The Truthsayers Forum Hosts Dr Carlos Sosa at the
Woodstock (NY) Community Center – Apr 4 2019

Dr. Sosa states:
After the radio interview with WIOF 104.1 FM Woodstock, people called and called and called so that they would repeat the show again. They have repeated it three times now.
The director of the local public TV channel and the manager of the radio station were very interested in doing a live conference in Woodstock with all the victims in the area. I was surprised to find so many electrosensitives in one room. I hadn’t seen that, not even in Dallas at Dr. Rea’s. Something real serious is going on in this region of the country.
This is the video of the live conference dealing with the pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment of the resulting syndrome caused by the exposure to radiofrequency and microwave radiation. It was a little bit disorganized at first because the projector was broken down and I needed it for my slides. It turned out better because I was able to answer all the questions and doubts the public had.