Dear Friends – this post may be one the most important posts I ever write. Please read through to the end as there is information contained herein that pertains to the well-being of our lives and that of our children and grandchildren.
Over the past month, I have become increasingly ill due to the frequencies that are now being blasted at us 24/7 through the radiation grid. I have been hearing these frequencies for about two years and was hearing them even when I lived 20 minutes outside of the city in Columbia, MO. To me, these frequencies sound like a constant, low-frequency, metallic, mosquito-like hum.
For a while, the sound was annoying, especially at night, but over the last month, it has become almost unbearable. The noise is so loud that I have had many nights where I am unable to sleep. My head is experiencing immense pressure and many times during the day I feel nauseous and unable to think straight. My heart is experiencing arrhythmia and palpitations and, in general, I am feeling extremely unwell.
Last night (3/28/18), I heard a loud screeching noise in my right ear which was very alarming.  Immediately afterward, I lost almost all hearing in my right ear.  I went to bed, greatly concerned about losing my hearing.  I was able to sleep for four or five hours straight which is not something I have been able to do due to hearing a constant metallic hum that keeps me awake.  Around 7am, the loud, screeching, piercing metallic hum blasted me awake — as if someone has turned on a switch.  It sounds very similar to the emergency broadcast signal, only what I am hearing is louder and is non-stop.  Most days, the metallic hum is 24/7.  I am feeling enormous pressure on the right side of my head and also in my neck, shoulder, and arm on the right side.  It is quite possible I am being targeted.
Both of my parents are also experiencing major symptoms of what can only be called radiation poisoning. My father is rapidly losing his memory. He has difficulty balancing himself when he stands. He is experiencing leg cramps and has lost his sense of smell. He has also developed thyroid cancer and has spots on his lungs, and all of this has occurred within the last year. A few days ago, his blood pressure was 90 over 38. Things are very serious.
My mother is experiencing respiratory problems and came close to death twice over the last year. She has developed chronic rashes on various parts of her body that will not go away.  She has other health issues as well, but the severe respiratory issues, which now require her to walk around the house with an oxygen machine, are fairly new.
ALL of these symptoms can be found listed as health effects caused from excessive exposure to microwave radiation and EMFs.


Check out this page for more info about this.
I phoned our utility company (PSEG Long Island, in service to the Long Island Power Authority) to explain what was happening and request that they remove the “opt-out” digital meter they had installed on my parent’s home July 31, 2016. To date, they have steadfastly refused to do so, despite my many conversations with them and explanation of all of the health issues we are now experiencing. I have decided to generate legal documents as provided by the InPowerMovement ( in the hopes that this will create some type of positive response from the electric company and from all the cockroaches who work for these satanic companies and attempt to hide behind the curtain when the light is shined on them. The situation is out-of-control. I recommend everyone check out the InPowerMovement videos and documents so you can see what we can do en masse to get these creatures to back off from what they are doing. We have absolutely got to say NO MORE and put forth loudly into the universe that WE DO NOT CONSENT to what they are doing. Now it is time for them to be held accountable and liable.
Because I care about my friends, I am making a heartfelt suggestion that if you still have an analog meter on your home, lock it down immediately. Purchase a cage with a lock on it so that these stealth alien invaders from the electric company cannot come to your home without your express consent and remove your analog meter and replace it with their toxic, trespassing, weaponized technology. The utility companies have been insidious in the way they are handling this, promising lower bills (although everyone’s bills skyrocket after installation), etc. They are manipulating people and installing these devices on the sly because they know what they are doing is evil.
It is urgent for people to understand the danger to their lives and the lives of their children and pets that this technology poses – as well as the 5G transmitters they are now installing on light posts all across America. ALL LIVING BEINGS ARE AT RISK BECAUSE OF THIS TECHNOLOGY. The trees, plants, flowers, birds, bees, insect of all kinds, etc. could literally be wiped out as a result of these dangerous, deadly, frequencies.
What is happening right now is very, very serious and it is absolutely time for us to stand up against these vile creatures and say NO MORE. We have been far too tolerant of their attacks against us and now, it is seriously life or death. If we do not do something now, our children will be infertile, our genetics will be comprised, illness will permeate our lives and our Earth will be destroyed. We cannot let them get away this. WE MUST COMMAND THAT THEY LEAVE OUR WORLD.

When I use the word “weaponized” to describe these radiation-emitting technologies, I am not exaggerating. As many of you know, I have been researching the topic of ultrasound for the past four years and have become more and more horrified by the things I am uncovering. Ultrasound is part of this radiation-emitting, weaponized grid and in order to get a sense of how evil this technology really is, it is useful to read the words of a satanic “acoustic scientist” named Seth Horowitz (from Long Island) who enjoys making light of his own insanity.

