Check this out!!! They put 5G antennas right in front of people’s homes on their telephone poles without giving them any notice! The residents of Woodbury, Long Island, NY are obviously not happy. But they do not realize the demonic monster they up against!!!


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In July 2016, only weeks after the NTP cell phone cancer announcement, the Federal Communications Commission declared its intention to increase America’s wireless pollution by millions-fold. [38] This grand new design for additional environmental super-carcinogen is expected to generate $mega-billions for the Wireless Radiation Industry, which already has more money than God. Ignoring the internationally recognized Nuremberg Code that prohibits biological experimentation without informed consent, the industry’s cheerleaders at the FCC are set to unleash new experimental microwave frequencies to accommodate fifth generation (5G) wireless technologies.
The 5G will utilize 3.5 gigahertz and also high-band frequencies between 24-86 gigahertz to accommodate the upcoming Internet of Things (IoT). Microwaves propagated above 30 gigahertz are millimeter waves. These uber-energetic, very short waves are absorbed by human skin and they penetrate the eye cornea. As part of the electromagnetic spectrum, millimeter waves are included in IARC’s designation as Group 2B carcinogenic.
Engines of the federal government are now in high gear to accelerate 5G and IoT. Always a pawn of Big Radiation, the U.S. Congress has passed the bloated Appropriations Act of 2018, infamous for having not been read by the legislators who approved it. [38a] This legislative monstrosity puts the full force and funding of the federal government behind the national 5G project guaranteed to keep Americans sick to the bone with cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. The new law specifically mandates priority 5G targeting of poor neighborhoods and all federal properties.
The Wireless Radiation Industry boasts that the 5G will: connect billions of objects –including garbage cans and street lights– to the Internet, unleash a nationwide system of driverless cars, facilitate surgery by remote control and overlay augmented reality data directly onto the retina of human eyes. [38b]
5G technologies will transform nearly every structure and every inanimate object in our environment into active radio antennas capable of mobile communication. The nationwide buildout requires multi-millions of small, but powerful new microwave antennas called microcells to be mounted on any struture or surface, tucked into an crevice at ground level. The IoT (electronic eyes everywhere) has potential to become the most sinister tracking and surveillance system ever devised. When the urban and rural 5G network is completed nationwide, no living creature anywhere will escape the perpetual bombardment of millimeter wave carinogen-on steroids. Phased array 5G antennas are designed to sweep radio beams like search lights, micro-polluting the environment with hyper-speed modulations and signal phases for which living flesh has no genetic defense.
The plan is to pollute all US utility corridors with chains of these new mini cell towers. Utility poles, lights and many other structures in the public right-of-ways will support 4G/5G antennas spaced apart between every few homes or buildings. Equipment cabinets full of cooling fans and backup generators, reeking with a wide spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies, will sit on or near the ground to support each antenna installation. As demonstrated by the California story above, blazing 5G equipment will be located mere feet from bedroom windows, offices, schools, hospitals and nursing homes. Radiation profiteers, unchallenged, can spew their death rays into any sacred space, into any living creature with zero liability for the public health.
Here is what medical experts of the BioInitiative Working Group say about 5G wireless technologies and the upcoming millions of new millimeter wave antennas needed to support them:

“The FCC is proposing to streamline the process for small wireless facility permitting, without completing its investigation of RF health effects of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation….Health consequences have not been factored into public safety limits. This is particularly true of the new 5G technologies using millimeter wave frequencies….There is no basis for the FCC to make a positive assertion of safety of existing RE levels to which the public is perpetually exposed. Certainly unaddressed health concerns should stop the FCC from expediting new wireless technologies facilitating new small cell siting and satellite RF sources. The existing FCC public safety limits are grossly inadequate to protect public health from the body burden of the existing proliferation of RF-emitting devices and the wireless infrastructure supporting them, let alone from new RF sources that will make the situation worse for public health.” [40]

Nevertheless, in America RADIATION RULES. Seen in the video below is recent news footage from New York State which explains what rabid microwave peddlers are determined to inflict upon every neighborhood in the US. As small cell “densification” projects accelerate across the nation, the deadly 4G antennas going up everywhere are designed to “hold the spot” for 5G evolution.

