Mark Steele Speaking in Central London – 5G and the Rule of Law – Violations of the Nuremberg Code

Please share this with everyone you know its crucial we go beyond the ask.


This is about the Rule of Law. 5G We have had it confirmed by US Congress hearing that “No” published research or work has been carried out that shows this technology is safe, only the opposite. That is illegal and unlawful confirming that this technology cannot be tested on populations and is a breach of the Nuremberg code.


Mark Steele Will be talking in Central London on Thursday 21st of March. Share this with interested parties to kick of our campaign informing and resisting this crime. The meeting place is Nelsons column and event room is 2 min walk.

We are raising a fund through Crowd Justice campaign.

This funding is so that we can bring a test case against the Gateshead Council in the first instance.  I made a promise to everyone that when the time was right we would go on the offensive that time is now. We are waking up Mankind across the World to this crime that has occurred in Secret against him and the environment.


Mark Steele

Inventor and Patent Writer


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The unregulated fitment of 5g hazardous technologies across the country in your towns cities and countryside has started in total disregard of the law by local government agencies and authorities that include known hazardous led lighting systems a carrier technology for the 5g coverage radiation emission blanket.

My local authority Gateshead Council has orchestrated a criminal case and civil cases to silence me with the criminal appeal listed for the 28th of March 2019.

Their then use of taxpayers money to launch a civil court action in an attempt to take away my freedom of speech and gag me failed and they are now attempting once again to use the legal system to silence me.

We implore all those who have a care about our hard fought for freedoms, democratic values, rule of law, and the rights of mankind to live in a toxic-free environment for the sake of our children to please support this legal challenge by contributing now and spreading the world with your friends and family and on social media.

They are seeking to imprison an honest citizen for speaking out about their covert activities namely the fitting of dangerous technologies that they didn’t at first comprehend due to their complete disregard of the law.

This is bigger than just my case

This legal funding for our campaign will enable our legal team to bring the countries first test case against Gateshead Council in relation to this technology and allow others to use this case and law to challenge their local authorities.

Our case will put to the test how untested and unregulated technology can be fitted by authorities without their adherence to the law, as well as their actions taken against me and others for speaking out to authority on their wrong doing.

It will be for the case to set out that these untested unregulated technologies have no place in our towns villages and cities drawing on my technical expertise.

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