Below is one of the few articles I have come across willing to address the fact that 5G is a genocidal plot to destroy 90% of the world’s population. This fact has been discussed in my book and has also been discussed on this website.

One thing I would like to point out however, is that when the author says — “Scientific research shows that 5G technology can sterilize young men and boys… and adult men, too” — is she implying that the technology that we are already using does not do this?  If so, it must be stated that is absolutely not correct. The technology we are already using is intended to cause massive sterilization of the American population. It can and does cause infertility and sterility and massive reproductive harm. The 2.4 GHz frequency being used in cell phones, wifi and bluetooth devices, smart meters, baby monitors, etc., is well documented to cause sterility, along with a slew of other serious health issues that pose an existential threat to our survival.

Ultrasound also causes sterility and they are blasting babies in the womb with this technology (see my book for more info). All of this is no accident.

About a decade ago, the FCC deliberately opened up this part of the spectrum (2.4 GHz), to be used freely and without licensing, ensuring our country would be saturated with this particular frequency. They did this because they know precisely how much harm this particular frequency will cause.

“The frequency band that is used for cell phone radiation is the most destructive frequency in the entire spectrum.”
— Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

This is a well-orchestrated genocidal assault and our focus on 5G is a bit of a distraction since we are already surrounded by technologies that will kill us and our children (and all life forms). This is the part we need to pay more attention to – although 5G is going to escalate the severity and kill many people and animals quickly.



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5G: A Plan To Depopulate Earth?


Do you use a cordless telephone?  A cell phone?  A Smart phone?  A Smart television?  Wi-Fi?  A Wi-Fi router?  A Smart meter?  If so, for the sake of your own life and health, you need to read this article.  Information about health dangers is being withheld from you.

In the following explanations of a highly dangerous and new technology, the letter G means generation and generation refers to a set of requirements that determine a standard and what compatible devices and networks qualify for the standard. It also describes technologies that power new types of communication.  The letters EMF mean electromagnetic force/field.

It sounds like it’s going to be a dull, complicated article.  It’s not.  It’s an attempt to help you save your health (possibly life) and that of your children.

Consumer use of the technology which has made our lives so much easier is not the only important reason you need this information.  A new 5G (5th generation) technology is about to inundate us with EMFs (electromagnetic fields/forces) which, according to scientific research, are much higher than allowed in most of the technologically sophisticated world.  Will they de-populate America?

Comparison of our limit alongside other countries’ standards:

  • USA\Canada = 1000 microwatts /cm2 (same as ICNIRP 1998)
  • Australia = 200 microwatts /cm2
  • Auckland (New Zealand) = 50 microwatts /cm2
  • Italy, Russia, Poland, Luxembourg, Paris (France),   Hungary, Bulgaria, China, Switzerland = 2.4 to 10 microwatts /cm2
  • Salzburg (Austria) = 0.0001 microwatts /cm2

The research studies say that Russia, France, China, Italy, et al, set a legal limit of 10 microwatts emitted by towers.  America’s limit is 1,000 microwatts — 100 times greater than other high tech nations allow out of concern for the health of their people.  Brussels, Belgium, has banned 5G altogether… as have several California cities (northern California where the tech geniuses live).

This is not just a hard article to write, it is all but impossible – so please stay with me while I explain the difference between 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G EMFs and why it is critically important for you to know and understand why autism, Alzheimer’s, cancer and other diseases are rising at such alarming rates(scroll down to health risks).  Scientific studies prove there is a connection between these diseases and EMFs and there are some things you can do to protect yourself.  Use the links throughout this article and at the end of it.

One other important reason for this article will be called a conspiracy theory.  It has to do with President Trump – and we all know how crazy liberal socialists get when his name is mentioned… but it in this case, they may be the very ones setting up the President.  They’ve done it before… think:  “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

The people of America would revolt if they found the policies of their government caused children to get cancer, possibly killing them.  Scientific research shows that 5G technology can sterilize young men and boys… and adult men, too.  And based on the fact that the FCC has told the President that 5G technology falls within its recommended safety standards – standards rejected by American and international scientists – President Trump has come out with strong statements about America’s need to spread 5G nationwide as quickly as possible.  China wants to take over the Internet and 5G technology offers the means to defeat them in this endeavor.  Logically, Trump wants to avoid that and the FCC is telling him 5G is within their ridiculous safety standards. 5G can be placed on towers … or even on your street lights.

Can you think of a better way for liberal socialists to win an election than to get their opponent to strongly support something they can, one month before an election, prove sickens and possibly kills children? The evidence I found is based on scientific research and is compelling.  In California, Sprint had to take down a tower on the grounds of a school because 4 children and 3 teachers got cancer.  It’s interesting; companies that install towers appear to target schools – especially elementary schools – as their favorite location.

As a strong supporter of President Trump, I do not for one moment think he would support a major technology that would be harmful to the American people if he knew it to be harmful.  If you know the President, please send him a copy of this article.  I will be glad to provide all of my research.

I believe the President needs to make an informed and very important decision about whether 5G (fifth generation technology) dangers are being withheld from him before he offers such strong support to technology companies which intend to spread it all over the country.

