The correspondence below is from a private email dated April 3, 2018 explaining some of my symptoms which activated when a smart meter was placed on our house.  My symptoms have much improved since April but I wanted to keep a record of what happened to me so that, if it happens to others, they will recognize what they are experiencing as microwave radiation poisoning.

Dear friends – just to provide everyone with an update on what is happening to my health.  I have made the determination that what I am suffering from is acute microwave radiation poisoning.  This past week, my body twice experienced what a friend called “a total system crash.”  The first time, I was running a high fever of 102 for about 24 hours.  I could not get out of bed except to go to the bathroom.  I felt so, so weak, I could hardly do anything besides sleep.  Two nights later, I awoke in the middle of the night in a huge full body sweat.  I was in agony.  It is hard to describe how horribly sick I felt.  I did not have the strength to even call for help.  I needed to go to the bathroom and could not even put a piece of clothing on as this felt like an enormous effort which threatened to throw my over the edge.  I somehow got up and made it to the bathroom, took about 15 seconds to pee, and was so badly unbalanced and weak on the way back to my bedroom, it was lucky I did not collapse on the floor.

These experiences were very, very frightening, and equally concerning is the fact that I am losing my vision at warp speed.  I can hardly read what’s on the computer screen even with my reading glasses on.  Today, I realized I cannot smell or taste anything either.  It seems I am losing my olfactory senses as well.  What is happening to me is very, very serious.

I am experiencing various nerve and joint pains throughout my body which I never experienced before.  Sharp pains in my head.  Exhaustion and a general feeling of being completely useless.  EVERYTHING seems like a huge effort and I find myself growing frustrated at the meaningless, repetitive, robotic activities required for day to day living in this sick society.

I so want out of this satanic matrix.  Most people really have no idea how much I mean this.  The more I learn about these smart meters and the 5G rollout, the more insane it all becomes and the need to transition away from this monstrous machine screams loud – GET OUT KNOW!  SAVE YOURSELF.  IF YOU STAY, YOU WILL DIE.

There can be no doubt, based on the way I feel, that if I stay here in this house, it will kill me.  I must find a way to move and to have my own, long-awaited for, space of love.  Nothing is more important right now.