97% of Cellphone Tower Studies Show Clear Pattern of Health Risks

The exceptionally well written article below contains important information regarding the professional liars who promote the idea of wireless radiation “safety.” These deceivers need to not only be called out and named, but eventually executed for their knowing participation in an attempted genocide of humanity.


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By Fred Parlato

This is another long, mean and ugly document. After proving in my article, Who Checks the Fact Checkers? In Brave New Big Tech World 5G Health Concerns Must Be Censored that the UK fact-checking organization Full Fact had no intention of taking a single look at the actual scientific studies on health around cell phone towers, or even acknowledging the existence of this research, I then undertook my own little “peer review” of their behaviour, which you will find below.

I appealed to all the other fact checkers I could find in the world to examine this case, especially members of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), to which Full Fact proudly belongs, since all of them theoretically subscribe to a code of ethical conduct.

In total, I emailed 76 different organizations and individuals, many of them researchers who were members of Science Feedback, an IFCN affiliate. I sent these emails individually, each with a carefully personalized message to avoid being classified as spam. Each one was cc’d to Full Fact, so they could see what I was doing. This took me six days in all, from June 12 to 17. You will find the list of lucky sendees at the very end of this, I mailed them in alphabetical order.

I doubt that Full Fact, or anyone else in the global fact-checking industry, has ever been subject to a “peer review” quite like this one.

After 12 days, I had received exactly three replies.

One was from a professor who was retiring and unavailable for any further comment.

Another suggested that I write a scientific paper about how scientific papers were being ignored.

I sincerely wished the retiring professor well, and told the other academic that this is not a scientific issue at all any more, it is purely a media issue, and therefore my focus is concentrated on the media.

The last response, however, is included at the end here, because it is very important. It comes from the great Global Commissar of Radiation himself, Professor Rodney Croft, the Chairman of the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, or ICNIRP, to give it its entirely unlovely acronym.

Professor Rodney Croft

ICNIRP provides the radiation exposure guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization and is thus the de facto radiation authority for much of this planet. I do not call Prof. Rodney Croft the “global radiation commissar” without cause.

By any measure – given the importance of wireless telecoms, not least 5G, to society, governments and industry worldwide – Professor Rodney Croft is a crucial member of the global control cartel, someone right at the top of the pyramid in terms of wielding functional power over this planet.

Rodney Croft is the only member of the extensive Health Feedback “community” of fact checkers to have stated expertise in electromagnetic exposure. You’ll find most of the academics I emailed listed here:  https://healthfeedback.org/community/


As a health expert, you might expect Croft to have medical or biological knowledge. Instead, he is a psychologist. This is very important, in terms of the particular biases and blind spots that ICNIRP exhibits, and especially in how the organization dismisses all base station research in one loaded sentence. You can very clearly see the psychologist at work in this carefully crafted exercise in denial.

So let me dwell for a little while on Professor Rodney Croft, because as it happens, the Chairman of ICNIRP has been subject to an unusual degree of scrutiny lately.

You will see that Prof. Croft accuses me of having an “agenda”. Here is a very recent paper prepared by two Members of the European Parliament, looking at conflicts of interest at ICNIRP:


You will see that the greatest recipient of Australian government funds for medical research in this field has been Prof. Rodney Croft – payments from industry channeled to him by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC):

“The money that the Australian NHMRC receives in order to provide grants for medical research has mostly gone to industry-friendly researchers who have direct links with the wireless industry. For example, the largest recipient of these NHMRC research funds is Prof. Rodney Croft, a psychology researcher at the University of Wollongong … Rodney Croft has essentially been the head of RF-EMR health research in Australia, despite his questionable qualifications for this health research role.

“Notably, he has led ICNIRP’s RF-EMR exposure guidelines development team and now he has been elected as the next Chairman of ICNIRP as from May 2020. Prof. Croft has received ample direct industry funding in addition to his lucrative NHMRC grants, which should be termed indirect industry funding.”

This same report describes how industry money is disbursed by the government and describes this process as “money laundering”:

“ICNIRP funding partly comes from government regulatory bodies, such as, for example, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). What is actually going on is best described as ‘money laundering’ by the telecom industry through government (ARPANSA) and on to WHO’s International EMF Project and ICNIRP.”

Interestingly, just this week, an alert arrived from Microwave News. For the first time ever, the actual sources of funding of this mysterious, self-appointed body ICNIRP have been revealed. The largest funder, by far, is very interesting. Can you guess who finances the world’s “independent” radiation regulator? And provides office space for them?


It’s the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, which provides 70–80% of ICNIRP’s budget. The rest is mostly provided by the European Union Programme for Employment and Innovation; the self-same ARPANSA mentioned above; and the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

Why are these antipodean governments so heavily invested in global radiation “protection”? ICNIRP was started by an Australian, the infamous Dr Michael Repacholi, who then moved to the World Health Organization and started the International EMF Project. This is now headed by his personal protege, the microwave engineer Dr Emilie van Deventer, who came to this crucial WHO job in 2006 with absolutely zero biological, medical or health expertise whatsoever.

