Body Toxins


  • Clay at Chernobyl
  • When a toxin bonds with a clay molecule, does the clay become toxic to the body?
  • Electromagnetic Attractions
  • Whole Salt with Clay in Baths


  • Chlorophyll-rich, Alkalizing Seaweeds, Algae, and Nutrient-dense Land Plants vs. Baking Soda
  • Alkalizing the body to perfect 7.4 pH with sea vegetables does 3 important things with respect to detoxification:
  • Alginates from Laminaria Reduce Radiation
  • Is Iodine (e.g. Potassium Iodide) Really Your Best Defense Against Radiation Exposure???
  • Adverse Reactions to Potassium Iodide
  • OK, So What is the Alternative to Iodine Supplements??


  • Humic/Fulvic Earth


  • Bile Activators with Bitter Herbs & Triphala


  • Glutathione & Foods that Provide Radiation Protection:
  • Foods that must be avoided since they weaken the effectiveness of your immune system:
  • Warning – Brassica (cruciferous) Vegetables Can Increase Hypothyroidism (unless counterbalanced by natural iron sources)

In summary

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5 Solutions to Body Toxins

Undoubtedly we live in the most toxic world the human race has ever seen, all due to technological developments, deliberate pollution of our earth, sky, and water, along with the prolific use of chemicals imbedded in every facet of our lives from the food we grow, to the vehicles we drive, to the way we clean our clothes, homes, or machinery, to the chemicals in our medicines, to the radiation coming from our electronics, and the radiation, chemicals, and heavy metals falling from our skies.

Not a day goes by that toxic elements do not enter our bodies. Even remote places on our planet are experiencing air pollutants from industrial smoke, radioactive particulate, and volcanic dust carried over by jet stream activity from thousands of miles away.

To stay ahead of this daily onslaught of toxic influences a daily detoxification program needs to become central to our diet and way of life.

Fortunately Nature still has an answer for this miscreation of our industrialized world.

Several whole earthen resources stand out to be superior at assisting the body release the toxins taken in daily. Among them are:

  1. clay
  2. humates
  3. sea vegetables
  4. cleansing herbs
  5. cleansing foods

This article is devoted to describing these five detoxifying options.

What also deserves to be addressed are a few of the common detoxification protocols that are popular, yet less effective, and what you can do to replace them with a more powerful whole earthen detoxification program.

Specifically, three of these less effective approaches will be briefly discussed as a comparison:

  • iodine therapy for radiation detox
  • baking soda for alkalization and general detox
  • chelation therapy for heavy metal detox

Why these three? Because they lack the power of whole earthen resources, and can come with a few possible side effects.

As a brief mention:

Iodine may protect someone from radioactive iodine, but will not protect a person from uranium, cesium, or plutonium radiation exposure, whereas clay and sea vegetables can help protect you from all forms of radiation.

As a result, you will see in most of the literature on iodine therapy, the suggestion to use clay to pull out all other forms of radiation that iodine will not touch.

Sea vegetables also provide a superior source of iodine, as it comes with the selenium and other nutrients needed to make the iodine most readily available, while at the same time detoxifying other heavy metals that may interfere with the process.

Baking soda protects kidneys from radiation and toxins by alkalizing the blood, yet sea vegetables provide the body with both alkalizing protection and super-nutrition along with numerous other health benefits.

The steady use of baking soda can disrupt natural digestive processes by alkalizing the stomach that depends on an acidic environment to completely digest most foods.

Chemical chelation therapy generally comes with potential serious side effects from mineral depletion that must be counterbalanced properly with mineral rich foods, herbs, or clays to regain health.

Chelation therapy is also a slow process, more costly, and less effective than clay baths, clay body wraps, and the internal use of clay, sea vegetables, cleansing foods, and herbal detox teas.

Now, for the more potent whole earthen detoxification protocols – clay, humates, sea vegetables, cleansing herbs, and cleansing foods:


Eating clay, taking clay baths, shower slurries, or doing a clay body wrap have been repeatedly observed to draw out chemical, and heavy metal toxins faster and more effectively than other detoxification protocols, including standard chelation therapy.

