Are you one of the many people who are hearing a constant high or low-pitched metallic hum or screech?  Some people refer to this condition as “tinnitus” but what millions are now experiencing is not tinnitus at all, but rather a technologically induced hearing issue created by chronic exposure to pulsed radiowaves, microwaves and/or ultrasonic frequencies.
Many people complain that they develop ringing in the ears after heavy cell phone use or after a smart meter is installed on their home. Others develop “tinnitus” when cell towers or antennas are erected close to their homes.  The more exposure people have to these toxic technologically produced frequencies, the more likely they are to experience troubling symptoms like “tinnitus.”
I have been learning alot about this issue as I am one of the people that can hear these frequencies and I am also the author of a book about ultrasonic irradiation and how it is damaging our children.
Hearing loss has become a major issue in children since the early 1990s, which happens to be the very same time the FDA decided to raise the allowable output levels on obstetrical ultrasound machines 8-fold. Simultaneously with this rise in radiation output, the use of prenatal ultrasound in obstetrics went up 73% in the short six years between 1993 and 1999.  Since then, the number of newborn babies diagnosed with hearing loss has more than tripled.

The point is…millions of people can hear radiowaves, microwaves and/or ultrasonic frequencies. Babies and young people can definitely hear them, and so can many adults.  Below is an excerpt from my book, The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation” which sums it up nicely.

For purposes of this book, the word “ultrasound” will refer to technologically produced, radiation‑emitting frequencies and sound waves that fall within the bandwidth between 20 kilohertz (kHz) and 4 gigahertz (GHz). Frequencies within this range are said to be inaudible to the human ear; however, they can be heard by many animals and younger humans, and also by babies in the womb.

“Dr. Mustapha Fatemi… and his team of researchers recently discovered that fetuses can actually hear ultrasound scans, which were previously thought to be inaudible…”

Documentation now reveals that human adults can also hear these technology-produced frequencies—a phenomenon that medical doctors refer to as “tinnitus” but which should more accurately be called “ultrasonic hearing” and/or “microwave hearing.”

“Virtually everyone with normal hearing can hear ultrasound. Elderly people who have lost their high frequency hearing can still hear ultrasound. Many profoundly deaf people… can hear ultrasound.”

In an article released in May 2018 entitled “Ultrasonic Waves Are Invisibly Harassing People All Over the World,” it is noted that:

“There are horrible sounds all around us only a small group of people can hear. They almost always come from machines… They’re loud enough to be annoying and cause headaches in people sensitive to them… And scientists have no firm idea of how common these sounds are or how much damage… they’re doing…

[Professor Timothy Leighton shared that] ‘A number of people were coming to me, and they were saying, ‘I feel ill in certain buildings…’’ [So Prof. Leighton] started going to buildings where people reported having symptoms. While he couldn’t hear the sounds, he recorded them using his microphones and consistently found ultrasonic frequencies… [He said] ‘it dawned on me that we were putting ultrasound into public places where a minority but a large number of people are going to be affected.’ And the effects aren’t trivial. ‘If you’re in the zone [of an ultrasonic sound] and you’re one of the sensitive people, you’ll get headaches, nausea, tinnitus [ringing in the ears] and [various other symptoms],’ Leighton said. [These effects are] backed up by decades’ worth of consistent experiments by a number of different researchers.”

An article published in 2016 suggests that many wireless devices found in buildings around the world are emitting ultrasonic frequencies that are making people sick.

“Scientists say that a boom in public announcement systems, loudspeakers and automatic doors may be spawning an epidemic of ultrasonic sickness. Even electronic devices designed to scare away mice and cats could be triggering symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and tiredness, stomach pain, and headaches… The most common public places of exposure to ultrasound are libraries, swimming pools, train stations, museums and even schools… Children may be particularly sensitive…”

In his book, The Invisible Rainbow, Arthur Firstenberg notes that the following technologies are sources of ultrasonic radiation and noise:

• Energy efficient light bulbs
• Cell phones and cell towers
• Computers, fax machines, copiers
• Dimmer switches and power lines
• Smart meters

The illustration below depicts several technologies that emit both ultrasonic and microwave frequencies/noise.

Art courtesy of Floris Freshman

The frequencies emanating from these devices can be heard by millions of people around the globe, and some are hearing the noise 24/7. The high-pitched, tortured screech can be so disturbing, it can literally drive people to want to commit suicide.

While “experts” stubbornly repeat the lie that ultrasound is above the human hearing threshold, research clearly indicates that not only can humans of all ages hear these alien frequencies, many are becoming ill simply by being exposed to them.

“Many pieces of evidence indicate that what is tormenting people around the world today is electromagnetic energy in the ultrasonic range…”

Some researchers suggest that medical ultrasound should not be placed in the category of ultrasonic noise. However, the noise level associated with prenatal ultrasound has been shown to be as high as 100—120 decibels. This is similar to being in a subway station when the trains are coming in or standing next to a jackhammer or chainsaw while in use.

“As the ultrasound beam moves during examination of the fetus, the focal point of the beam can pass over the fetal head. When this happens, the sensitive hearing structure of the fetus receives vibrations at a rate equal to the number of pulses per second from the ultrasound beam. The radiation force of these vibrations produces a localized ‘noise’ that might range from 85 decibels to 120 decibels if it were traveling through air.’”

Since adults are experiencing nausea, tinnitus, headaches, and various other symptoms when exposed to manmade, ultrasonic frequencies, it is important to consider what our children may be experiencing when they are exposed to these frequencies in the womb. Because the frequencies are so loud, the noise is likely causing agitation and terror, and contributing to infant and childhood hearing loss, as well as premature birth and intrauterine growth retardation.