As the protesters interviewed in this video confirm, they have little information on the frequencies to which they are forcibly exposed from new antennas shoved into their front yards. They openly state that they withhold their consent for chronic irradiation. However, the Wireless Radiation Industry has carefully structured US federal telecommunication laws to negate and override the Nuremberg Code. Under current federal law, American “test rats” have no recourse except to sever their manic demand for unlimited microwave pollution. Those who reject killer antennas next to their bedroom windows must also: abandon their radiation-guzzling “smart devices,” reject the Internet of Things and convince millions of radiation-addicted children that ALL ENTERTAINMENT IN THEIR LIVES DOES NOT NEED TO PASS THROUGH MICROWAVE ANTENNAS.
Anyone can obtain affordable audio testing meters that allow people to hear and measure 2G, 3G and 4G antenna radiation beaming up to about 10 gigahertz. But we will never know when experimental millimeter waves are turned on in the neighborhood, the workplace, the school, because affordable audio testing equipment for millimeter wave frequencies, at 30 gigahertz and higher, is not currently available to the consumer. Frequencies are numbered for their oscillations per second. Millimeter waves within the gigahertz spectrum agitate human flesh at double-digit billions of hertz. This means that 5G antennas, propagating 24 to 86 gigahertz, will continually assault all living creatures with invasive photon energy that artificially oscillates the polarity of tissues 24 to 86 billion times per each measurable second!
This matters! Scientists working with the National Toxicology Program were able to induce aggressive brain cancer and malignant heart tumors in rats by using GSM cell phone radiation that oscillates the flesh at a measly 900 million (megahertz) cycles per measurable second. [41] US military scientists efficiently induced benign and malignant tumors in rats with a mere 2.45 billion (gigahertz) cycles per second used for Wi-Fi. [42] When European scientists microwaved human blood cells with 1.8 billion hertz used for 3G technologies, after only 24 hours those blood cells had incurred damage equivalent to 1600 chest X-rays. [See footnote 46] So how long will human blood withstand the abuse of compulsory millimeter wave antennas designed to irradiate our entire population continually and forever? What will happen to birds, bees and babies when they are zapped with this kind of molecular abuse? These are questions that IBM and Ericsson are required to answer about their new 27-28 gigahertz antenna systems developed for 5G. Nor has Samsung addressed these issues as it brings forth bitter new 5G phones.
Radiation peddlers at AT&T (AT&Tumor) are now working feverishly to turn the nation’s electrical grid into a 5G data delivery system that will forcibly drill all living flesh with experimental high-speed wave radiation. They have developed over 200 patents for the unleashing of Project AirGig: “In the last few years we have seen staggering usage growth on our wireless network — data usage has increased about 250,000% since 2007 and the majority of that traffic is video.” [43] Watch the promo below for Project AirGig, yet another scheme for wireless booty at the expense of public health. Keep in mind that universal broadband touted by AT&T could be safely delivered by a national system of fiber networks to the premises that would protect human health, rescue the environment and far outperform wireless connectivity in both speed and security. Much of the fiber and copper needed for safe, non-wireless networks is already in place across the nation.
None of the upcoming 5G frequencies, soon to be foisted upon humanity for corporate profits, have been properly tested for their biological effects because such testing would literally horrify potential victims. In September 2017, 180 scientists and doctors representing 35 countries published an urgent request that the European Union slap a moratorium on 5G technologies until the potential for human and environmental hazards are fully investigated by scientists independent from the Radiation Industry. LINK
But, thanks to five appointed bureaucrats at the FCC, and their mighty army of radiation peddlers, 324 million Americans shall now be forced to gather 5G bio-information THE HARD WAY. What little we know so far is that high-band radiation in the millimeter spectrum (and also the more energetic terahertz spectrum) has documented capacity to: penetrate and inflame the skin, manipulate the DNA, damage cellular membranes, affect growth, endanger eyesight and induce a cascade of other potentially disastrous biological ramifications not yet understood. [44] Millimeter waves absorb and interact with both water and oxygen, two vital components of human flesh. Over two decades ago, scientists experimenting with millimeter waves noted that these hyper-frequencies have potential to affect molecules with “resonant vibrational or rotational interactions, not seen at lower frequencies.” Most alarming, these researchers noted that the bizarre effects of these waves can be produced at power densities hundreds of times lower than the FCC’s public exposure limits currently allow. [45]
The Wireless Radiation Industry thrives on planned obsolescence of the goods and services it sells. The industry would stall if people were not forced to continually upgrade their hardware and software. The 5G requires more chips, more apps and more new radiation devices. As 5G infrastructure comes on line, hustled radiation addicts will form lines around the block to purchase blazing gigahertz devices that shoot millimeter waves into skull and flesh. It won’t occur to these gullibles that 5G carcinogen is being foisted upon them with virtually no pre-market health testing, no valid medical safety certification and no post-market surveillance for assessment of public health damage…
Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, documents with massive published science how the 5G catastrophe will play out. Find his brilliant new paper found here: LINK