“[T]he effects that sounds have on us are useful for… taking an organized mind capable of plotting and carrying out plans, and using its own neural wiring against it. The basics of sound as a warning signal are built into us, from the deepest part of our brain stem to our highest cognitive centers. To destabilize a brain in a powerful manner, all you have to do is add on a few basic psychoacoustical features.
For example, imagine I am a mad scientist (a total stretch, I know) who wants to build a weapon using sound to make people’s heads explode. Resonance frequencies of human skulls have been calculated as part of studies looking at bone conduction for certain types of hearing aid devices. A dry (i.e., removed from the body and on a table) human skull has prominent acoustic resonances at about 9 and 12kHz, slightly lesser ones at 14 and 17kHz, and even smaller ones at 32 and 38kHz. These are convenient sounds because I won’t have to lug around a really big emitter for low frequencies, and most of them are not ultrasonic, so I don’t have to worry about smearing gel on the skull to get it to blow up. So how about if I just use a sonic emitter that puts out two peaks at the two highest resonance points, 9 and 12kHz, at 140 dB and wait until your head explodes?” [i]

This next quote may also be of interest for those who want to fully understand what we are up against:

“The discernible aim of torture… is to destroy the personality of an individual in a way that would render his compliance… [To this end], discreet methods may be employed to selectively destroy areas in [the] brain by high dosage and high frequency ultrasound…
We shall focus our attention towards the areas in the brain that agitate human mind and lead to hostility. If these areas are selectively destroyed or rendered non-functional, it is presumed that the individual would acquire complete docility and be subservient. He would not be in a position to articulate his thoughts and emotions… Surgeons and physicians utilize this information, in certain cases, to control human behavior…”[ii]

And so you see, these frequencies I am hearing are a very serious threat not only to my life but to the survival of all living things.
Two nights ago, I spent the night in a small town in Western Pennsylvania on my way back from Toledo to New York. In western PA, microwave towers are now stationed along I-80 about every 5 minutes. This is not a joke. Although I rented a space at least 15 minutes off the highway, I nevertheless saw 2 additional towers between the place I stayed and where I got off I-80 to head for my sleeping destination. Naturally, I did not sleep very well at this destination as there was a tower about 1 mile from the house. The frequencies were very LOUD at this house. Moreover, I am told by friends who live in the Pittsburgh area that their utility company does not give an “opt-out” option and everyone is being forced to have smart meters put on their homes or threatened with losing their electricity. This is how serious things have become. We have allowed ourselves to become completely dependent on their toxic, artificial system and now they can threaten to pull the rug out from under us if we do not acquiesce to our own demise.
Never has there been a more important time for us to get serious about creating a way of life that is OFF THIS GRID. The Ringing Cedars books ( provide the best and most beautiful vision for a path we can take to achieve this and I sincerely hope people will read these books and take the vision into their hearts – and then put it into action. If I had the resources to purchase rural land right now, I would do so in a heartbeat, and then begin at once to build a natural structure that does not rely on any portion of their grid for warmth, cooling, power, or light. I would also learn how to grow my own food post haste because the sense of security that comes from knowing that you can sustain yourself and your family without (((them))) and (((their))) toxic products is what is needed most at this time.
For now, we all need to learn how to protect ourselves from this microwave assault. I have been looking into technologies that counteract these frequencies. Here are some websites that people may find useful:
Among these websites, you will find listings for faraday shielding bed canopies, faraday cages for smart meters and wifi routers, faraday fabrics for the floor, faraday curtains, and even faraday sheets and bedding. I have a friend who turned her entire bedroom into a faraday cage using 7 coats of a special protective paint and making other changes to her bedroom so that she would have a safe place to retreat to during the day and night. Others have used this special paint on the outside of their entire homes, turning their whole home in a faraday cage. You can find some videos on youtube about this. Here is one of them:

So there are many things we can do to protect ourselves and our families. But all of this costs money and, as some of you, this is an area of great challenge for me.
Because I am sincerely concerned for my life, I feel an urgency to acquire some of these protection devices right away. Hence, I am making a wish list of things that I need in order to turn my living space into a safe place for me to be. I am hoping that my friends and supporters will consider reaching out to me with donations so that I may access some of these items immediately. I am deeply concerned for my health and that is why I am asking for your help.
1. Small BoDefense Sleep Shelter as listed here:
2. Computer Monitor Shield as listed here:
3. Apron Guard as listed here:
4. Low Pass Filters as listed here:
5. Smart Meter Guard as listed here:
6. Faraday Curtains as listed here:
I have tried to put these items in order of importance.
My only other option right now would be to move somewhere where there are no digital meters. However, this would be difficult because (a) my parents really need me right now as they are not well, and (b) moving requires money which I do not have. This is a real dilemma.
If I do not find a way to deal with this soon, I am concerned that my health is going to deteriorate further and my ultrasound book may not get birthed. Writing the book has actually turned out to be one of the most difficult tasks I have ever undertaken. I had NO IDEA how serious the damage from this technology really is and now, I am experiencing the effects of both microwave and acoustic assault first hand, and this is creating a sense of urgency within me to get the ultrasound information out there as quickly as possible. Sadly, it has become very difficult for me to even concentrate due to lack of sleep at night and feeling ill during the day. I really need help at this time.
Please, if you can find it in your hearts to reach out to me with financial support, it would mean so much and might even save my life. Paypal donations can be made to or mailed to Jeanice Barcelo, PO Box 1561, W. Babylon, NY 11704. If you reside in the U.S., postal money orders work best.
You can also assist me by purchasing a copy of my birth trauma book here:
or by purchasing my DVD series about pornography here:
And if I can help you in any way, especially by answering any questions about what I have learned so far, please feel free to ask.
Thank you in advance for considering this request. Your support right now would mean so much.
Sincerely, Jeanice

[i] Seth S. Horowitz, The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind, Bloomsbury, New York, 2012, p 226. [ii] Munawwar Husain et al, High Frequency Ultrasound Torturer, Journal of the Indian Medical Association, 107(12): 884, 886, 891-2, December 2009.