Chronic Exposure to Cell Tower Radiation Linked to Unrepairable Genetic Damage

There are currently BILLIONS of people living near cell towers. Most people ignore these towers imagining they are benign. Others appear to be completely oblivious to them probably because they’re too busy staring at their phones.

It is ASTOUNDING to me that Mankind has simply sat back and watched while this entire weaponized radiation/frequency grid has been built all around them. People are even foolish enough to bring cell towers into their homes in the form of wifi routers.

There are serious consequences to being exposed to these satanic frequencies and this trauma-based radiation (see my books for more info on this).

This alien energy that was never designed to be on the Earth, is 100% designed to alter and kill us (and not just us, but all living things). In fact, this energy is a huge culprit in what is causing the autism epidemic. Did you know that, on average, autistic children have 72 genetic mutations? Do you seriously think the radiation is not part of the problem here?



From the article: Cell Tower Radiation Linked to Genetic Changes in Nearby Residents: More Chromosomal Aberrations – A Finding Too Hot To Handle

Excerpts are below. To read the full article, go here.


Senior European scientists are reporting that people living near cell phone towers show significant changes in their genetic makeup. This is the first time that chronic exposure to cell tower radiation has been linked to unrepairable genetic damage.
A team led by Wilhelm Mosgöller of the Medical University of Vienna and Igor Belyaev of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava contend that years of low-dose RF exposure can increase the incidence of a number of different types of chromosomal aberrations. Such changes could lead to serious, though uncertain, health consequences, including cancer and neurological disease…
This is all spelled out in a paper which was posted online on May 30 in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, a peer-reviewed journal. It’s open access…
DNA breaks and oxidative stress were found to be elevated, but neither change reached statistical significance. (Single-strand DNA breaks were significantly higher.) Mosgöller maintains that they could lead to chromosomal damage over the long-term. “It accumulates slowly over time because natural processes cannot repair a broken chromosome,” Mosgöller told me in an extended interview. “The chromosomal aberrations may only become clearly visible after years of exposure.”…
Rüdiger and Mosgöller were following up on Henry Lai and NP Singh’s now landmark DNA break study. Back in 1995, they showed that RF could damage the DNA in the brains of live rats…
Those early experiments with rats and cell cultures only looked at acute or immediate effects. Lai and Singh exposed their rats for just two hours. Rüdiger irradiated his cells for no more than 24 hours. Mosgöller and Belyaev, on the other hand, are checking on long-term effects. To qualify for their study, residents had to have lived near a cell phone tower for at least five years.
“The new study offers an indication of the possible long-term consequences of the DNA breaks we observed after short-term exposures,” Lai told me by email…
Mosgöller and Belyaev are well-known critics of the thermal-only dogma. Belyaev is a commissioner of the recently formed ICBE-EMF, an international group of scientists who came together to challenge ICNIRP. Both were expert witnesses for the plaintiffs who allege brain tumor risks from cell phones in the marathon court case, Murray v Motorola…


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