“Etzel and associates (1997) found studies suggesting that exposure to excessive noise during pregnancy could result in hearing impairment, prematurity, and IUGR [intrauterine growth retardation].”

There can be no doubt that babies are hearing and feeling the intensity of these frequencies which can have a detrimental impact on their well-being.

“Acoustic wave pressures allowed by the FDA for diagnostic examinations are 200,000 times the human hearing pain threshold.”

To get a sense of how unsettling ultrasound can be for the child, let’s listen to the words of a few mothers as each describes her baby’s response to prenatal ultrasound scans.

“I decided not to have ultrasounds with my following pregnancies because of the reaction of the fetus. I always found it odd that a harmless procedure would cause the fetus to ‘run’ from it. The fetus always acted fearful, the heart rate would go up and the fetus would move away from the wand.”

“In both of my pregnancies (singleton and twins), the babes would sometimes seem to turn or move away from the transducer…”

“I’ve had two ultrasounds, one was around 11 or 12 weeks & my boy was all over the place. He was doing flips the entire time. They were having trouble getting any pictures of him because he wouldn’t get still… During my second ultrasound at 16 weeks, he was still doing tons of flips.”

“They sent me for an ultrasound and heartbeat was fine 165. During the ultrasound, the baby would be lying still and all of a sudden, its whole body would jump. It did it the whole time probably like 15-20 sec apart. The tech was very rude, and was rushing it so I really didn’t see for that long. After she told me the heart rate she kept looking around and I asked does everything seem ok? She said ‘Well I told you the heart rate, didn’t I?’ And then I said well the jumping kinda scared me. She said ‘Babies do move’. It wasn’t normal moving though. The whole body would jump. I am scared.”

Indeed, the children are being electrically jolted by the artificially manufactured frequencies which, in addition to sending harmful electrical transients into their fragile bodies, are also extremely loud and disturbing. Studies confirm that developing babies tend to increase movement when exposed to ultrasound, and researchers believe this is because the noise is audible (not to mention that ultrasonic irradiation can cause extreme heating and can make babies feel sick, which we will talk about in more detail later). Since babies cannot get away from these frequencies or protect themselves from the electrical/vibrational/radiation assault, ultrasound scans may feel like a form of torture that may cause some babies to dissociate in the womb.

Anecdotal evidence exists to support the contention that children may be dissociating in utero in response to ultrasound exposure. For example, in an interview with a 2½-year-old child regarding her birth memories, the following conversation ensued:

“Mikaela, remember the other day when you met miss Laura and she asked you what it was like when you were in mommy’s belly?


Do you remember what you told her?

I was up in the sky in the clouds
You were up in the sky in the clouds?

Uhm Hum

What was that like?
I had to get out from the thunder. It was scary. And then the thunder went away.

And then the thunder went away?


Here we have a child describing noise in the womb that made her want to escape her environment, so she went “up in the clouds” and then the noise went away. To those who are familiar with the topic of trauma-based mind control, this is a classic description of what can happen when victims are being tortured and/or extremely traumatized—they float outside and above the body while the body enters into a state of disconnection or separation from the soul. This condition is called “dissociation” and it will be covered in more detail in Part 2 of this series.


In scientific terms, what has just been described is called “Ultrasonic Hearing,” “Microwave Hearing,” “Microwave Auditory Response,” and/or the “Frey Effect.”  The noise actually occurs inside the head because our bones are absorbing the radiation and frequencies and they respond by morphing and deforming, expanding and contracting, at the rate of millions or billions PER SECOND.  So people with tinnitus stop the incessant noise with ear plugs, although slight relief can be had from using ear plugs.  Relief can also be had by using essential oils like helichrysum (sometimes called immortelle), which should never be placed directly in the ear but rather on a cotton ball and then placed over the ear.  I personally have started to sleep with a fan running to drown out the noise in my head.
Inside the ears, these insane, alien frequencies cause the little hair follicles in our inner ears (called stereocilia) to bend out of control.  The cilia get blown back and forth and all around with gale force strength, causing extreme harm.   Simultaneously, the frequencies rattle our skull bones which begin vibrating out of control in response to the pressure waves that our body was never designed to handle.  The skull bones are also absorbing radiation heat from both ultrasonic and/or EMF/microwave frequencies, and the cerebral spinal fluid and all of our brain matter are heated and rattled as well.
While the bones are absorbing the heat and the radiation force from these toxic, manmade frequencies, the crystals in our bones begin to oscillate rapidly and intensely.  The crystals literally morph and deform, expanding and contracting at the rate of millions of times per second in response to the alien frequencies.   This is because our bones are made of a crystalline structure.  There are crystals in the human ear, in our pineal gland, in the cerebral spinal fluid and our blood as well. These crystals VIBRATE in RESONANCE with the very toxic, discordant, frequencies that are being generated by these evil, brain damaging technologies.  These frequencies are billions of times more intense than anything any living creature was ever designed to experience and they are extremely damaging.
Once the oscillations begin, they do not stop because we are being exposed to these horrific frequencies 24/7. The oscillations carry into the crystals in our ears, vibrating the cilia (to the point of necrosis) and the cochlea, and this is the phenomenon they call “microwave hearing” or “ultrasonic hearing.”
My personal opinion is that those who can hear these frequencies have an inborn warning system that lets them know they are being bombarded with frequencies that can kill them. The instinct is to run away or make the noise stop, but there is nowhere we can go to get away from the noise since cell towers and microwave devices now surround us.
The same is true for babies in the womb who often struggle and fight to get away from ultrasonic frequencies. Unfortunately for the babies, they are trapped, with no way to get away from the noise and/or the extreme heating caused by ultrasonic irradiation.
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The time is now to rise up against this machine.  The creatures responsible for this assault must be stopped and it is our job to make sure this happens.
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