Friends – the topic of dirty electricity is an important one for us to familiarize ourselves with. Since smart meters (and other smart devices and appliances) are pumping either millions or billions of hertz of microwave radiation through an electrical grid that is designed to accommodate only 60 hertz (see this link for more info about this), it is inevitable that we are going to be experiencing serious issues with dirty electricity.


This article explains the issues very well.


This commentary is also brilliant…


Dirty Electricity
It’s Not Just Wireless That’s Causing Health Problems


DTE’s so-called opt-out meter is just a smart meter with the wireless turned off. It will hurt you nearly as much as the smart meter. Many older-style digital meter do not seem to create the dirty electricity problems that smart meters and so-called opt-out meters do. The reason is this: the older-style digital meters do not measure electricity in the fine-grained manner that the new meters do. These meters are constantly active, recording data and making computations at up to millisecond intervals. This means they are cycling—on-off, on-off—constantly. It is this on-off cycling that is part of what creates the spiky dirty electricity.  These new meters have what’s called a chopper circuit—the name is illustrative of what we’ve just been talking about—which rapidly switches the voltage on and off. In so doing, it creates ultra-high frequencies, and very sharp, fast  transient voltage spikes, up to 70,000 volts/second. Part of the reason some people hear their smart meter making sounds is that the ultra-high frequencies they generate can be picked up by some human ears.

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The video below also shows and explains exactly what is going on with this “noise on the line.”

What Causes Dirty Electricity? How Does It Affect Your Health?


And here is another excellent video on this topic.

Dirty Electricity Explained