Girl (9) hangs herself after mom bans cellphone
When Jennifer Vega wouldn’t let her daughter use her cellphone early in the morning, she could never have foreseen the nine-year-old’s reaction.Heaven, the youngest of four siblings, used a belt to hang herself from her bed. She was found dead at noon on Saturday.

“I can’t imagine what the mother is going through right now,” next-door neighbour Zoraida Irizarry told the New York Post.

“A friend of mine spoke to Jennifer and Jennifer said that she thought that it was her fault.”

According to New York Daily News, mother and daughter argued over Heaven’s cellphone use.

“Nowadays all kids have cellphones in their hands and all they do is watch YouTube,” said another neighbour, who chose to stay anonymous.

“Apparently the girl woke up and she wanted to get the phone to go on YouTube. But the mother told her no, it was too early in the morning.”

Jennifer found the girl’s lifeless body in her bedroom in the family’s apartment at Bronx River Houses and immediately called 911.

“I can hear into their apartment through my wall,” Zoraida added.

“Yesterday morning I heard the older daughter calling for her sister at a regular tone and then all of a sudden her voice got really loud and she started screaming.”

Heaven’s brother performed CPR on her until paramedics arrived and rushed her to nearby St Barnabas Hospital, where she was later pronounced dead, Hollywood Unlocked writes.

Police don’t suspect foul play.