Below is a letter from Dr. Theodore Metsis to Ronald N. Kostoff regarding the EMF Health Effects of Automotive Radiation.  Please note links at the end leading to more information and a very important infographic pdf file.


I got your email from a colleague and I will attempt to pass some further and perhaps useful info

Modern cars namely 2018 models have high low-frequency radiation arising from many wireless sensors incorporated in today’s automotive technology

Attached is a drawing with most of these sensors you find in modern vehicles.

Depending on the wiring architecture inside the car, EMFs are more pronounced depending also on fuse box location, battery and alternator position and currents flowing close to the cabin.

EMFs in a car in motion with brakes applied + ABS activation may well exceed 100 mG. Adding RF radiation from blue tooth, Wi Fi, the cell phones of the passengers, the 4G antennas laid out all along the major roads plus the radars of cars already equipped with, located behind, left or right of a vehicle, the total EMF and EMR fields will exceed any limits humans can tolerate over a long period of time.

EHS people are nowadays searching for pre 2000 models otherwise they cannot drive them and low frequency EMF is very difficult to shield.

In Sweden with more that 200000 EHS citizens there are special Navigation maps showing the roads these people have to follow avoiding cell phone base stations.

With the 5G application and V2V and V2I connectivity, the conditions inside the car will be appalling and this is why we will have autonomous vehicles because driving under these conditions cannot be sustained over a long period.

Cars in effect will be micro-wave ovens on wheels! The attached info is from two slides I use in my EMR presentation showing also statistics of car accidents in US, a good excuse for adding all these lethal gadgets to vehicles.

Kind regards

Dr. Theodore P. Metsis
Dipl.Eng., M.Sc.(Eng.), Ph.D.
Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental Engineer
Athens, Greece