Tingly Thigh Syndrome” Is On The Rise, Not Enjoyable, And May Be Related To Cell Phones In Pockets

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“Tingly Thigh Syndrome” Is On The Rise, Not Enjoyable, And May Be Related To Cell Phones In Pockets


This sensational news came courtesy of The Daily Beast: “Cell Phones and Skinny Jeans Cause a Spike in Tingling Thigh Syndrome.”

Modern tech and fashion are joining forces for a painful muscle condition.


The Mayo Clinic offers the simplest advice: Avoid tight clothing and maintain a healthy weight. And don’t forget to move your phone to another pocket.

Move your phone to another pocket? Experts say not to carry your phone in your pocket or anywhere else too close to your body and not just because of painful tingling. Carrying a phone too close to the body was CBS News #2 Dumb Thing for Increasing Possible Cancer Risk in 2018.

Cell phone manufacturers advise against carrying phones that close to the body. It’s in the fine print. Even 20+ year old Federal Communications Commission (FCC) safety guidelines advise against this.

Insurance companies haven’t covered wireless radiation exposure risk for many years either.

Any source of wireless radiation exposure to the thighs (including activity trackers and laptops) could potentially cause a whole host of unwanted issues to your lower body region – including

  1. incontinence

  2. infertility

  3. impotence

  4. rashes or other skin irritation

  5. loss of libido

Whether your thighs are tingly or not, wireless radiation exposure is cumulative so its impact on your nether region and your overall health may not be immediate or obvious. Maybe someday The Mayo Clinic will recognize this, too, instead of advising you only to switch pockets.

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