WARNING – Six U.S. Cities About to be Exposed to Deadly 5G Radiation

Friends – if you did not get yesterday’s update regarding hundreds of birds falling dead in the Netherlands when a 5G test was taking place, please check it out here.  They are planning to unleash these frequencies in six U.S. cities and people need to be aware.  Heads up Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.  The time is at hand.  Please protect yourselves.


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Radiation WARNING: 5G-ready cities expose the population to untested microwave pollution

Radiation WARNING: 5G-ready cities expose the population to untested microwave pollution

5g-technology(NaturalHealth365) Hellbent on being the first U.S. carrier to debut the 5G mobile network and matching smartphones, telecommunications giant Sprint is racing to roll out this new 5G technology – this year!  But, many people are waking up to the health threats posed by this wireless technology.

The carrier recently proclaimed that six US cities – Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. – are “ready for 5G.”  But, in its headlong rush to roll out 5G, Sprint seems only too happy to ignore the prospect of increased EMF radiation – and the health risks that will accompany it.

The new 5G (fifth-generation) wireless networks are billed as featuring substantial increases in data speed and capacity, in order to enable further connection with the “Internet of Things” – a linked system of cell phones, laptops, home appliances, security systems, cars and drones. But, while Sprint touts “new levels of innovation and progress,” natural health experts warn that the technology could expose us to new levels of unwanted (high-frequency) radiation.

5G WARNING: Is Sprint concerned about public safety?

Sprint is debuting an advanced network technology called Massive MIMO (Large-Scale Antenna Systems), which will power Sprint’s Gigabit LTE.  Massive MIMO will facilitate high-bandwidth applications – with Sprint boasting that its sites are capable of delivering up to 10 times the capacity of existing LTE systems.

Sprint customers will be able to access Massive MIMO using a 2.5 GHz band.  And, Sprint says it plans to deploy “thousands” of Massive MIMO radios in 2019, increasing network capacity across the country.

The carrier says that customers in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles will soon begin experiencing 5g-like capabilities – with Atlanta, Houston and Washington DC next in line.

Of course, implementing the 5G wireless technology involves adding thousands of new cell sites to expand coverage and “densifying” the network with more small cells to increase capacity and speed.

Because microwave radiation from EMFs is likely to increase exponentially, not everyone is on board with the advent of 5G – and the hectic speed with which it is being implemented.

At least one politician is advising that we “pump the brakes.”

Senator: 5G will put our current wireless systems “on steroids”

Last May, Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton) took to the Senate floor to urge his colleagues to vote against a pair of bills (SR 637 and SR 894) that would smooth the way for 5G wireless technology.

Senator Colbeck testified that he had “serious concerns” about the potential health risks of high-frequency wireless transmitters, cell phones, smart meters and WiFi routers.

Pointing out that wireless radiation has been associated with cancer, neurological problems and reproductive damage, Colbeck added that young and unborn children are at particular risk.

Central to his concerns is the fact that 5g networks operate in the 24 to 90 GHz spectrum – meaning they will utilize higher frequencies than those ever used (or tested!) before.  In fact, Colbeck says, 5G will require one transmitter for every two to ten homes – creating an unprecedented concentration of these devices.

Incidentally, Colbeck is no fearful technophobe. A former aerospace engineer, he describes himself as an “early adopter” of new technologies.

However, he believes the potential risks of 5G wireless radiation are too serious to ignore. Noting that the public health and welfare of people must come before economics and technology, Colbeck called for an evaluation of the health impact of 5G wireless systems.

You can view Senator Colbeck’s 6-minute testimony here on Youtube.

(Update: Despite Colbeck’s testimony, the bills passed in the state Senate. They are now headed to the House floor – where passage is expected).

Studies confirm: Microwave radiation can damage our DNA

Microwave radiation from wireless networks has been linked to damage to fragile cell DNA, and to damage the mitochondria – the “energy centers” of the cells.  Research has shown that radiation from wireless systems is associated with cognitive problems, impaired fertility and cancers of the breast, prostate, liver, lungs and skin.

One bombshell 2015 study found that exposure to 3G radiation – at amounts well below mandated limits for cell phone users – promoted the formation of brain tumors in animals.

And, heart patients should be aware of the truth.

Health experts warn that frequencies from ‘smart’ meters can affect myocardial function, causing irregularities that can overwork the heart and result in fatigued cardiac function.

In addition, “microwave sickness” is a real and present danger for millions of people.  Also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, microwave sickness syndrome is already an acknowledged disorder.

The WHO reports that 3.5 to 5 percent of the population already suffers from the condition, in which susceptible individuals experience a wide range of symptoms – including headache, fatigue, depression, nausea, dizziness and sleep disorders – when in close proximity to cell phone towers, WIFI routers and satellite TV antennas.

The increased radiation from the advent of 5G systems is virtually guaranteed to exacerbate their suffering, and to increase the number of individuals affected.

Action step: Reduce your exposure to EMFs

You can reduce your exposure to EMF radiation by using wired technology instead of wireless systems.