Sacred Clay body wraps have been known to reduce several inches of cellulite measurements within a single 1 hour wrap.

How can this be? Toxins are commonly stored in fat cells to protect the body from the toxin’s harm. Once drawn out of the fat and into the clay, the toxins pose no threat to the body and the remaining fat that once stored the toxin is simply eliminated, thus shrinking the circumference measurement of a thigh or waist.

So, what’s missing here? If clay is so effective at removing stored toxins like radiation, chemicals, and heavy metals, why don’t we just start with clay and stay with clay from beginning to end? Add other therapies to enhance the action of clay in the body, but look to clay as our first line of defense in the detoxification of radiation (a heavy metal), other heavy metals, and chemical toxins.

Clay of all types – in the bath, on the body, and taken internally – is recognized (albeit quietly) as being the fastest and most effective way to remove most all forms of toxic influences from the body, including the toxic by-products left behind by pathogens as they die off.

Sacred Clay, due to its exceptionally small particle size, high silica, high electrolyte content, and hydrothermal origin outperforms your standard bentonites, zeolites, illites, and montmorillonites in areas of detoxification – although each of these clays are also able to produce significant benefits in the area of radiation, chemical, and heavy metal removal, and continue to be highly recommended during times of emergency if that is what you have.

Clay at Chernobyl
Radiation detoxification clay baths, clay chocolate bars, and clay in animal feed were used after Chernobyl to neutralize radiation. Clay was found to remove radiation from the body more quickly than standard protocols.

Before the Response Team at Chernobyl put on their radiation suits, they smeared clay all over their bodies. (What did the Russians know that we are just now beginning to understand?)

Clay was one of the components that were used to bury the Chernobyl reactor due to its known ability to reduce the escape of radiation through its protective barrier.

Clay is commonly used to prevent radon from escaping a radiation waste disposal site. (Radioactive Waste: Production, Storage, Disposal (NUREG/BR-0216, Revision 2))

Radioactive metals are heavy metals. Clay baths, clay packs, and body wraps in clay draw out all forms of heavy metals and other toxins from the skin via its magnetic attraction to unbonded heavy metals (like radiation) and its ability to provide a broad spectrum of minerals and trace elements as bonding/neutralizing partners for each unbonded metal.

Stanford University study documented that radiation mitigation with montmorillonite clay is a function of the clay’s surface area available for bonding with radioactive cesium.

Taking a clay that is high in electrolytes internally (like Sacred Clay that also contains some montmorillonite along with other effective clays for this purpose) sets up an electromagnetic polarity in the body causing heavy metals, radiation, chemicals and other toxins (which are typically positively charged) to gravitate to the clay as it passes through the intestines and through the bloodstream.

When a toxin bonds with a clay molecule, does the clay become toxic to the body?
Generally not, for one fundamental reason: when toxins and clay unite, an electromagnetic bond is formed with other minerals which often converts the toxin into another molecular compound, thereby neutralizing its toxicity.

This works somewhat like how sodium and chloride, both toxic by themselves, yet when bonded together can become safe to consume in the form of sodium chloride, or salt.

Another example of this is when aluminum bonds with a clay containing amorphous silica, the resulting compound is an aluminosilicate – well known to be neutral and harmless to the body.

Radioactive cesium-137 in clay soils is typically not found in local groundwater runoff because “it binds to the clay minerals”.

Here is a link to a study 10 years after Chernobyl that discusses Cesium, Strontium, and clay/soil mitigation and its limits. (Just search for the word ‘clay’ in the PDF to find relevant passages.)

Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland documented the benefits of using red clay to remove Uranium from wastewater.  

Electromagnetic Attractions
This tendency to draw from one or more clay minerals to bond with a chemical, heavy metal, radiation, or toxin through natural attractive forces is one of clay’s greatest assets for increasing the speed and effectiveness in detoxification therapies.

Electromagnetic attractions can be very strong. The instant the clay and the toxin get into close enough proximity to be drawn to each other, they bond.

A German geologist Samer Bachmaf of Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg documented several factors that influence Uranium mitigation using clay:

“Uranium(VI) removal by clay minerals is influenced by a large number of factors including: type of clay mineral, pH, ionic strength, partial pressure of CO2, load of the sorbent, total amount of U present, and the presence of arsenate and other inorganic ligands such as sulfate, carbonate, and phosphate.”

