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Here’s How to Help Support the Body’s Healing After Intense Radioactive Contamination or Radiation Exposure … The book ain’t pretty, but the Radiation Detox Info is FREE
Full Documentation on the Medical, Nutritional, Naturopathic and Common Sense Ways to Help Yourself
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Dear Friend,
You are not crazy to be worried about radiation …
Radiation syndrome, radiation toxicity, radiation illness, radiation damage, radiation sickness and excessive radiation exposure are all known facts that can make you ill or KILL YOU!
For instance, you may undergo a series of X-ray exams but that excess radiation actually increases your chances for contracting cancer unless you do something to repair the damage. In a moment, we’ll tell you of the many things one can do to support their body’s healing processes after such damage.
You might undergo cancer radiation therapy and firsthand suffer the direct effects of radiation exposure with nausea, anemia, hemorrhaging and fibrosis.
In that case you don’t need anyone to tell you of the devastation that radiation exposure can do. All you need are remedies to help counter its destructive effects.
If you live at high altitudes or take a lot of airplane flights you are naturally exposed to higher doses of ionizing radiation, too, so what do you do to prevent succumbing to radiation sickness and illness?
Okay, now the really big problems…
Living near a nuclear power plant, coal burning plant or near old government radiation testing grounds (such as in Nevada or New Mexico) also gives you higher than normal radiation exposure and that there are still radioactive contaminants in the environment blowing around … and guess who gets to ingest them?
If you’ve worked in uranium mining, uranium or plutonium processing or in weapons manufacturing, your contaminant exposure is definitely above normal and ill effects are not far behind. Plenty of Gulf War veterans have been exposed to “depleted uranium” military sources and believe strongly that it’s responsible for their health problems.
Working at a nuclear power plant, in a submarine, or with certain types of diagnostic medical equipment are all ways to become sick from radiation exposure if there is an accident.
If you’re ever the victim of a nuclear attack, well you know the rest there …
Frankly, if you don’t heal yourself of the effects of radiation exposure and if you don’t bind radioactive particles and flush them out of your body if you’ve ingested them, then they’ll just stay there and slowly work at destroying your health. Eventually you will succumb to unexplained symptoms of fatigue, lethargy, a weakened immune system, tumors, unexplained illnesses, anemia, excessive bleeding, genetic damage, cancer, leukemia, cataracts, possibly having children with severe birth defects. You can develop all sorts of conditions that just don’t seem to respond to medicine … and for which there doesn’t seem to be any explanation.
If you’ve heard of friends suffering this way, you know what I mean.
I once saw the hair analysis of a 50-year old man who worked at mining exploration in his 20’s, and thirty years later a hair analysis still showed signs of uranium contamination that were well off the charts. I was simply shocked how long uranium, as a heavy metal, can stay in the body if you don’t detoxify yourself of prior exposure. All he did for his summer job (way back) was set the blasting caps for mining exploration in our Western deserts, but the contaminated dust he ingested has stayed inside him for years!
Radiation and radioactivity are everywhere … in the air, water, and in the food we eat. Not all is bad. However, every time there’s another nuclear test explosion or nuclear power plant accident in the world, our total exposure to radioactive contamination increases once again. Every time there is a radioactive accident somewhere, our toxic load just keeps getting greater.
How about this likely scenario now that we’ve declared a war on terrorism …
BOOM! … a “dirty bomb” goes off somewhere in the world and people thousands of miles away are on the same day affected by the radioactive contamination! This is what everyone worries about, and what we spend so much money to prevent, but if it happenes what do you do?
Or, a nuclear power plant suffers an unexpected accident — such as with Chernobyl (Russia), Three Mile Island (USA), or Tokaimura (Japan) — and the food we eat and air we breathe instantly becomes contaminated.
Gosh, “that won’t ever happen” is what government officials says and those are three cases already — at least the ones we know about. It’s certain to happen again despite the best of safeguards and safety measures. What about the potential for terrorist incidents? What happens when we do atomic weapons testing?