Demand that your child’s school use wired internet – and check out the American Academy of Pediatrics’ new recommendations on protecting children against wireless and cell phone radiation.

Whenever possible, opt for old-fashioned (wired) telephone lines over cell phones.  And, when cell phone use is unavoidable, try holding it at least an inch away from your head – and utilize speakerphone mode, hands-free headsets or earphones.

In addition, keep cell phone calls brief, text rather than call whenever possible (or – better yet – use your landline).

You can also join with your neighbors to protest the placement of 5G antennas on light poles in your neighborhood.

The noted geneticist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho famously spoke of the modern phenomenon of being immersed in a “sea of microwaves.” The time to prevent that sea from rising any further is now.

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4 thoughts on “WARNING – Six U.S. Cities About to be Exposed to Deadly 5G Radiation”

  1. Fantastic website! Thank you for all for exposing RF truth. In regards to the response to the NTP results, with it added to thousands of other studies and evidence piling up for 60+ years, Will the US Government remain on track in 2018 for a national 5G wireless infrastructure in place by 2020?

    As I am sure all of you know the signs and symptoms associated with RF exposures reveal that the general population increasingly experience symptoms as are noted in microwave sickness/EHS. This is clearly a dose-response relationship directly related to density and an array of frequencies. The scientific peer-reviewed literature demonstrating the correlation between exposure to EMF / RF and thousands of health problems means the evidence is irrefutable. So its not a stretch to say its on track to eventually manifest in all members of the population with enough exposure and 5G deployment density is on schedule to seal that fate.

    Our government clearly plans to continue to misstate what is a common understanding on the health effects of microwave radiation to assist the telecommunications business in the radiation delivery business delivered to the population. Second hand invisible RF radiation density today is much more toxic then second hand cigarette smoke. Our federal Government consciously ignores 60+ years of research proving wireless devices/access points are toxic delivery devices. Just like cigarettes, the tactics used to deliver wireless carcinogens cause brain and central nervous system manipulation. And knowing RF radiation has been proven to cause physiological responses that means RF works like a drug, still government peddles all effects are psychosomatic.

    We all know today no federal agency is currently authorized to consider the health impacts of deployment and those criminal guidelines were set in 1996, We also have identified the FCC is staffed by former members of the telecommunications industry, but we must look much deeper.

    We know the Trump administration is on track in 2018 for a national 5G wireless infrastructure in place by 2020. The people are being told it must be done to counter China’s position in global technology markets, despite the dangers of this technology not only for human health but the human genome, it remains full steam ahead. We know the reason being used to ignore what it will do to humanity, It’s the military AI market in China, because it’s expected to grow rapidly and that is credited to the incorporation of AI technology into warfare systems, advances in AI-based weapon technology, and modernization programs conducted by the defense forces of China. And it all requires a 5G infrastructure. But we must look deeper.

    The 5G plan for radiation density offers 24/7 police surveillance that sees through all walls, smart everything, driverless vehicles, mobile virtual reality, mobile augmented reality, connections capable of using the Neuralink brain implants etc., etc. All these features at the Federal, State and County levels are for government control of the masses without historical context.

    Since the 1990’s the FCC has remained unchallenged on every level and on schedule as America has also been forced into the next phase of agenda 21, and thats U.N. Agenda 2030. The 5G grid on earth and 20 thousand more satellites to saturate every square inch of earth in RF radiation is the final pieces and on schedule to be complete by 2025 for the 2030 goals. I think it is vitally important for the activists to include the who, what and why, directly behind the FCC and that is the DHS, CIA, DoD, DoT and more.

    Perhaps you can help me get this discussion launched anywhere?

    My attempt to get this discussion started on social media.

    1. Jeff – thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom here. I really appreciate it. We have to get you signed up in the google group called ” cell-tower@googlegroups.com.” Here you can begin a conversation with people that are also very concerned about this issue. They seem to be considerably more intelligent than the bulk of people on facebook (since facebook has kicked off anybody that has any real knowledge). Hopefully together, we can attempt to move forward and deal with this issue effectively.

      FYI – the FCC is being challenged at the moment with 6 lawsuits that have now been bundled into one. Read more here: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/11/07/fcc_5g_lawsuits_bundled/ . I presume the suits are being bundled so that the corrupt legal system can more quickly try to sweep this under the rug. But we can still hope for miracles.

      Regarding who is behind the FCC, this is very, very important. I would like to learn from you on this topic. However, I feel there are very few people who are really ready to go the bottom of the rabbit hole and see what and who is there. Those in the know know that Israel is in total control of DHS and the CIA at the moment. I am not sure about the DoD or DoT but I reckon it’s the same cult of evil that controls all of these alphabet agencies along with our “judicial” system. I think they’ve got it pretty much wrapped up in terms of attempting to lock our people and our planet down but I don’t think they will succeed. However, you are right. It is likely they are on track for making millions very sick. We have to rise together to stop these creatures from killing all life. I trust we will find a way.

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