Whole Salt with Clay in Baths
Salt mines are used to store and work with equipment that are ultra-sensitive to electromagnetic fields or to prevent the escape of radiation from the equipment or associated experiments.

Salt is able to block cell phone signals and therefore effects from cell phone radiation. The minerals in salt act similarly to clay in its ability to bond with, or neutralize, radiation.

By adding Himalayan Salt to your Sacred Clay bath the protective and detoxifying effects are magnified due to the additional electrolytes provided by the salt. Electrolytes are essential to the removal of toxins from the cells and the transport of toxins out of the body into the clay water.

Himalayan Salt, Humic/Fulvic Earth, and Ocean Magnesium (another salt of prime importance in the bath) are all included in our Black Beauty Bath Additiveto be used in conjunction with Sacred Clay in the bath.

Clay, salt, and humate baths are far more effective at reducing radiation than the common baking soda or clorox baths. These more comprehensive earthen resources offer their abundance of beneficial minerals which magnetically bond with toxins and radiation of all kinds.

This same principle of electromagnetic bonding to neutralize a toxin also applies to another one of Nature’s powerful detoxification resources: seaweeds and algae.


Chlorophyll-rich, Alkalizing Seaweeds, Algae, and Nutrient-dense Land Plants vs. Baking Soda
Seaweeds and algae alkalize the body naturally to a perfect pH balance without pushing the pH too high, even with large amounts. Not so with baking soda.

Seaweeds, algae, and nutrient-dense herbs like nettle, alfalfa, horsetail, moringa, etc. are far superior for the purpose of alkalizing the body safely than the commonly suggested baking soda alone (often suggested to detox radiation from the body).

Baking soda is helpful as an emergency measure if you have nothing else, but inferior to seaweeds and algae due to its very limited nutritional benefits.

Baking soda can also be harmful in some instances, such as when individuals are accustomed to consuming calcium supplements or dairy products (high in calcium) regularly. This combination can result in kidney stones and alkalosis (excessive alkalinity).

When consumed, the concentrated state of a mineral isolate, like the sodium bicarbonate in baking soda, disturbs the digestive tract.

Mineral isolates, lacking in a broad spectrum of macro and trace minerals, can wreck havoc on the digestive powers of the body by throwing off the stomach & intestinal pH balance, reducing critical hydrochloric acid levels, while killing essential pH sensitive probiotics off in the process.

If you have been taking baking soda and wondering why your digestion is not improving, this may be the reason.

I learned this the hard way when I began adding baking soda to my Sacred Clay tooth powder, consuming some as I went. After a few weeks my digestion declined to critical levels, causing some serious anguish, then gradually returned over several weeks when I stopped the baking soda.

Alkalizing the body to perfect 7.4 pH with sea vegetables does 3 important things with respect to detoxification:

  1. better circulation of blood at the capillary level (acidic blood is thick and sluggish)
  2. improved oxygen exchange at the cellular level (necessary to remove acidic waste from the cells)
  3. improved removal of radiation and other toxic compounds in the body due to the efficient mobility of oxygenated blood, therefore ease of transport through the detoxification channels and out of the body

A balanced pH is helpful to the process for sure, yet seaweeds, algae, electrolyte-dense clays & herbs offer a nutritious way to balance the pH of the body, while providing a broad range of additional health benefits as well from the broad nutritional profiles within whole earthen resources.

The massive array of nutrients contained within these natural resources, provide nourishment and strengthening influences to the whole body.

Baking soda alone provides an alkalizing benefit, but very little else, other than sodium, in terms of essential body nutrition.

On the other hand, every organ, cell and hormone-producing gland will be nourished toward peak performance by the abundance of beneficial phyto-nutritional compounds and minerals found in the alkalizing/detoxifying seaweeds, algae, clays, and herbs.

Alginates from Laminaria Reduce Radiation
Scientists at the Gastro-Intestinal Laboratory at McGill University in Montreal demonstrated that alginates derived from Laminaria could reduce by 50-80% the amount of radioactive strontium absorbed through the intestine.

