This is a very helpful video to understand the dangers of LED and CFL lights, although whoever is doing the interviewing talks too much.  I hope people will begin to see that all this talk about “climate change” is so they can introduce these lethal technologies without interference from the “useless eaters” (as the elite like to call us).


Dr Robert Hanson is concerned about the ‘new wave’ of light bulbs. He believes CFL and LEDs emit a ‘killer light’ – whose short wavelength damages both mind and eyes. His PhD is in acoustics and light – the visible light spectrum is under attack by LED lights – Many LEDs also have cameras fitted – Richard visited the factory where the lights were made for the Olympics – every light had a perfect camera fitted – but LEDs main point is their short wavelength screws up the brain – and all LED street lights will have perfect cameras. Robert has written about this and made a TV documentary in Cantonese about it for Hong Kong channel RTHK. FFI – Robert Hanson – Tony Gosling

Health dangers of LED and CFL light bulbs with Dr Robert Hanson


Light bulbs can change your life