But this article is not about trade negotiations with China, or charges against a Chinese company high tech company named Huawei (pronounced wah-way… sounding very close to the Hebrew name for God, Yaweh).  It’s about the scientifically known dangers of EMFs to human beings.  It might help to keep in mind that human beings are made up of electromagnetic fields.  All animal life is.  Plant life, too.  Human EMFs are compatible with those of nature.  They are not compatible with the EMFs sent out by scientifically created technology.  One of the problems with 5G is it can literally change human DNA.

The point is, in 2016 it was Russia.  Perhaps the Chinese have been tapped by Hate Trumpers for 2020. Perhaps because Huawei, a Chinese company accused of being a conduit to Chinese intelligence, is pushing so hard to control the technological future, Democrat politicians know President Trump will push back.  If they can get him to back a destructive technology by withholding from him information about the danger of that technology, can they make him look like a liar when he talks of his love for this nation and the American people?

That may be what is happening.  Donald Trump does love this country and its people.  He would not support something destructive to either.  Not knowingly.  And there, as Mr. Shakespeare would say, is the rub.  No one is telling Trump of the dangers.

So I am.

EMF – Electro-magnetic fields (or forces)

This is one of those subjects you don’t want to know about because your plate is already full… maybe brimming over.  You might shout at me:  “I don’t have time to learn about the latest scientific advances!  I love my smart phone, my smart television, and the convenience of wi-fi wherever I go.  My business is dependent on technology!  I don’t need to know how scientists give me faster downloads and make life more and more convenient via technology… I just want the technology!  Keep it coming!”

Ask yourself:  How much more important than technology is your life and the lives of your spouse, your children, your parents or your friends?  In a bad economy if you have to work two jobs to survive, at least you’ll survive.  For most people, making sure government isn’t plotting their demise is more important than the square footage of their homes, whether their oven informs the family cook that the roast is done, whether you can download episodes of The Blacklist in 10 rather than 20 seconds, or whether Uber will soon provide driverless cars.

The conveniences of advancing technology are wonderful.  No doubt about it.  But if the price of convenience is lost health — or death – is it worth it?

Chemicals that have been banned for years in Germany, France and the UK are routinely used in America.  According to the EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses, here are the less serious but bothersome illnesses caused by human exposure to EMFs:

  • Fatigue/weakness
  • Sleep disturbance/insomnia,
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Brain fog/difficulty concentrating
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Memory loss
  • Visual disruptions/light sensitivity
  • Skin problems
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dizziness

You can add male sterility and/or reduced capacity to reproduce to that list and dangers to pregnant women and the babies they carry.   These are the LESS serious health problems caused by EMFs. Here is what the World Health Organization says some of the more serious illnesses caused not by 5G, but by 4G exposure (4G – what we have now – is weaker than 5G):

  1. Risk of damaging DNA.  Our body acts like an energy wave broadcaster and receiver, incorporating and responding to EMFs. In fact, scientific research has demonstrated that every cell in your body may have its own EMF, helping to regulate important functions and keep you healthy.
  2. Strong, artificial EMFs like those from power lines can scramble and interfere with your body’s natural EMF, harming everything from your sleep cycles and stress levels to your immune response and DNA!
  3. 3.  Risk of Cancer. After hundreds of international studies, the evidence linking EMFs to cancers and other health problems is loud and clear. High Voltage power lines are the most obvious and dangerous culprits, but the same EMFs exist in gradually decreasing levels all along the grid, from substations to transformers to homes.
  4. 4. Risk of Leukemia. Researchers found that children living within 650 feet of power lines had a 70% greater risk for leukemia than children living 2,000 feet away or more.(As per British Medical Journal, June, 2005).
  5. 5.  Risk of Neuro-degenerative diseases. “Several studies have identified occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) as a potential risk factor for neuro-degenerative disease.”(As per Epidemiology, 2003 Jul; 14(4):413-9).
  6. Risk of Miscarriage. There is “strong prospective evidence that prenatal maximum magnetic field exposure above a certain level (possibly around 16 mG) may be associated with miscarriage risk.” (As per Epidemiology, 2002 Jan; 13(1):9-20).

In non-scientific personal terms, 1G EMFs would be the equivalent of a ping-pong ball hitting your head; 2G a padded golf ball, 3G a basketball, 4G a football thrown by John Elway in his “hey day” and 5G is the equivalent of a needle hitting your head:  it penetrates.

In scientific terms, First-generation wireless (1G) was voice transmission. It gave us cell phones.  Second-generation (2G) allowed both talk and text which expanded our ability to communicate via our cell phones, online access to the internet, and it enhanced banking services.  Third-generation (3G) combined the wireless and digital networks and broadened what the Internet could offer.  Today’s technology is based on Fourth-generation (4G) technology, not 5G.  4G completed the digital migration.  It made higher speeds for more complex applications like video via computer.  I read one article which says 5G will connect the unconnected.  The limitations to Uber driverless cars, for example, will be eliminated by 5G.