Spirulina and other algae also contain high amounts of metallothionein compounds, perceived by the scientific community to strip the body of radioactive metals and protect against radiation damage.

Spirulina, Blue Green Algae, Chlorella, Gigartina, Kelp, Dulse, and Laminaria (also known as Modifilan) are significant components of Earth & Sea Greens‘ blend of over 60 herbs and super-foods, and Sea Vegetable Blend plus Moringa, which focuses solely on an array of seaweeds & algae with moringa added.

Is Iodine (e.g. Potassium Iodide) Really Your Best Defense Against Radiation Exposure???
Iodine will not protect a person from uranium, cesium or plutonium radiation exposure. Taking excesses of potassium iodide, or taking Potassium Iodide more often than recommended, does not offer more protection and can cause severe illness or death.

Adverse Reactions to Potassium Iodide
While benefits have been derived from its use, there are more effective and more comprehensive whole earthen resources that out-perform iodine supplements both in their gentleness and in their speed of producing results. Here are the Iodine recommended dosages:

Dr. Michael B. Schachter says, “The treatment dose when a person is iodine insufficient is generally between 12.5 mg and 50 mg daily. Preliminary research indicates that if a person is iodine insufficient, it takes about three months to become iodine sufficient while ingesting a dosage of 50 mg of iodine daily and a year to achieve that while ingesting a dosage of 12.5 mg of iodine daily.”

So, the recommendation he suggests is to take 1-200 drops of iodine as a one-time high-pulse dosage to set up your system for radiation protection; yet the potential side effects are characteristic of the typical unbalancing effects of any “remedy” that is less than whole to begin with. Fragments of a whole earthen source will never be as effective as the whole source itself. Thus, the side effects:

The following is quoted from a major proponent of iodine, Dr. Mark Sircus. These are the doctor’s own guidelines on taking iodine along with its associated potential side effects.

(In preface, I am actually a great fan of Dr. Sircus, and hold a great deal of respect for him and his information, but disagree that compounds like iodine are in the best interest of human health in light of such superior alternatives).

As Dr. Sircus explains: “These one time high pulse dosages of potassium iodide are necessary during an emergency but they do not come without some risk of side effects, which include: severe allergic reactions (rash, hives, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, face, lips or tongue), black/tarry stools, confusion, fever, irregular heartbeat, metallic taste in the mouth, mouth sores, numbness or tingling of the hands or feet, skin rash, stomach pains, swelling in the neck or throat, unusual tiredness, weakness.

“Endocrinologic side effects have included both hyper and hypothyroidism. By inhibiting the release of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland, iodine can cause goiter and hypothyroidism. This has been called the Wolff-Chaikoff effect, occurring in approximately four percent of patients and may be in higher proportions in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). Iodine may induce hyperthyroidism, called the Jod-Basedow effect, when given to patients with preexisting iodine deficiency or autonomous, “hot” thyroid nodules. Iodine can cause parotid gland swelling.

“Usually, side effects of potassium iodide happen when people take higher doses for a long time but they can occur from taking the government’s recommended onetime pulse dose.” Dr. Sircus

OK, So What is the Alternative to Iodine Supplements??
Clay, Sea Vegetables, Humates, Cleansing Herbs, and Cleansing Foods, especially chlorophyll-rich herbal super-foods like Earth & Sea GreensVital Cleanse & Nutrify, and Sea Vegetable Blend.

If you are known to be sensitive to iodine, it is best to begin your detox protocol with foods high in glutathione (raw milk whey, asparagus, watermelon, okra, etc., consuming each in their raw forms since glutathione is sensitive to heat).

Include Sacred Clay (or Mineral Manna), and Friendly Flora, to reduce the toxins in the body responsible for the sensitivities in the first place. Then slowly introduce small amounts of sea vegetables, increasing the amount gradually over time according to levels of tolerance.


Humic/Fulvic Earth
Humates bolster the immune system. Dr. Daryl See, MD, formerly an Immunologist of the University of California Irvine Medical School, suggests that humates cause the immune system to recognize its own dead cells thereby reducing infection.

