Great video from Neil at EMF Safety Zone

Cell Phone Radiation MUST WATCH! Safer Use of Your Smartphone


Remember, a microwave meter does not lie! You don’t need to rely on anyone’s opinions, philosophy, wrong perceptions or guesses. The microwave meter shows you the truth about exposure levels in devices and environments without deception. Cell phones are not safe, they are not healthy. This is known and proven. However, since everyone uses a cell phone, here is a safer way to carry it with you during the day so the phone is not blasting you with radiation while not in use: You DISABLE CELLULAR DATA, BLUETOOTH and WIFI. On an Android I believe it is called “DATA”.

And of course, as soon as you send or receive a text or make or receive a call, there will be significant amounts of radiation emitting from the phone. This video is simply to show you a safer way of carrying the phone with you during the day when not being used.