Smart Meters are Illegal – Coalition Demands that Seattle and all Utilities Ban Smart Meters and 5G

Group:    Coalition Against Smart Meters and 5G, Inc.

To:      All media

For release:  Wednesday, April 25, 2018


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Contact: James Robert Deal by calling 425-771-1110 or by emailing regarding legal issues.
Contact: Bill Bathgate, electrical engineer, holder of government security clearance. Call Bill at 256-570-5434 regarding electrical and microwave issues.
Contact: Sam Milham, MD, medical researcher, author of Dirty Electricity, Call Sam at 360-866-0256 regarding proven harms caused by electromagnetic radiation.
Read the full Demand sent to Seattle at this link:
If you wish to call me and tape record an interview, call 425-771-1110. You may quote me as making the following statements:

As attorney for the Coalition Against Smart Meters and 5G, I am delivering a 44 page demand to Mayer Durkan, the Seattle City Council, Seattle City Light, Governor Jay Inslee, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Utilities Commissioner David Danner, Insurance Commissioner Michael Kreidler, and all other elected officials in Washington.

The Coalition is demanding that Seattle City Light and other utility districts stop installing smart meters and replace smart meters already installed.

The Coalition is demanding that all candidates for office state their position on smart meters and 5G.

Smart meters are illegal. They violate several provisions of the National Electrical Code and the National Electrical Safety Code, both of which are incorporated as part of Washington law.

They are illegal first because they lack a path for surges to go to ground, and second because they have inadequate surge protection.

Smart meters are not grounded at all, and their surge protection is good only up to 300 volts. When trees fall and two240 volt lines get crossed, 480 volts enters smart meters. They explode and catch fire. Around 2,000 amps flows into the building and burns out wiring, equipment, and appliances.

The analog meters being replaced are well grounded and have a robust spark gap protector, which easily shunts a 480 volt surge to ground.

Most people think that their 200 amp panel protects against surges SENT into their home from outside. This is not true. Your panel only protects against current DRAWN INTO your home by an excessive load or a short.

When surges destroy wiring and appliances, your insurance will not cover your loss unless you have a specific rider, which may cost extra.

Smart meters cost $200 or more, whereas new analog meters from China cost $50. Perfectly good, refurbished analog meters, including a warranty, can be bought from Florida for $25.

Smart meters wear out in five to seven years, whereas analog meters last 40 years.

Smart meters consume a significant amount of electricity just to operate. They are always on. They are little computers and have circuit boards. They build up heat. Computers are too fragile to be in a meter. Smart meters measure watts used inaccurately.

Any savings from laying off meter readers will be more than exceeded by higher costs.

Analog meters consume only a tiny amount of electricity to turn their aluminum wheels and measure watts used. They do not build up heat. Analog meters measure watts more accurately than do smart meters.

Smart meters violate privacy by collecting in detail our every electrical behavior. There is no law to prevent Seattle from selling private information collected, and utility companies elsewhere are doing this. Marketers will know when you turn off your bedroom light and turn on your vibrator.

Smart meters have an exterior terminal port. Anyone with the right size optical probe can plug into it and have complete access to the meter, the home, and the network.

Smart meters come with a broadcasting and relaying radios that operate at cell phone and Wi-Fi frequencies and higher, chirping out constant reports of your electrical activity up to 190,000 times per day. They also produce dirty electricity, which propagates over every wire in your home.

The Coalition also opposes non-communicating smart meters. They too are not grounded, have inadequate surge protection, and produce dirty electricity.

Washington courts say that an easement should not impose a “greater burden” than “originally contemplated”. Easements granted to SCL years ago contemplated a grounded, surge protected, and fireproof meter, one which did not collect and sell our private information. Smart meters exceed the scope of the easements granted.

Seattle cannot by threatening to cut off electricity to force people to accept a meter which is illegal and which exceeds the scope of the easement granted.

In New Hampshire customers do not have to have to opt out. The law there requires utility companies to get customers to opt in.

The New Mexico Public Service Commission recently banned smart meters for all the reasons listed in this press release.

Smart meters will put meter readers out of work, but any such savings will be exceeded by the cost of the new meters, the cost of replacing the meters more frequently, the increased consumption of electricity system wide, the cost of liability insurance, the cost of covering uninsurable liabilities, and the cost of paying off lawsuits for damage to appliances and equipment.

Smart meters and 5G are profitable frauds. They raise utility bills. They consume more electricity system wide. They raise costs for SCL and reduce operating surplus or profit. They offer no benefits whatsoever. They are an inferior technology. The companies that make them should voluntarily take them off the market.

Cell phones and smart meters broadcast in the same frequency bands. The difference is the cell phones can be turned off, but smart meters are broadcasting 24/7. It may take ten or 20 years, but many, many people will come down with cancer from smart meters, just as John McCain came down with cancer on the left side of his face where he had held his cell phone. The radiation is cumulative. It also damages eyes.

Some customers can opt out, but others cannot. Only those living in one to four unit homes can opt out. Renters can opt out only if the landlord agrees. Those in buildings with five or more units cannot opt out. Schools, businesses, and churches cannot opt out. Those with solar roofs may not opt out. This discrimination is unconstitutional.

5G will die of its own weight. First, because unsightly 5G cell towers will be required at every street corner. Second,because 5G will be used mostly to transmit video, which is better watched on a hard-wired connection. Third,because each 5G cell tower will have to be connected to fiber optic for 5G to work. It would make more sense to extend fiber a few more feet to each home and business.

The Coalition is demanding that all candidates for office state their position on smart meters and 5G. Candidates will ignore this issue unless the media presses them to state their positions.

Smart meters have been installed on around 40 percent of all homes and buildings in the United States, and we predict that they will all be removed and replaced with standard analog meters.

It is inevitable that some class action law firm will bring a Consumer Protection Act suit to stop smart meters and 5G– unless Seattle voluntarily bans them.

The Coalition is submitting 72 specific Requests for Disclosure of Public Records addressed to Seattle and Seattle City Light, covering questions about smart meters. These are issues which Seattle should have addressed beforedeciding to install smart meters.


James Robert Deal, as Attorney for

Coalition Against Smart Meters and 5G

WSBA Number 8103

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