Baylor Medical School has been researching humates both topically applied and internally dosed for burn victims to reduce infections.

Russian scientists are using the same principle for the treatment of radiation sickness. Sodium humate has been found to increase the lifespan of mongrel rats exposed to lethal doses of cobalt radiation.

Humic & fulvic acids, found in humates common to all vegetative compost soils form the foundation of Friendly Flora with soil-based organisms.

Humic/Fulvic Earth (humate) is included in most of our herbal formulas to improve bioavailability of the nutrients. It is included in higher amounts in the Friendly FloraDeep Earthen Cleanse, and for baths, in the Black Beauty Bath Additive.


Bile Activators with Bitter Herbs & Triphala
Bile fluids produced by the liver are one of Nature’s remarkable methods of drawing toxins and pathogens out of the body safely while easing the strain on the kidneys and lymphatic system during a detoxification program.

Encapsulating toxins and pathogens in bile fluids neutralizes them making them unavailable for bonding with receptor sites in the intestines as they pass safely from the body.

Bitter herbs, like the three fruits in the Ayurvedic formula Triphala, activate the production of bile fluids in the liver. Bile fluids holding heavy metals, radiation, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and yeast are then safely sent down the intestinal tract and out of the body.

Research to prove the benefits of Triphala was carried out in the Bhabha atomic research center, Trombay, India. Certain Swiss mice were exposed to Gamma radiations. These were then orally fed with Triphala. It was found that the radiation induced mice were 60% less affected than the mice that were not fed with Triphala.

Trifala has a second property that assists in the body’s detoxification process: Vitamin C. Amalaki, one of Trifala’s three fruits, contains one of the highest amounts of Vitamin C of the known fruits, and the most stable source of C, being stable during cooking and long storage times. Most other high C fruits tend to break down quickly, thus diminishing the potency of their Vitamin C content.

Vitamin C is well known to assist the body in its detoxification processes as well as its immune response powers. For these two important reasons we have assembled some of the best sources for Vitamin C in the herbal kingdom (including Trifala) into our Herbal C formula.

Due to the beneficial effect bitter herbs have on bile production from the liver (and essential in the digestion of oils & fats), most any bitter herb or food will tend to promote a similar protective benefit.

Digestive Bitters contains a number of bile activating bitter herbs in combination with Triphala. It also contains digestive spices which activate the body’s own production of digestive enzymes from the pancreas, liver, stomach, and intestines.

Hyssop Mint Tea combines hyssop (a slightly bitter herb) with other cleansing herbs to provide a daily, gradual detoxification protocol in the form of an enjoyable, soothing, hot or cold tea. Add lemon and a small amount of local raw honey to the tea to further enhance its deep cleansing benefits.

Hyssop is historically known to be one of Nature’s most effective whole body detoxifiers. It works to purge heat, inflammation, and toxins from the deep tissues, organs, and glands of the body.

BloodSugar Balance is a companion formula for any detoxification protocol. The regulation of sugar at the cellular level is an important key to effective detoxification. Here is how this works:

Detoxification is dependent on six important areas of physiology:

  1. the liver
  2. the bowels
  3. the lymphatic system (your sewage system)
  4. the subcutaneous fat (your second liver)
  5. the breakdown and digestion of foods
  6. the delivery of sugars and nutrients to the cells of the body

As your liver gets cleaned out, your whole body eventually gets cleaned out of toxic debris. This is due to the gradual process of moving toxins (previously stored in organs and tissues) back to the liver for processing and elimination once the liver is cleared out enough to handle a greater load of toxic waste.

Toxins taken in from food or the environment end up in the bowels, the lymphatic system, or, if too much for the liver to handle, can get stored in fat cells or deposited in organs and glands throughout the body.

The subcutaneous fat, just below the surface of the skin, gets a significant portion of these toxins attempting to be cleared from the body. Toxins from the external environment passing through the skin end up here as well, often forming the basis of skin rashes and blemishes.

It is for this reason that clay baths and clay body wraps are so powerful at clearing toxins from the body. Clay on the skin draws these toxins out of the subcutaneous layers of fat at the skin surface. (This is why a 10 year auto mechanic found an oil slick 1/8″ thick on the bottom of his first Sacred Clay bath.)