As you look out your front door, how many towers that spread 4G EMFs from one tower to the other do you see?  Chances are, none.  However, 5G waves are ultra high frequency and ultra high intensity penetrates things like trees, buildings… and human bodies.  In fact, scientific evidence has clearly found that human perspiration attracts 5G EMFs to our bodies.  Thus, 5G towers will be much smaller but they will be much closer to one another… like every few houses on your block.  In fact the street lamps outside of your home will probably become 5G towers.

According to CBS News, it is estimated that the big cell phone companies will be putting up at least 300,000 of these small towers at a cost of hundreds of billions dollars to meet 5G activation requirements. Guess what that will do to your monthly cell phone bill. The new 5G uses an as yet untested bandwidth called “millimeter wave” (MMW) and poses more health risks than 4G – and according to hundreds of scientists internationally, the risks of 4G are substantial.  MMW is a pulsed radio wave of extremely high frequencies of 30 GHz and 300 GHz.  There have been no government safety tests for 5G technology – which is why so many nations limit the microwatt frequencies to 10 while America considers microwatt exposure up to 1000 to be safe.  And that is the information that has been given to President Trump:  “It is safe to expose the public to up to 1000 microwaves.”


It would take a book, not an article, to give you all of the information you need.  Preparing your home for EMFs may be more important than buying survival food should the electric grid go down or if an economic crisis occurs.  Your family’s life, health and well-being may be dependent on how much you know about EMFs and protections are available.

How did I, an old woman who lives at the foot of a big mesa in Western Colorado, a retired banker who usually writes about politics, the economy and banking end up going to a public hearing that was to be held to discuss an internet tower that would be built less than 300 feet from my home?  By law, the town had to notify me.  I got a letter.

Because of recent serious health problems, I thought I had better do some research.  I was shocked by what I found.  Surely the town administrators knew the dangers involved in towers… it only took me 15 minutes of research to realize the dangers.  Surely they knew that the FCC requires them to let others use their tower – to add to it… radio and television stations, military, police… and anyone who wants to install 5G.  Once a tower is installed, there is little local government control over what can be added to the tower.  Surely they had researched the dangers involved in such an important decision?

An elementary school playground abuts my backyard fence.  As my research showed 10 times the increased health dangers to children by comparison to adults, this research project changed from concern for my health to the health of those little kids who would be playing within feet of the proposed tower.

I began putting research data together in individual packets, one addressed to each Planning Board member.  The material came from scientific journals, not Internet web sites.

I was still not well enough to go to the meeting alone.  I had to carry an oxygen tank and the packets for the Planning Commission and I was newly released from the hospital and barely able to get myself there.  Rose, a dear friend who had helped me through my illness and hospital stay, carried the packets and oxygen and drove me there so I could limit how far I had to walk to get to the meeting room. When we got there, we found the public comment portion of the meeting had been cancelled.  The tower installer, however, was given time to sell his project.  We, the public in the audience, were not supposed to talk, but I raised my hand and they allowed me to say a few things and to ask some questions.

As a result of the material I put together for the meeting that night, I was contacted by a brilliant woman (8 years in graduate school, 10 years working for Johns Hopkins in Baltimore).  She wanted to help.  She had a son who attends the elementary school.  I had contacted the principal of the school – no one had told her about the tower.  I contacted the PTA President.  No one had told her about the tower or the meetings.

Melissa’s help was a miracle… this was a professional who really knew how to do research and document things.  The second meeting – with the Mayor and Town Trustees – was only a week after the first meeting and as I gained access to more and better information, the information contained in my packets for the City Council changed. It was stated that the public comment portion of the program was cancelled, but the Mayor allowed it.  The Town Council handled the matter extremely well and notified us they would make a decision within a week or two.

The Mayor and Town Council decided against the tower located by an elementary school.  They will, however and undoubtedly, be pressured to put a tower in another location and so the fight has just begun.  The school district and county seat of my county have already allowed two towers… one on the grounds of a high school and another at the most used athletic field for high school sports.  I just received notification that another tower installation has been applied for by Verizon… on the grounds of an elementary school.

It’s interesting, isn’t it?  They (the tower installers) appear to be fixated on putting towers in the place they can do the most health damage… especially to young boys whose reproductive capacities can be diminished or destroyed by EMFs.  Perhaps the United Nations is serious about eliminating 90 percent of the population?

If I told you what I suspect, you would get out your aluminum foil and begin making me a hat.

This is a long article and if you read this far, you are probably a person I would like to meet.  But, as I said, this is a very serious and long-term project.  I will make some links available below.  And   I’m working on a blog ( where all of the research Melissa and I gathered will be made available to the public.  A copy of the letters each of us wrote to the Mayor and Town Council as well as to the Superintendent of our District’s schools will be made available.  There will be directions as to how to find and get copies of your city’s or town’s monthly meetings so you know when something involving tower installation is happening and how to be respond to it.  When it happens, fight it! Me and 5G will give you the resources to win!

General Omar Bradley of World War II fame once said:  “If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.”  The General died April 8, 1981.

That is what you call a far-sighted person.

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