Please keep in mind as you read this article that cruise ships have been “upgraded” with 5G technology and this is the main reason people are becoming ill on cruise ships and hundreds of birds are dropping dead on the decks.  See video below for more info.


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Hundreds of birds were discovered dead on a cruise ship open deck by the crew, yesterday morning. A crew member who wishes to remain anonymous recorded a video of the sight which appears as if the birds had dropped down dead from the sky. There were many birds flying around the ship the night before “It was a beautiful night and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we woke up this morning and see so many dead birds all around the ship’s open deck” the crew member says.

“We wake up with announcements asking to not go to the open decks. To not touch the birds, and to feed them. I thought that the poor birds we’re alive and I didn’t went there. I love animals and I didn’t want to see them and couldn’t help in anything. I still can’t stop to cry and nobody give reasonable explanation” says another crew member.

All the crew are stressed from the sight and don’t know how to the birds have died. They say this is the first time they see something like this happening on a cruise ship.


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