Sweat pushes some of these toxins from the body through the sweat glands, thus the importance of daily exercise, sweat, saunas, etc., especially in combination with clay baths that will magnetize toxins off the surface of the skin from the sweat, from the surface layers of the subcutaneous fat, and from the capillaries delivering blood close to the skin when the body heats up.

When dietary fat is consumed in excess, or in combination with starches or sweets, the fat loads up in the bloodstream looking for a place to go.

Vials of blood drawn after a high fat meal reveal a thick white paste filling a good portion of the vial. This is undigested fat circulating in the blood, reducing circulation and increasing blood pressure, while setting the stage for a heart attack.

To cope with this excess of fat in the blood, the body begins to store the fat in the liver first (fatty liver), then the muscles (fatty muscles), and other organs (i.e. fatty pancreas), and in tissue cells or fat cells throughout the body.

The difficulty here lies in getting glucose energy to the cells and the brain. When fat fills the cells, it acts like a sugar repellant.

Sugar cravings develop and the pancreas attempts to send out more insulin to help deliver sugar to the cells.

The result is insulin resistance. 

The solution is four-fold:

  1. Reduce the quantity (and improve the quality) of fat in the diet (eliminating deep fried foods, Canola oil, and trans fats).
  2. Avoid combining fats with starches or sweets in the same meal. For example, have a sweet/starch meal then 3 hours later have a fat/protein meal.
  3. Take Digestive Bitters to strengthen bile production from the liver (your fat emulsifier) and to assist in the complete digestion of your food.
  4. Take BloodSugar Balance to improve digestive enzyme production and to support the effectiveness of insulin delivering sugar to the cells of the body.

These two, Digestive Bitters and BloodSugar Balance taken with every meal, and again before bed, will go a long way toward cutting hunger cravings and sugar cravings, while effectively delivering nutrients and glucose to the cells where they are needed.

Purify is a liver support formula that promotes the release of toxins from the liver, thus cleaning the blood (purified in the liver).

By supporting the thousands of chemical processes taking place every minute in the liver, the body stands a greater chance of getting ahead of the daily onslaught of toxins taken in from food, home, work, and environment. (See A Liver Flush with Bitters Program for a better understand of the liver and its central role in overall human health.)

This is a strong formula, so begin with 2 caps twice a day, before working up to higher amounts.

Raw Honey, Bee Pollen, and Propolis
Well-documented evidence shows pollen counteracts the effects of severe toxins like radiation and environmental chemicals. Bee pollen antioxidants and bee propolis are clinically proven to strengthen immune response and protect the body from radiation.

Recent clinical tests by Dr. Peter Hernuss at the University of Vienna Women’s Clinic show that pollen significantly reduces the side effects of both radium and cobalt-60 radiotherapy at a level of 2 tbsp. per day.

Bee pollen & propolis are both found, along with ashwagandha, siberian ginseng and kudzu (an alkalizer, nutritive, and suitable medium for powdering propolis) in our Bee Pollen-Propolis Formula.

Aloe Vera Gel
Found in most health food stores, the gel of the Aloe plant contains well researched radio-protective properties. Since the gel is less expensive than the Aloe Juice, and is more concentrated, it can be a preferred way to derive benefits from this remarkable gift from Nature. A small amount in a glass of water provides a daily dose of additional protection.

Medicinal Mushrooms (a primary group providing β-glucans) are notable for their ability to modulate (balance and improve) the immune system and mitigate the effects of radiation, heavy metals, and pathogens (including fungus, for those concerned about taking mushrooms).

For this reason it makes no sense to take beta1,3 glucan (a mere fragment of a whole food). Nature has already provided the superior version in the whole food form (mushrooms).

Our Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend formula contains 7 of Nature’s most effective mushrooms for detoxification and immune system enhancement.


Glutathione & Foods that Provide Radiation Protection:
Asparagus, due to its alkalizing effect on the body by purging uric acids from the system. Asparagus is the second highest known source of glutathione which is known to assist in the reduction of heavy metals and other toxins from the body – including radiation. (See Foods that Increase Glutathione Levels in the Body for a greater discussion of this topic.)

