Utterly Horrifying – Video Evidence of the Bee Holocaust Caused by 4G and 5G Frequencies

Wake Up People! This cannot continue!  Our sick addiction to these noxious technologies is destroying all life.  THROW THE DAMN CELL PHONE IN THE TRASH!!!  Get rid of all wireless devices.  Smash them all to smithereens.  Do not participate in this satanic madness.  There is a genocide occurring right NOW and we absolutely need to stop participating in it!




Words from an industry insider:

Tyler Vanover

Industry construction expert here. Those towers are not 5g they are 4g. All modern 4g sites are outfitted with 5g capabilities. Not specifically to operate at 5g frequencies, but at the lower band using 4g radios to communicate with the future 5g infrastructure which will be much smaller antennas, every several hundred meters in every direction on every public street. This bee killing phenomenon has been talked about for years inside the industry. All tower climbers can attest to bees getting “drunk” on rf signal coming from the towers, which act as a lure. Heavily concentrated 4g activity like the site featured in this video, can aggregate alot of frequency, and since its so low to the ground, it becomes quite dangerous for low flying insects. Blame California city regulations for these “hidden” low height cell structures. We build them up high and away from people for a reason.


3 thoughts on “Utterly Horrifying – Video Evidence of the Bee Holocaust Caused by 4G and 5G Frequencies”

  1. lucy, the prince(ss) o’ “the power of the air”, has designed and set up another murderous travesty; this one too – like the previous ones – With, and By, and At…, Our Consent, and With, our acquiesence. Partly because, we ‘clamor’ for this convenient, versatile, 3G / 4G / 5G, wi-fi, space-fence around ‘our’ “prison-planet”.
    Whoever set those ‘pretty’, camoflauged, trans-human-friendly, bee and bug and other creature killing microwave radiating towers up, YOU can knock one down…, or out.
    La’Chaim! To Life!
    (Your great, great Grand-children will bless you for it.)

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