Towards Better Health: Michael Repacholi Continues to “Work” With …

Who so designates these people? How are they consistently allowed to select their industry-friendly pals in Australian universities to these top positions and get away with it? Take a look at Croft’s many other conflicts of interest in that document, this is systematic, brazen and open corruption.

Dr Michael Repacholi has very seriously been accused of genocide on two completely separate counts. One was a charge from Iraqi doctors, who pointed to evidence that Repacholi had hidden evidence of harm to humans from depleted uranium exposure, a widespread consequence of the Gulf war:


Repacholi has also been called out by many researchers for crimes against humanity for his central role in denying the dangers of wireless technology. This is just one such charge, made by a Colombian medical doctor in 2008:


Back in 2000, a Swiss petition backed by many doctors begged Kofi Annan, then UN secretary-general, not to take advice from Repacholi, because of his bias. I can’t find the English version, here’s the German:


Text an UNO Generalsekretär

I ran one passage through a translation engine, it’s quite revealing:

“This means that all scientific studies submitted to ICNIRP and WHO have so far been rejected without assessment if they showed findings other than thermal effects, including Dr. Repacholi’s own published research, which showed a doubling in cancer rates in mice that had been chronically exposed to non-thermal radiation.”

This is the classic basis of “non-ionizing radiation protection”, which is branded into ICNIRP’s very name. The hugest possible distinction is made between “ionizing radiation” like nuclear radiation and X-rays (known by everyone to be bad, bad, bad) and “non-ionizing” radiation, like radio waves, which can maybe just heat you up a teeny little bit.

ICNIRP’s mantra, its foundation stone, its core belief, the essence of its being and existence, its alpha and omega, is the axiom that radio frequencies can ONLY cause heating in the body. There is no other “mechanism” to explain any “effect” you may see, including the brainwave changes reported in dozens of studies, sometimes at a trillionth of the ICNIRP levels. Therefore, all the literature that finds such effects can be ignored, because there is no “mechanism” to explain them. Ignorance is thus used as an invincible, overt weapon. This carefully cultivated ignorance is the most precious possession of any member of the ICNIRP cult.

As this Swiss petition indicates, Repacholi’s own early research found highly elevated cancer rates in rats that were exposed to low-level microwaves, it was close to a tripling. He then built a career out of pouring scorn on his own findings and explaining why they could be ignored. One of the main reasons is that he used genetically modified rats that were particularly susceptible to cancer. This was supposed to speed the research up. When the exposed rats indeed contracted cancer at significantly higher rates than unexposed rats, Repacholi said that this meant nothing, since the rats were prone to cancer anyway.

The advisability of creating laboratory rats that are prone to cancer may be debatable in the first place. But once you deliberately breed them and choose them as subjects in research, you cannot then turn around and say “Oh, this study is meaningless because of the GMO rats we used.” Unless you’re Australian, apparently, when such hypocrisy becomes the central pillar of a lifetime career in the radiation protection racket.

Going back to “mechanisms”, you’ll see that I put a mechanism to Rodney Croft that has been in the hard literature for over a decade, confirmed in every detail in hundreds of studies, which explains exactly how living human cells are flooded with free radicals after just two minutes of low-level mobile phone radiation. Researchers at the Weizmann Institute tracked a biochemical cascade all the way back to an individual enzyme that reacts to the radiation. You’ll see the details below. It’s as fully worked out as you could possibly hope a mechanism to be.

ICNIRP will still say, hand on heart, that there is absolutely no “consistent” evidence of “non-thermal” effects. Take a look at this Israeli research and see what great care they took to prove that this is NOT a thermal effect at all. The chronological consistency of the cellular reactions to radiation enabled the scientists to reverse-engineer the kinase cascade that gets triggered, in a truly brilliant piece of biochemical detective work.

This paper alone completely shatters ICNIRP’s stone tablet, the one that came down the mountain with Moses, proclaiming that “Non-Ionizing Radiation Cannot Have Biological Effects.” As you will see, you simply cannot get ICNIRP even to admit the existence of this biochemical research, let alone to comment on it.

ICNIRP is not an “independent” body at all. It is literally a cult, a central hub of the military-industrial-academic cabal. It is entirely self-appointed. Its domain is that of stealth warfare. Everything happens in the deepest shadows here.

Microwave News, the only reliable source of information in this dark jungle, calls this cabal the “microwave mafia”:


You will see that I very pointedly use the word “cabal” in my short conversation with Prof. Croft. I’m very glad I worked it into the narrative.

I leave it to the readers of Frank Report to decide, between Monsieur Fred and Professor Rodney Croft: who is trying to tell the public the truth here?

