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Dear Legislator,
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I am a constituent in your district and want you to oppose and prohibit the expansion of wireless radiation and 5G millimeter wave technology.

Thousands of peer reviewed studies (see Electromagnetic Radiation: Adverse Biological Effects – 1,600 Accredited Scientific Studies) have documented the harmful impacts of wireless radiation on public health and nature. Some health effects include neurological and cognitive impairment, asthma, heart problems, sleep problems, learning and memory disorders, ringing in ears, headaches, fatigue, increased cancer risk and more.

Since wireless radiation is known to be a carcinogen, now is the time to reduce our exposure by phasing out wireless and progressing forward to the future of fiber optics and wired internet connections that are faster, more reliable, secure and safe for people and nature. Current infrastructure generating EMF radiation is subjecting the public, wildlife, and the environment to 24 / 7 / 365 long term involuntary exposure to harmful emissions that are damaging to all biological life.

Looking forward to your quick response and strong support for safe technology.

Thank you,

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