From Dr. Magda Havas, Canada

It is good to see that kHz frequencies (dirty electricity, high frequency voltage transients, power surges, whatever you want to call them) are finally getting recognized for the effects they have on living organisms (both good and bad).

I was introduced to the concept of dirty electricity in 2003 and did a study at a school in Toronto, where we installed the GS filters and reported that both teacher health and student behaviour improved while the filters were installed. We presented the research at an EMF conference in Greece in 2004 (Havas and Illiatovitch 2004).

After we completed that research I met Dave Stetzer who explained to me what he learned from the Russians, who knew about this long before we did. Andre is well aware of the research in this field but it remains relatively unknown to many experts in the area of electrosmog research where the focus was on ELF and is now primarily on RF/MW radiation.

For those interested in dirty electricity (DE) there are publications and videos on how it affects diabetics and people with MS and how installing GS filters in schools improves teacher health (school in Toronto, school in Wisconsin and three schools in Minnesota). We have conducted several studies on energy efficient light bulbs and the dirty electricity they generate and this includes fluorescent as well as LED bulbs. No DE from incandescent light bulbs so I still recommend them for a number of reasons, with the absence of DE being one of those reasons.

Sam Milham and Lloyd Morgan also published a study (2008) showing that DE was associated with a high cancer risk at a California school. This is the first study, to my knowledge, linking cancer with DE. Sam also wrote a book about Dirty Electricity that is well worth reading.

I have converted some of the publications into youtube videos to help educate the public. We definitely need guidelines to protect people from this type of radiation. If you are interested in this area visit my youtube channel at There is information about DE also on Dave’s website: and on Katharine Kleiber’s website:

Another area that is poorly understood and virtually ignored is ground current pollution that is getting worse as our outdated electric utilities connect multiple grounds to fix their inadequate system. The websites above and my youtube channel have information about ground current as well. It turns out that “dirty electricity” can flow along the ground and is responsible for adversely affect on farm animals as well as farmers. Most of the work has been done on dairy farms (several publications here with Dave and Don Hillman) but hogs, horses and other livestock are also affected. It is worse in some areas than others and seems to be more of a problem in North American than in Europe. Dave has videos on his website showing “dancing cows” as they repeated raise their feet trying to break the electrical circuit flowing through their body. Most people don’t realize how serious this problem is especially in Canada and the U.S.

Some Building Biologists recognize the importance of reducing DE in homes/schools/work environments but, unfortunately, many do not and hence do an inadequate job when reducing electrosmog.

I was at a BB conference quite a few years ago in Nashville where I was invited to give a presentation. During the conference one of the attendees came up to me and told me she could not stay at the conference because she was affected by the electrosmog. Several of us went to her hotel room with meters and we found that there was a cell tower not too far from her window, that the ELF magnetic field was high (around 30 mG), and that there was DE in her room as well. Someone had GS filters and they plugged them into the electrical outlets. No changes were made to either the MW from the antennas or the ELF magnetic fields. The next day she said she felt a lot better and was able to remain at the conference. The ONLY improvement was the level of DE was significantly reduced!!!!

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