5G Is Coming, And With It Potentially Calamitous Health Risks

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5G Is Coming, And With It Potentially Calamitous Health Risks

You want fast wireless service. Enhanced wireless data speeds are premium services that stand to make Wireless companies billions (and already do). The newest technological enhancement to improved wireless data speeds is 5G. The installation of 5G cell towers is not only going to improve speed, but it is also likely to have a detrimental effect on our public health. Wireless companies have already installed up to 300,000 new 5G antennas.

That’s right, 5G is coming whether we like it or not and health risks are going to tag along with these faster data experiences.

And the 5G health risks war is already making its face known. Local citizens are writing their lawmakers to express their concerns over 5G cell towers.

And they should be.

5G tower waves are being linked to cancer, immune system compromises, and numerous other health issues.

So what is 5G and why is it allegedly so bad for our health?

Oh, and what can we do, if anything, to lower our risks.

What is 5G?

what is 5g

5G is a new technology that offers an infinite data broadcast capability and has an unrestricted calling. The technology uses an untapped bandwidth and is known as MMW. It is between 30 GHz and 300 GHz.

5G, like its predecessors 3G and 4G, allow us to stay connected virtually anywhere. That connectivity between us and our online ventures is constantly challenged by more and more people coming online as well as more modern, capable devices.

We can do more with smaller devices. We can place online Chess at Whole Foods. We can check our email when our significant other goes to the restroom at dinner. We can stream a college football game at Target.

What we can do with our smartphones and devices is becoming limitless.

And we’ve been mentally conditioned to expect speed. The Internet is no longer the dial-up experience that was new and exciting. Now its a service that we expect to work incredibly fast.

No one wants to wait for even 30-seconds for their Starbucks discount code to load while at the barista counter.

We need our apps and we need them fast.

5G Health Risks: What Professionals Say

Professionals in numerous fields believe that 5G health risks are real. This is due to the radiation increases.

Human health concerns will be amplified by the 5G cellular towers. There are several studies that show EMFs (electromagnetic fields) may increase cancer risks in both animals and humans.

Here’s one.

They also can interfere with human reproduction. Some individuals will be triggered more due to the electrohypersensitivity. This hypersensitivity can cause headaches, fatigue and cognitive dysfunction.

Professor of public health of the University of California Berkeley, Dr. Joel Moscowitz says that MM W’s could pose a very real danger. He told the Daily Mail Online that the deployment of 5G cellular technology is a massive experiment on all health of all species.

This is extremely frightening and should be of high concern to the public. The laundry list of medical issues in every single category is simply, unbelievable.

Some professionals of said it’s still too early to figure out if 5G will affect or complicate things. Professor at the University of Colorado, Dr. Jerry Phillips believes they need a closer look and there is not enough studies for 5G technology to determine any health issues. Well, there have been some studies and we already know how radiation can severely impact immune system function.

CDC, FDA Deny 5G Health Risks Exist

The FDA denies that 5G causes any health risk at all.

The CDC’s position is, as you might expect, that death by wireless data is the work of fear-mongering, conspiracy theorists.

“There is no scientific evidence that provides a definite answer to that question,” the CDC website states. “Some organizations recommend caution in cell phone use. More research is needed before we know if using cell phones causes health effects.”

Numerous Other Experts, Agencies, Disagree

However, health officials in England say that instances of brain cancer are on the rise and potentially linked to cell phone usage.

As well, other mainstream websites aren’t exactly siding with government entities or wireless companies that stand to pocket billions in revenue. Here’s an excerpt from a recent Vice article over the 5G debate.

“You will not be able to walk down a sidewalk without being continuously exposed to elevated levels of EMFs,” Dr. David Carpenter, Director of the University of Albany’s Institute for Health and the Environment, said in an email to Vice’s Motherboard. “EMFs cause cancer in both humans and animals, interfere with human reproduction and triggers a syndrome of electrohypersensitivity in some individuals, characterized by headache, fatigue and cognitive dysfunction.”

5G health risks are now in this sort of state of cognitive dissonance of sorts.

Some Communities Have Banned 5G

One community near San Francisco banned the installation of new 5G cell towers citing health concerns. The unanimous vote to ban the towers came only months ago in September. The “urgent ordinance” bans  5G telecommunications equipment throughout the small city of Mill Valley, California.

