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Elizabeth Plourde, CLS, CNMP, PhD noticed the large issues with 5G when many of her clients turned up horrifically ill after getting a new phone with 5G. Some were getting a stabbing feeling, others were getting migraines, dizziness, vertigo, skin rashes, blurred vision and other illnesses. As someone who suffers from the negative effects of dirty electricity, she noticed the connection for her patients. The main thing she heard was, “I was never told this! I didn’t know.”

Dr. Plourde says you can survive this, if you take the proper steps.

Plourde wrote the book EMF Freedom which won the prestigious Best Environmental Book of the Year Award. She says, “EMF Radiation causes oxidation damage. They never did the studies of putting a human in an electric car or a hybrid car. People are getting sick. After driving in a hybrid for a year, year and a half, people complain. Our human platelets, in just 30 minutes of being in a car like this, their platelets are being oxidized.”

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Plourde herself is what is classified as a canary in the coalmine, meaning if there’s something not beneficial to the body, her body will tell you. She couldn’t walk past smart meters, couldn’t hold a cell phone and had severe sensitivity around dirty electricity. Her dizzy vertigo was overwhelming.

“EMF Radiation that is man made is polarized. Normal atmospheric radiation is not polarized. The symptoms are headache, migraines, vertigo, dizziness, skin rashes, brain fog, blurred vision, Tinnitus, insomnia, etc,” she says.

“Non ionizing doesn’t break the DNA immediately but it vibrates which eventually breaks the DNA,” she says. “The new 5G is up in the radar range. They needed more bands to handle everybody. This is so absurd that they are able to do this. The Navy has known for years that it damages, they get cataracts. We are being microwaved in our houses every day. It’s the pulsing that’s causing the damage.”

Even those who are healthy, see a change in their body over time. It’s a slow, low grade change, with negative health effects.

“The 5G utilizes a lot of different bands. The 5G is short millimeter waves, they don’t penetrate walls very easily,” she says. This is why the towers need to be so frequently placed and so close together. She says the oxidation is causing holes in the blood brain barrier and in our cell membranes. Every cell in our body is getting holes. If you have heavy metals, or other toxins inside the body, they are getting inside the cells. The results are our mitochondria can no longer make energy.

“It drops our melatonin, babies aren’t sleeping because it’s dropping our melatonin,” Dr. Plourde says. “My son is 56, we never had a sleeping problem – the kids just went to sleep. Melatonin does a lot for us. It helps protect against cancer, acts as an antioxidant and protects the oxygen.” For some it’s sleep, for others it’s vertigo, and for others still, it’s migraines. “This is the problem, we all are reacting differently. Husbands and wives stand in front of me, one is reacting, the other is not and says you’re crazy.”

This creates division and can be very damaging on a relationship. This is the case for older couples who have been together for a long time, but is especially true for young married couples who are having difficulty getting pregnant.

“We’re having a lot of damage in the DNA. When the sperm is uniting with the egg. It takes a little while to repair that damage. If the sperm unites with the egg, there’s not enough time to repair the damage. They’re beginning to think that fathers are more responsible for the problems (in) the kids, because they had damaged DNA to begin with. It definitely damages the cell membrane. It causes cell death,” she says.

One study on rats was done using 4G and studying the sperm count. The sperm count was tremendously lowered with just two hours of exposure to 4G phone in the vicinity. (Oh jj, et all., Effect of Electormagnetic Waves from Mobile Phones in Spermatogenesis in the Era of 4G-LTE. Biomed Res Int 2018 Jan 29; 2018: 1801798).

She says lab animals exposed to radiation saw, “Their blood sugars go up.”

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Humans are 70% water, which is a great conductor, creating a perfect environment for damage.

“Everything that’s electric is going to add to the accumulation effect. We shut off our electricity coming through the back of our house. I even reacted to the fluorescent lights in my kitchen, even though I lived in that house for 20 years prior to the effect. I would get burned, my skin would burn,” she said.

Treating the condition is intentional, multi faceted, and persistent.

Dr. Plourde says using foods high in antioxidants is key. Turning off the electricity is needed, but protection and repair comes from high antioxidant foods. “All of these antioxidants work together synergistically. We have what we need. We have food,” she says.

There are a lot of EMF devices that aim to protect us from the damage on the market. Dr Plourde says, “I have a whole box of these, and none of them worked. I tried EMF clothing. Shielding is not only shielding the EMF but it’s shielding the natural frequency from the Earth, which you need. I just kept getting sicker and sicker. Finally I found harmonizers. They make your body more harmonious to energy, they really work, it’s why I’m here.”

She uses electroDOTS saying, “It strengthens your energy field.”

Her daughter moved into an apartment that had 5 smart meters on the wall and couldn’t sleep, and suffered great headaches. She didn’t believe her mother prior to her exposure but ordered the kit and put one DOT on her body and the DOTs on the wall by the meters and her issues were gone.

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She also uses natural fibers for clothes and uses grounding frequently but emphasizes, “Do get rid of your smart meter.” Gas, electric and water all use smart meters in many locations today. She says, “The places I see the most sick people are where they have all three. It’s really important we protect with all of it, we are on such overload. Once you start reacting, it’s really a balancing act.” She felt knifes stabbing her in her body when exposed. “I was to the point that I really wanted to die.” If barefoot isn’t an option, she says shoes with leather soles are the next best.