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Source Article by Lloyd Burrell:
Is Dirty Electricity Making You Sick In Your Own Home?


I was once like most people, I thought that electricity was homogeneous. I thought that you paid for your electricity supply (240 volts or 110 volt depending on what part of the world you live in) and you got electricity. End of story.
Things are not quite as simple as that. Because there is another parameter to take into account the quality of electricity. That’s to say two houses in the same street can have the same 110 volts (or 230 volts) running through their internal wiring system, from the same source, but the quality of electricity can vary by multiples of ten, a hundred and even a thousand. The variation occurs because of very brief irregular changes in the voltage known as ‘harmonics’ and ‘transients’.
It’s also called ‘dirty electricity’.


Causes Of Dirty Electricity

Here are some of the common causes of dirty electricity:
Light dimmer switches
Computers and laptops that plug in
Printers and scanners
Fluorescent lights and tubes
Solar power installations
Music Entertainment Systems
Video game consoles
Cordless phones
Microwave Ovens
Smart meters and smart appliances
Wi-Fi routers and modems
Battery chargers for cell phones, etc.
Blenders and mixers
Hair Dryers
Multi-Speed Fans
Dirty electricity can be measured by using a GS or STETZERiZER® Microsurge Meter.
Using a Microsurge meter and installing a collection of STETZERiZER® Filters is a means by which your electricity can be rendered ‘safer’.
Watch this short video by Magda Havas for an explanation of dirty electricity and GS units:


What Do Stetzerizer Filters Do?

Stetzerizer® Filters are a means of transforming dirty electricity back into good quality power. They filter out electromagnetic pollution in the range 4 to 150 Khz (that which Russian research has shown to be the most dangerous) carried in your power supply.
We are electrical beings. All the cells, tissues and organs in your body communicate with each other via small electrical currents. Dirty electricity perturbs these communications which makes the body vulnerable to disease.
Studies show that there is a biological impact to electromagnetic pollution. Cell phone towers and cell phones and all things wireless produce one form of this pollution. But dirty electricity produces another.
According to some experts it’s just as deadly.


Dirty Electricity As Explained By Dr. Samuel Milham

Dr. Samuel Milham M.D. in his book “Dirty Electricity : Electrification and the diseases of civilization” defines dirty electricity as high frequency voltage transients on electrical wiring.
Dr. Milham analyzed death records from electrified and rural areas in the early part of the 20th-century and compared them with statistics from areas where there was no electrification. He discovered a correlation between electrification and such diseases as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, suicide, neurodegenerative disease. He found that where electricity had been introduced the disease rates were much higher.
Interestingly he also found that the Amish community, who don’t have electricity, have lower rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc.


Stetzerizer Filters – What I Have Learned

Having Stetzerizer filters installed in my home for several years and having observed the readings from my GS meter over a period of time and in different locations, I’ve noted the following:
– Dirty electricity seems to be higher in urban areas than in rural areas
-The more electrical appliances you have in your home the more your exposure, especially these devices; flat screen TVs, dimmer switches and CFLs
– The level of dirty electricity fluctuates constantly
I think it could well be that many of the problems associated with cell phone towers and radiofrequency radiation are in fact, as Dr. Milham suggests, due to the RF radiation being carried down the power lines.


Do You Need To Install Stetzerizer Filters?

Start by asking myself the following questions:
  • do I live in an urban area
  • do I have a lots of electrical appliances in my home
  • do I live in proximity to a cell phone tower
If the answer is yes to the above three questions then it is quite likely that your dirty electricity levels will be high and you need to test.


How To Test Your GS Levels

First, you measure the level of dirty electricity in your home with a GS Microsurge meter with EVERYTHING switched off and unplugged in the house. Then compare the reading to that when everything is switched on. This will tell you whether the dirty electricity is coming into the house from the outside.
If the GS levels are high with everything switched off and unplugged then the source of the problem is external. In which case you need to filter where the supply is entering your home. If the problem is internal you can identify the problem by a process of elimination (see below) and install filters/eliminate the device accordingly.

Is a Microsurge Meter The Only Way Of Finding Out If I Have Dirty Electricity?

One quick and easy way you can get an idea at whether you have dirty electricity in your household wiring is to use an AM radio. Tune your radio to the white noise between the stations and move round your home holding it near your electrical sockets. If your radio gives extra hiss as you are doing this its an indication that there is dirty electricity.
With this method, at best this can only detect if you have dirty electricity. You can’t measure it. To be able to do anything meaningful you need to be able to measure your GS levels. And you need to be able to do it on a regular basis because they do fluctuate. With every new appliance you introduce into your home there is a risk that you are creating more dirty electricity.
If you want to deal with this problem effectively measuring your GS levels with a GS Microsurge meter is your best solution. Here’s what to do:
  • plug the Microsurge meter into a wall socket to measure your GS levels without the filter
  • if your GS reading is high, then plug in a Stetzerizer filter
  • plug the meter in again, if the reading is still high you might need a second filter on another wall socket in the same room
Go through your home. Install filters where necessary particularly in rooms where you spend long periods of time.
Interestingly this issue is considered so important in the Republic of Kazakhstan that the country introduced a law in 2003 legislating on the maximum permitted levels of GS units allowed in workplaces. Stetzerizer filters are used commonly to ensure that the GS levels do not go beyond the maximum permitted level of 50 GS units.
This video shows how to use a GS meter:


Will Installing Stetzerizer Filters Guarantee A Healthier Electricity Supply?

Not necessarily. Some experts contest that introducing dirty electricity filters can cause unwanted effects. These filters do generate magnetic fields, but at 30 cm these fields are negligible. So as long as you’re not sitting right next to them this is not an issue.
Stetzerizer filters do increase the currents in your house wiring. If your house contains any wiring errors installing filters can generate high magnetic fields, which is counter-productive.
The most important thing you can do to create a healthier electricity supply is to eliminate device/s susceptible to be causing the problem (namely things like dimmer switches, compact fluorescents, fluorescents with standard lamps) and notably DECT cordless phones and WiFi modems. You can identify these devices by plugging them in and switching them on one by one, while keeping an eye on the reading given by your Microsurge meter. When you see your readings spike, you can either eliminate the device in question or insert a filter/s.
If in doubt about your house wiring get it checked by a qualified electrician.


Where Is The Best Place To Buy Stetzerizer Filters?

Stezerizer filters are produced in different versions, for different countries. For the US version (110 volts, 60Hz) I recommend this company. They offer good deals on the original Stetzerizer Graham Stetzer filters.
If you live in the UK (230 volts, 50Hz), click here. This company sells another brand of filters which are suitable for use in the UK which I have also tested.
You can start by just buying the Microsurge meter and then add filters individually or you can buy the GS filter system which is a pack with 20 filters and the meter.
Most importantly, listen to what your body is telling you. If you install filters and find that your symptoms deteriorate, you know that with your current installation filters are not the solution.