The vote is a 100% result over fears of the potential health effects of 5G wireless antennas.

The city of San Rafael, California is also taking measures to similarly regulate the use of 5G cell towers in their community.

“We’ve experienced 2G, 3G, 4G and now, on the horizon, is a fifth generation called millimeter wave technology,” Vicki Sievers, of the EMF Safety Network, said following her presentation of 5G health risks to the community. “Around the world, doctors and scientists are gravely alarmed about the biological and physiological effects of that technology.”

Sievers received massive applause.

Parents in San Joaquin County, California believe 5G is causing children’s cancer.

The message is loud and clear, communities all over the nation are concerned over 5G health risks.

Potential 5G Health Concerns; Evidence Through Studies

5g cancer risks copy

Our modern society is filled with health concerns. Some are within our control to avoid or negotiate, while some exist whether we like it or not. We can stop drinking and smoking, but we can’t avoid society’s yearning for faster video connectivity.

Potential Health Risks:

• Different Cancers
• Reproductive Problems; Infertility
• Suppressed Immune System Function
• Neurological Problems
• Headaches/Migraines
• Effects on Eyes, Heart, Lungs, Head – Essentially your entire body is affected
• Single & Double DNA Strand Breaks
• Oxidative Damage
• Stress of Proteins
• Disruption to Brain for Glucose Metabolism
• Reduces Melatonin in the Brain
• Brain Barrier Permeability (Could result in brain bleeds; Stroke)
• Cell Metabolism Disruption

Our Environment In Crisis:

• Affected Cell Growth Rates
• Makes Things Bacteria Resistant
• Plant Health Decline
• Effects on Atmospheric
• Depletion of Fossil Fuels
• Ozone Layer Effects
• Disruption of Ecosystem

E. coli Growth Rate Impacted By 5G

5g e.coli

2016 Armenian study showed that 5G MMWs stunted the growth of the bacteria, E. coli.

Sounds fabulous until you translate such power to potentially depressing human cell growth.

Then, not so fabulous.

Bacterial Resistance If Exposed To 5G

The same study 5G E. Coli study was also done on antibiotics. The study showed that antibiotics were also affected.

If we believe the results of the study, then we have to accept the potential for antibiotic resistance to be worsened by 5G transmissions.

And that feels as startling as it does insane.

Plant Health Declines

Plants and even rain can absorb radiation. Animals and humans consume both plants and animals (I’ll spare you the connecting of the dots here).

Our food supply could become similar to  GMO food but also peppered with steroids; not a healthy thing by any means.

In a 2010 study seedlings of plants were exposed to radio frequencies. Due to this exposure, they had necrosis symptoms (a cellular death; loss of blood supply feeding bones and organs).

Effects on Earth’s Atmosphere

For 5G we need to launch rockets to position satellites. A hydrocarbon rocket engine emits black carbon needed to complete the positioning of the satellites. This could cause many significant changes to the global atmosphere: change the temperature, and the ozone layer could be affected by the chlorine it emits.

5G Ecosystem Damage

Damage to our ecosystem has been happening for quite some time. 5G towers could make more problems for our ecosystem. In 2000, it became more apparent to researchers. The birds began showing more illnesses and leaving their nests. Birds are already affected by low level radiation waves.

Also, bees have been vanishing as a result of these rays. The radiation causes reproduction problems in the bee egg laying process, which results in colony strength to diminish. Birds and bees are critical to survival of plant life and our existence.

Why 5G Cell Towers Are More Dangerous

5g health risks

Cell tower lurks above community in Miles City. – Photo by dave_mcmt 










These 5G cell towers are even more dangerous than 3G and 4G because of the shorter length of the MMV waves. They do not travel through buildings and they will be virtually everywhere to make sure the bandwidth is reliable for everyone.

They will be next to your home, local coffee shop, light poles, and in front every business. When there are more 5G towers, there is more radiation when wattage is increased. There will be more devastation on our livelihood.

How To Reduce Your 5G MMV Exposure

You can reduce your exposure by understanding exposure levels. Do your own research; don’t just watch the “news”. You can get measurements by using an EMF meter. This can identify hotspots in your immediate area and obtain readings. If you are able, relocate. Yes, this might be the only option if they really place them on just about every corner. Rural areas may be the only way to survive and keep your family out of harm’s way.

