OUTSTANDING List of Studies Regarding Cell Towers Causing Cancer and Other Illnesses

Cell Towers are Dangerous!

Because of the constant pulsed radio frequency radiation which, thousands of studies have shown, cause biological damage to the body and is a precursor to diseases (besides cancer) such as:
• Genetic mutations        • Memory disruptions
• Hindered learning         • ADD
• Insomnia                         • Brain disorders
• Hormonal imbalances  • Infertility
• Dementia                        • Heart complications

1995 – USA – Cell Tower Should Not Be Sited On Schools or Near Residential Areas!

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton issued a formal Memorandum stating that transmitter masts should not be sited on schools or near residential areas!  http://www.equilibrauk.com/emfnewinfo.shtml


2007 – Taiwan – Cell Phone Towers!

Government of Taiwan removes 1700 cell towers over concerns about cancers, miscarriages, neurological diseases, depression & suicide! http://www.weepinitiative.org/LINKEDDOCS/scientific/20080117_bevington_emfs.pdf

2008 – USA – 1 Cell Tower, 3 Died of Brain Cancer!

San Diego State University. All 3 cancer victims worked in the same room in a 3-story building on which a cell tower was mounted. Another professor who worked in the room was said to be suffering from another kind of brain tumor. http://healthjournalism.org/blog/tag/brain-cancer/

2008 – Austria – Cell Phone Towers and Cancer

A study by Austrian Dr. Gerd Oberfeld (EMFacts 2008) showed a 23-fold increase in breast cancer and a 121-fold increase in brain tumors for those who lived with 200 meters of a cell phone base station for five years or longer! http://www.verwaltung.steiermark.at/cms/ziel/21212/DE/ 

Oct. 2008 – USA – US Senator John McCain and Cell Towers!

As he was launching his presidential bid, both Verizon and AT&T provided Cell Towers for McCain’s 15-acre ranch! Almost 10 years later (Aug. 25, 2018) he died of brain cancer (glioblastoma). McCain’s staff were lobbyists for both Verizon and AT&T, both of whom raised millions for McCain! http://voices.washingtonpost.com/washingtonpostinvestigations/2008/10/exclusive_verizon_gave_cell_to.html


2009 – Spain – 1 Cell Tower and 43 Cancer Victims!

Malaga, Spain. A tiny community of just 350 residents living near a mobile telephone relay antenna experienced 43 cases of cancer! https://www.scribd.com/doc/23242188/Malaga-43-Cancer-Cases-Amon


2010 – Europe – Cell Tower Radiation – Even 500 Meters is Not Safe!

Epidemiological evidence from several countries found that eight of the 10 studies reported increased prevalence of adverse neurobehavioural symptoms or cancer in populations living at distances of less than 500 meters from base stations.


2010 – Canada – Health Canada Was Warned About Cell Tower Radiation, But Remained Silent  

One of the world’s most respected scientists, Dr. Henry Lai, together with award-winning author and journalist, Blake Levitt, had their warning about cell tower radiation published in Canada’s National Research Council Journal. Their report said that “Many Canadians are being exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and concluded that a new biologically-based guideline is needed, instead of the dangerous, outdated thermal guidelines!Authors: B. Blake Levitt and Henry Lai.          http://safeschool.ca/Health_Warnings.html


Nov. 5, 2010 – Canada – Cell Tower Radiation is Harmful to Humans!

Canada’s national broadcasting corporation, CBC News, referred to a newly published report that draws some disturbing conclusions about radiation people are absorbing from cellphone towers and its effects on human health. https://www.cbc.ca/news/cell-tower-radiation-harmful-to-humans-study-1.958047


2011 – Brazil – >7000 Cancer Deaths Caused by Cell Tower Radiation!

In Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s 3rd largest city, their 10-year (1996-2006) study found that 80% of the more than 7100 cancer victims lived <1/3 mile from a cell tower. People died from cancers of the prostate, breasts, lungs, liver, kidneys. Studies in San Francisco and cities in Austria, Germany and Israel dating back to 1970 shared similar findings! All the studies shared similar findings: living within a certain proximity to a cell phone tower increased the risk of cancer from two to 121 times depending on what type of cancer was detected!   http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2013/06/24/new-study-links-over-7-000-cancer-deaths-to-cell-phone-tower-radiation-exposures/


Aug. 2012 – North America – Cell Phone Towers and House Prices

Visible cell phone towers will lower the value of your home by 2- 20% depending on how close you live to the tower. http://www.getthecelloutatl.com/2012/08/yes-cell-tower-will-lower-property.html


2012/2013 – India – High Court Banishes Cell Towers!

In India’s largest state, Rajasthan, and in the nation’s largest City, Mumbai, State High Courts ordered the removal of all cell towers from schools, playgrounds, hospitals, colleges, orphanages, and prohibits them in future! http://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Brief-of-Amici-Curiae.pdf

July, 2013 – India – Supreme Court of India Supports Cell Towers Being Banished!

It upheld the decision of the High Court of the State of Rajasthan to remove all cell towers from the vicinity of schools, colleges, hospitals and playgrounds because radiation is hazardous to life.”  www.cellphonetaskforce.org/?page_id=128


2015 – USA – Firefighters Rebel Against Cell Towers on Fire Stations!

Firefighters in Los Angeles, California, threatened to pull their rigs into the streets to block traffic if FirstNET – the first responder’s telecommunications network – went ahead with plans to put cell towers on fire stations! http://www.odwyerpr.com/story/public/9385/2017-09-13/firefighters-exempt-selves-from-calif-bill-save-others.html


Mar. 22, 2018 – Italy – Ramazzini Study Showed Cell Towers CAUSE Cancers!

World’s largest animal study of cell tower radiation (1.8 GHz GSM radio frequency radiation of 5, 25 and 50 V/m) produced highly malignant tumors of the brain and heart in Sprague-Dawley rats. All of the exposures used were below US FCC limits. These findings were consistent with those of the 10-year $25-million NTP study which assessed cell phone radiation.  https://ehtrust.org/science/cell-towers-and-cell-antennae/compilation-of-research-studies-on-cell-tower-radiation-and-health/


Mar. 13, 2019 – USA – 4TH Child at One School Gets Cancer!

Parents are concerned as fourth child is diagnosed with cancer while attending a Ripon, California school with cell phone tower on campus! https://www.newsweek.com/can-cell-phone-tower-cause-cancer-children-1362314


Apr. 11, 2019 – Bangladesh – High Court Orders Removal of Cell Phone Towers!

In its 11-point directive, India’s High Court directed telecom companies not to install any mobile phone towers on rooftops of residences, schools, colleges, playing fields, populated areas and heritage areas. Those installed earlier in such areas should be removed. http://www.theindependentbd.com/post/197155?fbclid=IwAR2ZBBYi6KRpjIO-uWF5ul4knxHZfk9gCAYMdA7WzluirBdeK4EXd9cxq5M


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