Untold Facts About Wireless Devices and 5G

A message from friends who wish to remain anonymous:

4G operates on a freq band of 600 MHz to 6 GHz. 5G also uses this band, but adds another band that is on the millimeter wavelength at 86 GHz. This wide gap between the 4G band and 86 GHz channel cannot possibly make anything faster like downloads, or improve cell comm.
96 GHz is what microwave weapons use. It will melt the top layer of your skin off and fry you from the inside out.
86 is much much too close.
The true purpose of 5G is to communicate in Bio Cyberspace, which is how they communicate with the Bio Nano Networks that are growing inside of our bodies. Otherwise known as the IoBNT. Internet of Bio Nano Things.

Dear Friends and family:

The message below may very well be the break we have been looking for to not only stop 5G but to take down 4G and the rest of it.?? SEE BELOW!!!?? AMAZING!

Well, here, very sadly, we had tens of thousands of bees of multiple species on our wild flowers, but suddenly ALL of them disappeared – along with the birds – one month ago.

Just to be clear, microwave radiation bioeffects is not a ‘young science’: there are over 25,000 studies going back to the 1920s demonstrating its harm; this constitutes a WEAPON intended to be used as such – as the presenter at the below executive meeting informed the telecom execs, Google and Elon Musk. There are no uncertainties about the harm this inflicts.

The term “SMART”, as in “smart” phones and “smart” meters, grid, etc., is an acronym for: Secret Military Armaments as Residential Technology. It is a Trojan Horse that irradiates, surveils and can even target one’s home and body.

For those who are not aware; we have all been unknowingly paying for Fiber-Optic to the Premises (FTTP) internet/phone connection – by force, without our knowledge or consent – since the early ’90s in our phone bills. Well, that was in a sense a good expenditure, because FTTP is the best, fastest (speed-of-light) connection for communications and data speed.?? It causes zero harm. However, Telecom will not tell you this. We paid for it and they never gave it to us. They have committed FRAUD upon the public!

The Telecom industry is rapidly and often stealthfully deploying 5G infrastructures everywhere but W. Palm Beach (Maralago), Brussels (EU headquarters), Geneva (UN), and Vatican City (you-know-who).?? But because the signal of high-radiation 5G is so absorbable by atmospheric H2O and OH-, including by trees, etc., they intend to place deadly antennae EVERYWHERE within close proximity to your house, your body, your pets, your plants, and ultimately in the backs of cars which are intended to be “self-driving” by Artificial Intelligence.

To get involved, or to get the exact science on the radiation, go here: http://Zero5G.com

The meeting mentioned below came only a day after the industry propaganda rag called The New York Times did a hit piece on a few 5G bioeffects experts.?? About the same time as that article, they had a full-color, ‘quadruple truck’ [Newspaper term for 2 back-to-back double trucks = 2 FULL-PAGE SPREADS back to back!] advertisement for Verizon 5G. The ad claimed that with 5G technology “they will detect more cancer than ever.” WOW, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY true. Doctors will see a lot more cancer!

They love to PUT their agenda right in your face disguised as something good. There will be an unprecedented number of cancers without question, but the causality will fail because everyone is exposed to tens of thousands of carcinogens. However, horrible neurological impairments will also show up instantaneously and will be clearly identifiable as harm from 5G.??

See what this 5G installer says about 5G:?? (Note he doesn’t realize that 5G is also decimeter and centimeter wavelengths, probably because that’s not the specific equipment he’s installing.)


Please share this message and get the word out!


P.S. All of our bees are gone! We meter ambient radiation levels frequently and have seen them rise 10,000x from the ‘SMART’ grid and other people’s wi-fi. Many days I cannot even function; my head buzzes and all I can do is lie down with a headache and pray it passes. Our internet is corded (always has been). What I have been experiencing is from ambient radiation.?? It literally feels like torture. Former MI6 British agent and physicist Barry Trower PhD says that school wifi uses the same wavelengths, modulation patterns, and intensities as used by MI6 in the 1950s for “confession extraction” [TORTURE!]. So why don’t people have compassion enough to CORD their internet? It’s more efficient with no loss of signal.