Natural, unprocessed whey from cow or goat’s milk, from 100% grass-fed cows or goats, is the highest known source of glutathione, placing whey high on the list of considerations for radiation detoxification.

Whey is an abundant source of friendly bacteria known to assist in the reduction or elimination of radiation and other heavy metals.

Apples, lemons, papaya, and most all fruits, activate a cleansing effect on the liver, bowels, and tissues.

Raw foods in general provide the body with live enzymes that consume pathogens, digest food residues, and assist in the removal of toxic waste from the body.

Cooking food, though necessary at times, kills off these enzymes, thus adding an extra burden on the body’s enzyme producers (pancreas, liver, stomach, intestines) to produce what is missing to effectively digest the cooked food. This additional burden also increases the aging process.

The kidneys are usually among the first organs to suffer damage in radiation or chemical toxicity, due primarily to the higher levels of acidity following radiation exposure and the cellular damage caused by  concentration of radiation and chemicals in a filtering organ like the kidneys.

Asparagus, whey, and chlorophyll-rich seaweeds & algae, restore alkalinity, and thereby improve kidney function when under such stress.

Non-Soy-based Miso and other fermented foods – Fermentation improves a plant’s ability to provide radiation protection to the consumer. Miso is one option, but due to the high likelihood today of GMO contamination in soy products, only the non-soy-based miso is recommended (barley [not for Celiacs], chickpea, brown rice, and millet miso, etc.).

Sauerkraut is another option, or if you don’t care for the taste or feeling of sauerkraut, try just the kraut juice itself, which is much better tolerated by low thyroid people.

Fermented foods provide an excellent source of live enzymes, thus improving the breakdown and digestion of food.

Foods that must be avoided since they weaken the effectiveness of your immune system:
Granulated sugar concentrates and other pathogen-promoting foods. These include breads, pastries, pastas, kombucha (a fermented beverage, but one that contains the 3 Food Groups that Cause Harm to the Spleen), acidifying/sweet foods and drinks (like colas, coffee, bottled fruit juices (except unsweetened cranberry), fried foods, corn & potato chips, nuts & nut butters (feed viruses & mycoplasma), and poor food combining practices (combining fats/oils with sweets/starches), etc.

Warning – Brassica (cruciferous) Vegetables Can Increase Hypothyroidism (unless counterbalanced by natural iron sources)Contrary to popular recommendation, brassica vegetables (like maca, canola oil, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, turnips, beets, collards, mustard plants, etc.), though touted to provide benefit against radiation exposure due to their higher levels of sulphur, are also prone to diminish thyroid production for those already prone to low thyroid – not something you want happening when under stress from iodine radiation exposure. (See: OK, So What Foods CAN I Eat.)

This is not the case with those prone to be on the hyper side, whereby higher levels of sulfur veggies will benefit them. The point here is not to eliminate these foods, but to use them with discretion.

The antidote to excess sulfur is naturally-occurring iron, such as the iron in Sacred Clay or nettle leaf (rather than an iron supplement pill). Sulfur is good for the body and helpful to counter radiation, but without the proper amount of iron (sulphur’s balancing antagonist), anemia and hypothyroidism can result from sulfur excesses.

Sacred Clay itself is 3-4% iron balanced by approximately 1-2% sulphur. In this manner, you derive the benefits of both sulphur and iron in Nature’s balance.

In summary, when seeking answers to the variety of complaints common the the toxic world in which we live, it is wise to keep in mind that Nature has not abandoned us.

We need only seek out Nature’s whole earthen resources and learn how best to use them.

By reaching for whole earthen resources to draw toxins from your body (rather than the less effective, and potentially harmful, isolates or chemical detox protocols), you also provide your body with an abundance of nutritional resources shown to improve immune response and support a steady cleansing of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation.

5 powerful and effective approaches to whole body detoxification make this possible:

  1. Clay
  2. Sea vegetables
  3. Humates
  4. Cleansing herbs
  5. Cleansing foods

In combination they provide a comprehensive approach to safely releasing toxicities from the body while building health back to peak performance naturally.

Many blessings of health & success,
Enjoy these remarkable gifts from Nature!

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