By B.N. Frank

In September, Activist Post reported about approximately 40 residents in Mahopac, NY who hired an attorney to help them stop cell towers from being installed near their homes.

It seems to have been effective.

From TapIntoMahopac:

MAHOPAC, N.Y. – The Planning Board has denied two controversial site-plan applications to build cell towers in residential neighborhoods in Mahopac.


Residents in both neighborhoods have fought the proposals since Day One, saying they would be an aesthetic blight and lower property values. While the board did cite those contentions as some of the reasons it rejected the applications, many of its members also said they felt that Homeland did not prove there was a need for the towers and that cell coverage was adequate in those areas.


Bob Buckley, who helped organized the neighborhoods to rally against the towers by holding numerous meetings, creating a Facebook page and hiring an attorney, said he was pleased with the decision.


Buckley had high praise for Campanelli, the residents’ attorney who has spent much of his legal career battling cell tower applications.

“I was pleased with the expertise of Mr. Campanelli,” Buckley said. “When you go against a well-funded company with their hired guns like Homeland Towers, you have to bring in top counsel to match them. He did a phenomenal job clarifying the record when Homeland Towers was being disingenuous.”

Kudos to Mahopec and all other New Yorkers who have taken action against cell tower companies (see 12).

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