——– Forwarded Message ——–
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2019, 1:55:10 PM EDT
Subject: Wireless Industry Meeting Held 7/15 in LA With Medical Briefing Regarding 5G Health Effects – Can Meeting, Attendees & Content be Confirmed & Documented?
Hello everyone,?? I am hoping there are individuals in my email list who can verify this meeting took place and document who attended and what was discussed for public dissemination.?? A 5G-educated woman who wishes to remain anonymous (I will call her Jane) reached out to me via my local advocacy group Smarter New Jersey – Residents for Safe Tech and Utility Meter Choice.?? She didn’t know where to go with this information and I agreed to relay it to the broader audience of wireless-safety national and international activists and experts.??Her information resonated and I had a strong gut instinct that it was important to share what she told me. As my advocacy effort is local in scope, I am asking those of you who work at a national or international level to take the next steps. I simply do not have the experience to go further with this story.
Quick summary before I go into the details – it appears the wireless industry held a very private, quiet meeting on Monday 7/15/19 somewhere near The Grove shopping center in LA, in which their attendees (U.S. and international) were briefed by medical experts on the EXACT health impact of 5G technology.?? Attendees included high level executives from all the major wireless and tech companies. Elon Musk was specifically identified as being at this meeting.?? While we don’t know the official purpose of this meeting, Jane and her own source thought it was possible that the wireless industry had commissioned private health studies and the results were shared in this particular meeting.
Full Account
Jane, a 5G-informed woman who resides on the East Coast, received this information on Monday evening via a phone call with a close friend who lives in Los Angeles.?? I will refer to this friend as “Sibyl”. (Think “S” for Source). Sibyl is also 5G-educated and aware of all the health and privacy issues.?? Sibyl relayed to Jane her encounter with another woman I will call “NZ” because NZ was attending the meeting from New Zealand. So NZ was the primary source. Sibyl was the secondary source. And Jane is the 3rd party source. I have been communicating exclusively with Jane, who is educated, concerned and very rational.
Sometime around lunch time on 7/15 (maybe 12-2 PM PST),?? Sibyl was having lunch by herself in a public space at “The Grove”, a high-end shopping center in Los Angeles.?? The woman “NZ” walked over and sat down next to Sibyl.?? NZ was having a passionate conversation on the phone with her own sister, relaying information she had received in a meeting, just prior to exiting for lunch.?? Sibyl eavesdropped on NZ’s conversation – she found it interesting as Sibyl is 5G-educated and she was immediately intrigued by NZ’s anxiety and grief and despair over what she had just learned.?? NZ finally realized that Sibyl was eavesdropping and told her sister that she had to hang up because she didn’t feel comfortable speaking. Then NZ confronted Sibyl about eavesdropping.?? Sibyl acknowledged that she had been listening and was sorry she made NZ uncomfortable, but that she agreed with everything NZ had been saying to her sister about 5G.??
NZ, having found a sympathetic intelligent person to speak with, dropped her guard and they struck up a conversation.?? NZ told Sybil that she was attending a meeting of wireless industry executives from all the major players, she also noted Elon Musk was in attendance.?? NZ told Sybil that she “just got out of the meeting” and had walked over to the Grove to get food. NZ, prior to this meeting, had been pretty much unaware of 5G and 5G health issues.?? So after hearing such devastating information at the meeting, she really let her professional demeanor slip by revealing potentially confidential industry information to a stranger.?? Sybil indicated that NZ became jumpy and more guarded at the end of the conversation, realizing that she may have relayed classified information. NZ refused to reveal which company or agency she was with because she was nervous about being fired.??
NZ disclosed the following information was presented by health experts to the industry executives:

Top medical experts presented EXACTLY what was going to happen to the human brain and body

  • 5G would deplete iron levels in the blood, depriving oxygen from cells, the cells won’t receive enough oxygen and begin to die.

  • the millimeter frequencies will heat the water in cells

  • 5G will cause cancer

  • 5G will cause DNA breakage

  • DNA will impact children’s developing brains

  • 5G will be used as a weapon

(I?? know the health effects NZ listed are well-known to us but this was all new to NZ.)?? Sybil noted NZ’s visible anxiety / devastation, as NZ?? had arrived at this meeting with no awareness, but had emerged fully tutored in all the health effects and privacy issues and weaponization issues of 5G and had been frightened to her core envisioning a bleak future for all humankind.?? NZ told Sybil that New Zealand hadn’t approved 5G infrastructure yet, and that she was flying back to New Zealand to speak with the prime minister about not letting China push 5G in New Zealand, as Huawei has been trying to bust into the New Zealand market to put up that infrastructure.????
NZ also relayed Elon Musk’s concerns to Sybil.?? NZ said he as not happy at the meeting and talked about his worries about what 5G will be used for.?? Apparently Elon Musk was less concerned with the health ramifications of 5G than he was about the AI component.?? He is terrified about the negative impact AI will have on humanity. (Note – yes this seems cognitively dissonant as Musk is pushing the neuralink trials.)
End Story
It appears this was a private, closed?? industry meeting so most or all of you would not have been invited. If Sybil hadn’t been 5G-educated we would not have been aware this meeting even took place.?? What needs to be highlighted is NZ’s emphasis that the health experts at the meeting were very specific in their assessments of the impact of 5G on health.?? Jane used the term “EXACT” referring to the assessments of the health experts.
Perhaps this meeting wasn’t that unusual but I would hate to have kept this to myself if it was indeed significant.?? I hope you can appreciate my good intentions with this email and I pray that there are individuals in this list who can do something positive with this information.
If you do not wish to be on this email, I will remove you upon request.??


* * * * * * * *

Response from Dr. Martin Pall…


Thank you for this information.  I would simply add that despite the apparent extraordinary seriousness of the apparent health effects suggested here, it should not be considered certain that every important effect has been included here.  Looking just at what is suggested here, I think that each of the suggested effects are highly plausible.

  1.  EMFs do impact erythrocytes in at least 3 ways with one being extensive hemolysis.  This can easily lead to severe anemia and therefore oxygen deprivation of the tissues of the body, including the two most essential high energy tissues, the brain and the heart.

  2. Of course cancer will be caused with cells that are or can become near the surface of the body very heavily impacted – such that melanomas, leukemias and lymphomas may become close to universal.

  3. DNA breakage again is highly plausible.

  4. DNA will impact children’s developing brains.  This will undoubtedly will far exceed any effects on DNA.  It has been found that millimeter wave EMFs can impact the EEG in adult brains.  Because EMFs produce activation of the voltage-gated calcium channels and greatly increase the release of every single neurotransmitter in the nervous system, massive effects on the brain of the very highly pulsed and therefore hyperactive 5G should be expected.  Children no doubt will be especially heavily impacted and perinatal exposures may well lead to universal or near univeral autism.

  5. If 5G will be used as a weapon, then it will be civilians who are the targets.

These are by no means the sum total of 5G will do.  You may wish to look at a recent talk I gave that discusses the 5 ways by which 5G radiation can easily and quickly destroy us — I added a sixth subsequently, because of the cardiac effects.

July 2019 talk in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


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