This website was built as a service to the good people of our world. I created this website in response to my personal experience developing microwave illness from the placement of solar technology on our home and the simultaneous placement of an “opt-out” digital smart meter on the house.  The solar system was being run by a high-powered wifi router pumping massive amounts of pulsed microwave radiation into our home.  This was in combination with an electrical inverter that caused massive amounts of dirty electricity to be released into the house.  The illness that I and several family members suffered as a result of these toxic, radiation-emitting devices are too many to list but suffice to say that myself and another family member were brought to death’s doorway within 18 months of placement of these wicked technologies, and a third family member developed thyroid cancer, memory loss, severe muscle spams leading to several falls, and more.  All of us are now on the mend since the smart meter was removed and the solar system was turned OFF in April of 2018.  Sadly, I am still highly sensitive to all forms of EMF/RF/microwave radiation and if I enter into an environment with high levels of this radiation, within minutes I become sick with dizziness, nausea, sweating, headache, pressure in my head and ears, heart racing and skipping beats, electrical zapping across my skin, and more.

As I drive around Long Island, it seems that every day, more and more cell towers and microwave transmitters are being put in place. On the south shore of Nassau County, it has reached the point where one cannot drive more than one-half mile without encountering yet another monstrous microwave tower, some of which have dozens of antennas, transmitters and satellites on them, each of which is blasting out deadly alien frequencies and radiation into our environment.

All forms of life, including those that live in water, on land, or in the air, are being negatively and very seriously affected by these damaging, weaponized frequencies.

Microwave antennas and transmitters are being placed on top of buildings everywhere. The people who own these buildings are being paid lots of money to have these toxic devices placed on their buildings. In exchange for a few thousand dollars, these people are literally frying everyone that lives and works in their area.  Each one of them should be held liable for the harm they are causing their neighbors and all living things.

Fire departments and police stations are being hit especially hard with EMF/RF/Microwave radiation towers and antennas being placed on, or very near, their buildings. All of our local libraries and even grammar schools have had wifi installed. Smart meters are also being installed all across Long Island and the rest of the U.S.  Hospitals are FILLED with noxious radiation.

Children everywhere are being saturated with life-destroying, radiation-emitting frequencies that will destroy their genetics, their immune systems, and their capacity to reproduce.

If you have not yet seen this video with Barrie Trower, microwave weapons expert, please take the short 15 minutes to watch. He explains so well the seriousness of this issue, especially for our children.

If we do not rise up against this now, Mankind and all life forms will be severely and irreparably harmed. We must do something to halt this attack and that is why this website has been built. I hope it will provide a means to disseminate information and provide a way for people to come together and take a stand against this evil assault on our health and our lives.

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In July of 2016, a solar system was placed on our home by Vivint Solar.  At the very same time, an “opt-out” digital smart meter was installed on our home by PSEG Long Island.   Soon thereafter, everyone in our house started to exhibit strange symptoms.   The symptoms varied and included the following:

– insominia
– ringing in the ears or “tinnitus”
– headaches/pressure in the head
– heart arrhythmia and palpitations
– nose bleeds
– repetitive skin rashes
– concentration problems
– dizziness
– nausea
– disturbed vision
– memory problems and the beginning of alzheimers
– severe muscle cramps
– unable to maintain balance when standing
– difficulty breathing
– respiratory failure
– cancer

I quickly discovered that ALL of our symptoms were listed as those that could be related to microwave illness.  See this link for more info on that.


I began an earnest search to understand what had happened to me and my family and how to fix it.  I struggled with PSEG for about seven weeks to get them to remove the smart meter.  They were 100% absolute BASTARDS until the very end, refusing to take their wicked technology off our house and spewing out one lie after another about why they could not remove it, how they did not have any more analog meters, how there was no way the meter could be causing our health problems, and on and on it went.

I filed a complaint against PSEG with the New York State Department of Consumer Services.  This organization was also extremely frustrating to deal with and I had to write numerous emails and make numerous calls to discover that this is the organization that is responsible for telling PSEG what type of technology they can place on our homes. Finally, they commanded PSEG to take the digital meter off our home and replace it with a non-transmitting analog meter.  This was in May, 2018.

I subsequently discovered that Vivint Solar — a company that pretends to be installing “clean” and “green” technology — had also installed a high-powered wifi system on our home in addition to an electrical inverter that puts out massive amounts of dirty electricity.  The combination of PULSED MICROWAVE RADIATION from the wifi router and the DIRTY ELECTRICITY AND NASTY HARMONICS from the inverter were enough to kill us all.  When used in combination with the PULSED MICROWAVE RADIATION from a smart meter, these devices are some of the most lethal weaponry known to humankind.

Ultimately, all of these organizations, along with the FCC, and various members of the US government, must be held liable for what they have done to us and continue to do. They are knowingly exposing hundreds of thousands of innocent people to radiation-emitting technologies that they know cause harm.  They lie about this, deny it, and try to ram the evil technology down our throats despite decades of evidence indicating these technologies are truly lethal.

We need to step into our power.  We need to create a massive pushback against this evil agenda  We are much larger in numbers and strength than they are and we have to stop them now.  It is time to pull together to rid our world of these hideous technologies and the creatures who are attempting to impose them on us.  They have an agenda to kill and destroy and we cannot let them get away with it.

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