Another article on this site discusses the fact that “the flu” and microwave illness share many of the symptoms.  In his book, The Invisible Rainbow, Arthur Firstenberg presents data indicating that the flu is not a viral illness at all, but rather an electrically-induced dis-ease.     Are we really surprised then to learn that so many people are becoming ill on long-distance flights with wifi?  The plane itself acts as a faraday cage and keeps those radiation-emitting frequencies trapped in the plane and running through the bodies of the crew and the passengers.  Not a good thing.  We need to demand an end to wifi on airplanes.  In fact, we need to demand an end to all wireless devices and infrastructure around the world.


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Mass sickness on international flights: flu or electromagnetic radiation sickness?

Large numbers of passengers on five separate flights have become ill with flu-like symptoms in the past 10 days. Flu symptoms are easily confused with electromagnetic radiation sickness symptoms. Could this have something to do with new WiFi systems being fitted on planes, connecting them to the Viasat satellite? Previous on-board WiFi was connected to ground-sourced WiFi.

Signs & Symptoms of Radiation Sickness

Two visible, potential signs of radiation sickness are nausea and vomiting. Since shock or pain can also cause nausea and vomiting, they are not necessarily an indication of radiation sickness. The symptoms must be weighed against the dose received to determine whether they indicate radiation sickness.

Another symptom is a high fever.

All three of these symptoms resemble those of many common illnesses, including the “flu” and the common cold.


100 new American Airlines aircraft to be equipped with high-speed Internet (13/8/2018)

In all, about 200 of American airline’s domestic narrow-body aircraft either have Viasat or Gogo 2Ku systems on them, an American spokesperson said. The split between the two system providers is about 100 each.

In its quarterly earnings report, California-based Viasat said it activated 122 aircraft with its system last quarter, and a majority of those were retrofits for American aircraft. Viasat currently has 757 aircraft in service, with plans for another 854 aircraft (not counting the 100-aircraft deal it secured with American) under existing contracts.

But a new wave of Wi-Fi systems — which have signals that go from the plane, to satellites, and back to the plane — are much faster and gaining market share with carriers. American has fewer aircraft equipped with air-to-satellite capability compared with air-to-ground, but the disparity is shrinking.



Some of the world’s largest airlines are switching to Viasat: the best rated Wi-Fi in the sky. Find out why. Now operating on JetBlue, Virgin America, United, and EL AL, Viasat in-flight internet service is coming soon to American Airlines, Qantas, Finnair, SAS and Icelandair. Industry experts and passengers agree, it’s the Best Wi-Fi In The Sky.

ViaSat-2 Launch date: June 1, 2017

·       ViaSat-2 will have more capacity than the combined throughput of 40 WildBlue-1 satellites, making it the world’s highest capacity communications satellite.

·       Launch site: Guiana Space Centre, French Guiana

·       Weight of satellite: 6,400kg or 7 tons

·       Service launch date: February 2018

·       Speed: Capable of providing much greater speeds and data than ViaSat-1

Geographic area served: North America, Central America, the Caribbean, a small portion of northern South America as well as the primary aeronautical and maritime routes across the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe.

ViaSat-2 will have more than double the capacity of ViaSat-1, and seven times the geographic coverage.

In addition to residential and business internet service, it will provide high-capacity coverage for mobility services for airliners, ships and other aviation and ocean operations.

18/11/15 Viasat

“Additionally, our partnership with Virgin America bringing Netflix to air travelers took flight in the quarter, demonstrating that video is the litmus test for in-flight internet service,” Dankberg continued. “JetBlue’s upcoming video streaming partnership with Amazon will show we can uniquely scale video streaming at a time when airlines are beginning to see the benefits of delighting passengers with high-quality connectivity. With about 1,100 aircraft in total enabled with our in-flight internet service, we have network flexibility and scale to ensure the highest quality streaming experiences at 35,000 feet – with speeds reaching upwards of 20Mbps per device. This experience is proven daily on JetBlue, Virgin America and United Airlines with as many as 148 simultaneous active devices, and many of those using streaming media, on any given flight across our entire network. We’ve also seen similarly strong results in performance on flight tests for government applications.”


Jet2 Spain to Leeds, UK 1/9/18


Reuters: American Airlines, Europe-Philadelphia 6/9/18

12 people aboard became ill with flu-like symptoms, a day after a similar outbreak on a flight from Dubai to New York.

All 250 people on two separate American Airlines flights from Munich and Paris were “held for a medical review” as a precaution, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was notified, Philadelphia International Airport spokeswoman Diane Gerace said.


Dubai to New York, 5/9/18 — flu

Mystery Illness on Quarantined Plane Is the Flu: NYC Mayor’s Office–492592551.html

The mystery illness that sickened at least 19 people on a plane from Dubai to  John F. Kennedy Airport Wednesday has been confirmed as the flu in at least 10 cases, the mayor’s office said Thursday.

All 10 patients hospitalized after the nightmare flight will be kept in Jamaica Hospital as a precaution, New York City Mayor press secretary Eric Phillips said on Twitter.

The health department added, “The tests showed no illness beyond influenzaor other common cold viruses, and we expect all 10 people to be released from the hospital soon.”


Passengers fall ill on Virgin flight from Melbourne, 11/9/18

Passengers have been screened on the tarmac at a New Zealand airport after a number became ill during a flight from Melbourne.

There were 157 passengers onboard and it’s understood some were presenting flu-like symptoms.




I am a professional intelligence officer (former US spy and founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity) who was recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017.

I want to bring to your CEO’s immediate attention the threat to the health of all passengers represented by the new Wi-Fi service that induces radiation sickness which presents to the average physician as flu sickness.

While this has not been properly documented from an airline point of view, in part because everyone concerned from the FCC to the providers is withholding critical information, the scientific and medical PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE should apply here. If in doubt, DO NOT.

You can see this open letter to your CEO, and additional information, at the below post; I am making it a matter of public record that you have been warned.

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