Here’s the short of it …
If you’ve been exposed to radioactive contamination, including depleted uranium dusts, I’m going to tell you about all the published, proven, documented, scientific ways to help detoxify yourself — which you can do at home. I’m also going to tell you about all the stages of acute radiation syndrome in case — God forbid it — there ever is another nuclear power plant accident or something else.
Furthermore, I’m not just going to tell you how to help heal your body from the effects of radiation and radioactive contamination but how to rebuild your body to better health, and what natural supplements to take to help you survive through hematopoietic and gastrointestinal radiation syndromes that might prove fatal if there ever were an atomic incident.
For years all I ever read were million dollar government studies that told us that “radiation is bad for you,” but not a single study was done telling us what natural ways we could use to help ourselves if we were ever exposed.
Imagine that – in fact please visualize this: there is a giant apparatus out there involving hundreds of thousands of people and billions of dollars in investment every year, gihugic organiztions all over the world, and no information on what to do if there is a radioactive disaster other than “stay indoors, shut the windows, don’t drink local produce or milk, and take potassium iodide (if you can get it).”
I simply cannot put into words the ignorance of the oversight, which is about the same amount of ignorance to the fact that we don’t have enough seed banks all over the world in case something happens. We spend this gigantic sum of money and have all this effort to prevent any problems, and yet not a single blessed dime has been spent to produce one tiny phamplet on what to do – that goes beyond the simplistic advice I just recounted.
That information is useless if something happens and you’re in trouble with tens of thousands of other people in line. Yes, if there’s a disaster the stores will empty of potassium iodide, the hosptials will be filled, and you’ll be left on your own. Think about it. If there is a mass problem, why would you get the help you need since resources will be limited?
The government spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year related to radiation and radioactivity but not a single peep about this crucial topic — what to do if you are actually exposed to intense radiation or radioactive contamination With this oversight these guys at the top aren’t statesmen thinking about our future, that’s for sure.
Since the government hasn’t done anything about it, several years ago I swore I would to help the nation. Everyone has to contribute, and this is my contribution.
Now with American soldiers returning from overseas wars where they’ve been exposed to depleted uranium dusts, the problem is finally rearing its head as many have feared. But there is something you can do about it.
A yet bigger problem will arise if some large scale nuclear emergency ever hits the country. You can imagine the frantic chaos that result because there is no “what to do” information available other than “stay at home and take potassium iodide, shut the windows and don’t eat the local produce” or go to the hospital, which will no doubt be swamped with hundreds of thousands of people.
You can see why when I was getting my Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition I swore this would be one of the two health topics I’d write about to contribute to the nation. If the government wasn’t doing anything about these national security risks, then it was up to me to step up to the plate and follow Benjamin Franklin’s practice of creating a solution and filling a void, just as he did in establishing the first libraries, street lights, fire companies, public solution for lightning caused fires, and so forth in Philadelphia.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Do you know what the first thing you should eat when there is radioactive fallout in your area?
Do you know what you should do if potassium iodide is not available to block the absorption of radioactive iodine in your thyroid gland?
Do you know what must you purchase well ahead of time to protect yourself from the effects of ingesting radioactive contamination?
Do you know what foods or supplements will bind and then flush contaminants right out of your body?
Can you tell me what has actually worked in Chernobyl, Tokaimura, Nagasaka and Hiroshima — what the doctors used to help people with radiation exposure?
Do you know what decontamination and emergency detoxification steps, involving drugs, that government military sources and the CDC or Homeland Security offices suggest you follow?
Well I’ve collected all this information and more, and put it in a book to help you.
And it’s 100% FREE. Yep, no charge — just download and email to freinds so you don’t crash my server.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
If you have been exposed to too many X-rays or work with diagnostic medical equipment or are environmentally sensitive and have ingested elevated levels of radioactive contaminated food, air or water, you also want to check out this detoxification information as well.
You’ll learn about the foods you can eat that will literally build up your immune system and help you recover from the RNA/DNA damage caused by radiation exposure. You’ll find out about the substances that will actually chelate radioactive heavy metals from your body.
What more can anyone do?
