PG&E Pleads Guilty to “Involuntary” Manslaughter During California Fires

This is big news.  However, the murders were not “involuntary,” but rather purposeful.  The fires were ignited by smart meters and directed energy weapons.  They were not an accident.  And they were not “camp fires”, as the lamestream media called them.  Houses were almost completely vaporized while trees next to them were left standing.


Entire neighborhoods were extinguished while the surrounding woodland was left untouched.


To see some of the incredible footage from these fires, please visit this link.  And know that, in terms of the California fires, there was nothing natural about them.  Rather, they were ignited by the very same communist forces that have set off the current BLM/Antifa riots in America and that are responsible for the rollout of this radiation grid that is destined to destroy millions of lives.  These creatures will not rest until they believe they have all of America under their control.  And here they are, bailing out the PG&E murderers in a bankruptcy deal.



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‘A historic moment’: PG&E pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter, as judge plans to greenlight bankruptcy plan

16 thoughts on “PG&E Pleads Guilty to “Involuntary” Manslaughter During California Fires”

  1. some more info on maui fires
    {Matt} $XRPatriot
    #MauiFires #LahainaFires


    💥School WAS Cancelled

    💥Water WAS Turned Off

    💥Power WASN’T Shut Off

    💥The Escape Route WAS Blockaded Off By Police

    💥All Hawaii Officials Were Off The Island

    💥They Did NOT Sound Alarms

    💥Emergency Alert System (EAS) Was NOT Used

    💥STOPPED Food, Supplies, And Medicine From Coming Into Lahaina

    💥Local Organizations Like Hungry Heroes of Hawaii Are The Only Way Help is Getting To The People of Lahaina…QUICKLY

    💥The Government Wants To Buy All of The Property, Turn It Into State Land, Smart City 🚩

    Which Was Their Agenda All Along
    disgusting that the police were involved in blocking off escape routes , its premeditated murder

    1. Yes, the cops are responsible for the deaths of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people and pets. Let them suffer the consequences for taking orders from EVIL creatures.

    2. And BTW – school was not in session yet. There was only one high school open and they had canceled classes for the day due to the wind. Locals on Maui said there was no electric and that is why there was no water. So there’s alot of misinformation going around and it is hard to get to the real facts. Do you happen to have a link regarding ALL officials being off-island?

  2. How smart meters can be turned into a weapon to set your house on fire , they can overload your electrical system exploding appliances and overheating the electrical wiring , thats why i noticed many house fires outside london were internal due to intensity of fire and its spread . They say the houses were set on fire by trees and bushes but many houses there was no burning trees and bushes no external fire source , i would conclude all the house fires outside london was started by smart meters if any were present if they have solar panels that is a possibility
    To confirm my suspicions Can overloading electrical circuits cause electrical fires?
    Overloaded electrical outlets, or circuits that supply power to several outlets, is a major cause of residential fires. Overloaded outlets and circuits carry too much electricity, which generates heat in undetectable amounts. The heat causes wear on the internal wiring system and can ignite a fire. So smart meters could be remotely accessed set to overload rapidly causing chain reaction.

    1. Excellent comment Paul! Thank you for sharing. May I share in the blog I am writing about what happened on Maui?

          1. i found these videos about the so called wild fires and the msm said heat wave caused house fires , in my region they said it was really hot but it was cool just above 20 degrees celcius , here are videos of the fires as you can see surrounding trees bushes no fire all fires started internal , i wonder how many of these houses properties had smart meters and solar panels fitted , notice with this video the internal fires and they say heat wave set houses on fire there has been many heat waves in the past but no house fires also the fires would be external but all the fires i noticed by reviewing videos were internal

            1. Paul – thank you again. This is EXACTLY the kind of footage we need to prove the fires are being ignited from INSIDE people’s homes. They are using smart meters to incinerate people and their homes. On Maui, people that were trapped in traffic, unable to move, observed cars start EXPLODING all around them. These are the “smart” cars, with their GPS “navigation systems” that can be blown up remotely with the flip of switch.

              1. another way a large area can be ignited other than energy weapon is carpet an area with aluminium dust and use microwaves to ignite the aluminium because what happens when you put aluminium in a microwave oven . something that caught my attention on twitter in an arab muslim country where they experienced fires they caught mossad agents with vans packed with drums filled with flammable material remote detonators on the barrels what caught my attention with that is that in many national parks forests woodlands in wales drums were found filled with flammable materials the same set up for remote detonation . It all becomes too clear why smart meters were being pushed using propaganda and lies saying oh its to give cheaper electricity lies and some ad campaigns used children as a pressure tactic oh do it for children do it for nature same psychopaths behind those smart meter ad campaigns are trashing nature . Smart meters are weapons against the people

                  1. something you might be interested i came by this on twitter
                    No #MFP #LLSD Blue-pill of #MSMlies
                    Replying to
                    It has been reported that (the fire hazardous) Smart Meters had been installed in most of Lahaina & guess what – even some boats! . another thing is this drive for insulation cladding to further increase fire spread as polystyrene is highly flammable and the corrupt council put it on my council house under protest we said we did not want it but they insist on putting it on when i said polystyrene is a poor oxygen to moisture barrier and full of chemicals what is worse they removed fiberglass cavity wall insulation nothing wrong with it but we got told a load of lies for removing it so we were told new fiberglass insulation was going to be put in, more lies as they used polystyrene balls that were used in beanbags which was banned for use as they are a fire risk same goes for polystyrene celling tiles i told the council rep and contractor but just got lies from them , they took non flammable roof felting replaced with cheap crap flammable roof felting and whats worse they put on a solar panel we did not want i said we dont want it but you just cant get through to these people its like they have been on a common purpose nlp course , they want to put a box for the solar panel in the loft as the cables have been hanging in the loft for months and i have heard the tech used for solar panels give off emf radiation they say they are not going to put a smart meter in for solar panel but i just dont trust them especially a council involved in a fake mining company anglesey mining plc linked to fraud money laundering where tax payers money goes

                    1. Very interesting indeed. I wonder if it possible that they would install smart meters on boats? I have never heard of this before.

                    2. another tweet that confirms that smart meters are on ships , remember when several navy ships went on fire including aircraft carrier i wonder if a smart meter was fitted on it , another tweet back in 2017 a un backed data project of ship tracking using smart meters , some more tweets regarding smart meters on ships i mean would you feel safe on a ship with a smart meter on it . with all these fires at food producers they could of been started by smart meters too

                    3. 100% correct. Thank you for all these links. Just do a search for “smart meters boats” and you will see a plethora of choices from which to purchase a “smart” boat.

                      When are people gonna wake up?

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