PG&E Pleads Guilty to “Involuntary” Manslaughter During California Fires

This is big news.  However, the murders were not “involuntary,” but rather purposeful.  The fires were ignited by smart meters and directed energy weapons.  They were not an accident.  And they were not “camp fires”, as the lamestream media called them.  Houses were almost completely vaporized while trees next to them were left standing.


Entire neighborhoods were extinguished while the surrounding woodland was left untouched.


To see some of the incredible footage from these fires, please visit this link.  And know that, in terms of the California fires, there was nothing natural about them.  Rather, they were ignited by the very same communist forces that have set off the current BLM/Antifa riots in America and that are responsible for the rollout of this radiation grid that is destined to destroy millions of lives.  These creatures will not rest until they believe they have all of America under their control.  And here they are, bailing out the PG&E murderers in a bankruptcy deal.



Source Article Here

‘A historic moment’: PG&E pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter, as judge plans to greenlight bankruptcy plan

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