In this 121-page ebook (the only one of its kind, and certainly the largest compendium of information on natural methods for detoxifying radiation and radioactive particles in existence that will still be available if the hospitals are jammed full), you’ll find out how to protect yourself from radiactive contamination in case of a terrorist incident or some other form of nuclear or atomic exposure. You will learn various ways to detoxify yourself and help heal yourself after radiation exposure.
If I came back from a war zone, I’d get this this el pronto.
If you’re undergoing cancer therapy you need this information, too because inside this manual you’ll learn how to safely and quickly rebuild your health.
Are you undergoing cancer therapy and your blood figures are off? You’ll learn which supplements will rebuild platelet, WBC and RBC counts rather quickly. There are certain oils you should take, amino acids to protect your GI tract, certain foods that prevent nausea, and certain mushrooms and immune stimulants that rival cytokines in rebuilding your immune health.
More importantly, there are three or four very specialized nutritional substances that will lock on to radioactive particles and escort them out of your body.
Inside this 121-page manual, How to Help Support the Body’s Healing After Intense Radioactive or Radiation Exposure, you’ll learn:
There is potassium iodide KI or KIO3, which you should take in some (but not all) nuclear emergencies to block radioactive uptake by the thyroid! Find out how much to take, when to take it, and what to do (what to take as an alternative) if it isn’t available.
There are 3 types of baths you can soak in at home to pull out the effects of radioactive heavy metals from the cells of your body. Don’t forget to drink certain teas when you do this, because teas of a certain type can bind some radioactive particles and help excrete them as well! There’s a delicious way to drink ingestions away!
There are special algae and seaweeds you can eat which are clinically proven to bind radioactive particles and escort them out of the body. Urine, blood and radioactive tests have all proven these effects, for which patents have been granted, and they have been successfully used at Nagasaki and most recently at Chernobyl. They are known for their effectiveness, but do you know what they are, where to get them, how to use them, and what recipes makes them palatable and delicious or where to go and eat them if cooking isn’t your thing? I have one word for you: Modifilan, perhaps the best seaweed chelator (containing anti-cancer properties, too) than anything else out there. Even if you don’t get this ebook, look into this product.
There are special nutritional products you can take to rebuild your blood, intestines and immunity so that you don’t die from hematopoietic or gastrointestinal radiation syndrome. If you are suffering from anemia or cancer radiation therapy, this information can save your life.
There is a special soup you can drink that is the basis of all Eastern nutritional radiation therapy. Survivors of the Nagasaki atomic bomb, who were just one mile from the blast, never succumbed to radiation poisoning because they avoided sweets and sugars and made this soup the staple of their diet.
There are special anti-radiation homeopathic formulas you can use (both “drainage” remedies and opposing remedies) that work to remedy the harmful effects of radiation, including the ionizing radiation of X-rays. Anti-radium, uranium, plutonium, … all have homeopathic remedy antagonists. This is your only place to find out which ones to use and when.
There are special nutritional supplements — sulfur containing thiol compounds — that can help rebuild your body from radiation exposure … and which are especially important for those who work in the nuclear reactor or processing industries because of their specific protective effects. For those who have been exposed to depleted uranium, the importance of alkalinizing agents and kidney protectorants cannot be underestimated.
There are 9 special foods you should eat to help rebuild your blood and body extremely quickly, because they contain a high content of “nucleotides” that promote health and anti-aging. There are also special fish oils to consume in order to maintain the proper fatty acid balance content of your blood (olive oil works, too!), otherwise you are likely to die from severe radiation poisoning even if you were to get a bone marrow transfusion. Ever hear of an “oxalic acid index” test? Most doctors haven’t either, which is why they’re flying blind with useless bone marrow transplants without this understanding.
There are emergency radioactive contamination procedures to follow — developed by the Military — for every type of expected radioactive isotope exposure, and medical protocols you should become familiar with to understand the step-by-step progression of radiation sickness and your prospects of survival. If you know this information, you’ll know how to survive and what you must do to assist yourself and your loved ones so that if there ever is a nuclear disaster, no one in your family becomes another one of the radiation statistic amidst the thousands.
There are also a variety of pharmaceutical drugs and medications doctors will most likely give you to protect you from radiation toxicity, but more importantly, there are various herbs and nutritional supplements you can ingest (which the doctors don’t know about) in addition to those drugs to maximize your chances of recovery and survival. Best of all, many of them have been studied for their radioprotective effects and cited in medical studies!
