Dear friends – I wanted to let you know that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Defense Fund have decided to publish an article about the dangers of prenatal ultrasound. I am thrilled to say that he/they have linked to both my book and an article that I have written on this topic — and they have used a few quotes of mine as well. I think this is big news in terms of information now spreading about the dangers of prenatal ultrasound — which is just one more of their wicked, radiation-emitting technologies designed to cause harm.

See article here

Further good news is that they have also linked to Jim West’s work in their article (also see here) and I cannot help but think that the facts are now sure to spread like wildfire.

As difficult as it is to be alive at this time, I do believe we are making a difference! This makes me very happy!

Please, if you have not yet purchased my book, consider doing so now. I am trying to clear out my at-home inventory before mid-September and my books and DVDs are therefore on sale now. Check out the sale here and thanks for your continued support.

PS – I have been blessed by a friend who has translated the ultrasound book into Spanish. I am now looking for someone who is bilingual that can proofread the Spanish text to confirm that it matches the English text. If you know of anyone that might be able to help, please do let me know. Thanks.