5G As A Military Weapon

When you support 5G towers you are supporting a warfare control tactic. Only the military would know if this is true. The government agencies such as the FCC, WHO, and others are telling us everything is fine; we are safe from exposure. But, the fact is chemists are saying we really aren’t.

The 5G technology is essentially a direct energy weapon. This level of wi-fi cell service is a commercial grade and has the power to do lots of damage to us. Because of the shortness of the wavelengths, they have the damage to go past our skin seriously affecting our inner organs.

Currently, our military uses the same frequency for crowd control. So why use it in regular society? The military calls this system the Active Denial System and uses it to subjugate unruly mobs, protestors, etc.

Our military claims there is no permanent damage caused by it. People who have experienced it say it is like a hot oven being opened up in front of them; intense heat.

Differences between 3G, 4G, and 5G Technologies

5g vs 4g

Cell phone towers have been around for years. So you’d think they are all the same, maybe a little more powerful each evolution, right?


Cell phone towers are nothing new for any of us. But they way 5G works compared to the predecessors of 4G and 3G is completely different and potentially more deadly.

The current and archaic technologies still emit waves. Those waves may or may not be harmful.

But 3G and 4G aren’t near as powerful as 5G. 3G is the third generation of cell technology. 3G came out in 2003. 3G towers pass signals from tower to tower in a more linear connection; point to point, much like your FM radio passes its signals. Wireless companies place the towers in locations that allow the strongest signal reception.

What’s that mean?

When you answer your cell phone, the 3G connection has done its job and ceases the connection. The same concept applies to the Internet. If you search on Google, once you get the result, your relationship with 3G terminates.

Less exposure means fewer risks, maybe?

Because people were limited by 3G’s slower speeds, people mainly used it as a texting platform.

We began to yearn for more than just texting, we wanted video chatting. That’s when 4G came along.

4G cell towers increased the data usage and the way information traveled. It has helped improve the quality overall. This has increased radiation levels. 5G is a huge change. The advanced technology will connect everyone; super-fast.

5G Is Worse Than 4G? Why?

Wireless cell towers will shorten MMV lengths for bandwidth.

These waves won’t need to travel through buildings anymore, which often limits cell service in today’s world. Think of that annoying parking garage, or the tunnel you drive through each day that causes your Spotify to shut down.

Wireless companies will accomplish this incredible technological feat by installing vast amounts of 5G cell towers. You won’t have to look far for a 5G cell tower, you’ll probably be able to see one in plain sight from your home’s living room window. This means the air around us will be filled with 5G waves at all times.

What Are The Requirements To Use 5G?

For 5G you’ll probably need a new phone. This way you can take advantage of the speed.

5G services offer more bandwidth supporting more data and reliability. A few tech companies are already offering 5G compatible phones. Eventually, everyone will have to pay more for 5G service.

The Future Of 5G

By 2020 5G will be around the globe. Companies are in process now building the infrastructure. Within the next year, AT&T plans to have 12 cities 5G compatible. Also, T-Mobile and Verizon have plans to have coverage and will have limited use of the technology.

Japan, China, South Korea, Turkey, Sweden are rapidly working to transition to 5G. These countries intend to change how domestic companies utilize data services. They are trying to gain a global, economic edge with lightning-fast connectivity.

Such technology has the power to massively increase revenue in a wide variety of industries.

This may be a technological revolution but it poses significant health risks to us. If companies can run efficiently now at 4G, do we really need more speed?


The 5G technology seems to bring endless possibilities for the future of business at all levels including the way we communicate with friends and family.  Researchers have their work cut out for them, however, the dawning of 5G data technology is already upon us. There are real dangers, even though some high-level professionals want to cover them up since they make money from the technology.

Everyone must do their own research, contact their congressmen, talk to their community and do what they can to protect themselves and their family and friends from these risks. This may mean to move to a less populated area and away from city life. If you haven’t already done it maybe you should be learning the prepper lifestyle. Cities are the first to have 5G technology. It is unclear how fast the expansion of 5G will be, however, it is unlikely that small towns will be affected right away.

We should be approaching the new technology with caution as well as recognizing what it can do for our society in a beneficial way. The potential for illnesses is there so make your concern known.

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