There are two plants you should grow around your house as “protectors” for radiation emergencies. One is helps heal radiation burns (even for cancer radiation therapy), and the other change colors as a natural warning signal at the first signs of excess radioactivity in the environment.
If you are near a nuclear power plant catastrophe, a Gulf War veteran, a cancer patient undergoing radiation therapy, someone who works in the nuclear power or processing industry, or someone who lives in a high radiation environment or has just been exposed, you need to get this information on the curative, remedial measures available for radiation exposure and exposure to radioactive contaminants.
“I’m originally from Russia and I spent 2 years in high school learning how to put on military gas masks, check an old meter for radiation and other things that seem so surreal at this time. I remember I asked my teacher, 70 year old retired general, what I should do if I actual get exposed to radiation. I remember he just looked at me and said “I think a prayer would help”. For years I tried to find practical sources of information on the subject in Russia, and later in America. All the experts kept repeating: “Radiation is bad. And don’t forget to take your iodine tablets!” That was before I got your book. As I was reading it, I realized the whole new level of information put together I never knew existed. It’s like you took tons of medical and scientific research published in those never-read scientific journals no one knows about, and transformed it into practical info you can actually apply in real life. Thank you so much for all your work.” Maxim S., New York
I can guarantee that your doctors don’t know half this information — it is truly the most extensive book on medical, nutritional, naturopathic and homeopathic radiation detoxification and radioprotective procedures in existence.
And I made it FREE – just download it. That’s all.
If it has even one-quarter or one-eighth of the information guaranteed, in today’s world wouldn’t it still be worth the effort to get it … now, before some mad rush of people shuts the server down?
Protect yourself from even more exposure and start reversing the insidious effects of silent, invisible radiation by ordering risk-free How to Help Support the Body’s Healing After Intense Radioactive or Radiation Exposure right now by clicking the button below.
And in case you’re thinking no, let me tell you one simple story about John Wayne and the cast of a movie he starred in, The Conqueror, which was filmed in Snow Canyon, Utah….
In 1953, the US military tested eleven atomic bombs at Yucca Flats, Nevada, which produced radioactive fallout clouds. The town of St. George (where the cast and crew of The Conqueror spent much of their time) and Snow Canyon, where much of the movie was shot, were about 100 miles downwind from the original Nevada Test Site and received part of this fallout. For thirteen weeks the actors and crew were exposed to minor levels of radioactive dusts on location, and to make it worse, the director even shipped 60 tons of the “hot dirt” back to Hollywood so that they could do convenient retakes of the film.
The result?
By 1980, when People magazine wrote a story on the matter and did a head count, at least 91 members of the original 220 member cast and crew who worked on location had contracted cancer. Statistically you’d expect about 30 of these people to get cancer. However, 91 had contracted cancer as of the early 1980s and 46 died of it, including John Wayne (he died of stomach and lung cancer), Susan Hayward, Agnes Moorehead, and the director Dick Powell. Pedro Armendariz, upon learning that he had contracted cancer, committed suicide while dying of it.
People magazine never discovered how many of the Indian extras were afflicted, which would also have added significantly to the totals! All this from being exposed in a town 100 miles downwind of atomic tests. (I pity our vets who’ve been exposed to depleted uranium, and the locals who continue to live in those areas). The town of St. George itself suffered a similar fate — the residents eventually contracted cancers in staggering numbers.
What can you do about it? You can try to detoxify away the buildup of any radioactive heavy metals that have collected in your body, and help your body rejuvenate. You can also eat certain substances that will help trap these particles as they’re being ingested so that they’re excreted before they can do any damage
To find out how, click here to Order the ebook Now!
Yes! I want to get the “How to Help Support Your Body’s Healing After Intense Radioactive or Radiation Exposure” ebook manual, formerly known as “Radiation Detox” – right now. I understand you never bothered to pretty it up, but just wanted to offer this as a free service to the world because nobody else bothered to do it.
It’s FREE. Please download it and then send it by email to friends so that my server doesn’t crash.
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