For nearly two decades now, I have been taunting the wireless industry on forums, while being savaged by hordes of trolls calling me a tinfoil-hat whack job. I say to them – any one of you can be an instant hero to all your industry pals, and especially to your industry bosses. Just find ONE base station study that doesn’t report health problems. I’ve been looking for years, I can’t find a single one. Prove me wrong. Just show me the study.

With all of their resources, with all of their personnel, with all their bandwidth, none of them ever succeeded in answering my challenge. I did finally track down one negative study for them. I can now say that 97% of scientific studies on cellphone towers to date (May 2020) show a clear pattern of health risks. That is the full fact.

There have been many, many other challenges to ICNIRP over the years, more than I can possibly mention. Most signally, however, Microwave News itself recently finally lost patience and issued a headline reading:

The Lies Must Stop
Disband ICNIRP
“Facts Matter, Now More Than Ever”


I’m going to mention just one other such challenge, a comprehensive account of the conflicts of interest surrounding practically every member of ICNIRP, compiled by a Spanish organization in 2015:


You’ll find an early mention of Prof. Rodney Croft’s industry connections there.

Now, you’ll see that Rodney Croft refers me to the new ICNIRP guidelines, which he says deal with all these matters in “some depth”.

ICNIRP’s Draft 2019 Guidelines on 5G is a Sham and Does Not …

This ICNIRP document dismisses the whole issue of base stations literally in one sentence, here it is:

“In studies on transmitters, no consistent associations between exposure and symptoms or well-being have been observed when objective measurements of exposure were made or when exposure information was collected prospectively.”

There’s a WHO-sponsored review of cell phone tower research by a Swiss stooge named Martin Röösli that summarily dismisses all the actual studies of health around base stations, because of exactly one investigation that asked respondents to self-estimate the distance of their house from a tower. This was held to be unreliable.

Martin Roosli, propagandist for the wireless industry?

On the basis of this single issue with a single study, ALL the tower studies are deemed “unobjective”, even though many of them not only measure the exact distances from base stations, but measure the exact electromagnetic exposures of the subjects.

However, you’ll see that ICNIRP loves and adores “prospective” studies. These are more accurately called “provocation” studies, where they trap you in a Faraday cage with a nasty-looking antenna and you have to guess whether it’s turned on or not. These provocation experiments are invariably carried out by psychologists like Rodney Croft.

One of the most infamous of these provocation studies was that carried out by the psychologist Elaine Fox of Essex University. You can hear an analysis of this truly evil research from Brian Stein, a prominent British businessman who was an enthusiastic early adopter of mobile phones, until he started suffering excruciating headaches whenever he tried to use them:

At around 9:37 in this video, he reveals the actual question these Essex researchers were investigating:

“How do we find a better way to rubbish these people who claim to be electrically sensitive?”

Just listen to his account of how he suffered massive internal bleeding, for ten days, as a result of just one 30-minute “provocation” radiation session; and how, when he then dropped out of the study, all of his carefully noted symptoms were rejected, because he had failed to complete the full radiation course.

In another video, he described how he was diagnosed several years later with colon cancer; and how oncologists could pinpoint the initiation of this slow-growing tumor to the date of this “psychology” experiment in which he was irradiated.

Participants in this study had to fill out a questionnaire that was all about their mental state and attitudes. If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. If you decide that “electrosensitivity” is a psychological issue and hire psychologists to investigate it, then psychological issues are what you will find. If you give your subjects cancer during the process, well, first, it’s just “not possible”, to quote Elaine Fox, talking about the internal bleeding; and second, those pesky individuals eliminated themselves from the study anyway, so who cares about them.

Go back and look at that sentence from ICNIRP, it’s a masterpiece. No “consistent” associations are found when you use “objective” measurements of exposure from towers. In other words: only laboratory investigations under controlled conditions done by psychologists are considered proper transmitter studies. Real-life studies around real-life towers are all excluded.

Go and look at the 32 studies out of 33 around real base stations that reported symptoms. Go and look how amazingly consistent those symptoms are. We are talking about scientific unanimity here. Yet in the face of this fleet of studies, Admiral Rodney Croft raises his telescope to his blind eye and proudly proclaims: “I see no ships!”

Monty Python fans will all be familiar with the “boss fella himself” of the Philosophy Department of the University of Wollamaloo, by name of Bruce:

Rodney Croft, boss fella at the Psychology Department of Wollongong, is no less of a caricature. Observe how this stooge is selected as the lone “expert” for the fact checkers to rely on, when he’s deeply implicated in setting the very regulations he’s now “impartially” judging. You take a look at this whole peer review exercise with Full Fact and tell me that these “fact checking” organizations are not just slick propaganda fronts for industry and the establishment.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve proved here that the entire media establishment is rotten with corruption when it comes to the wireless industry, rotten beyond belief.

Journalists are getting sacked in the UK by the boatload. To have a cushy job at a “reputable” charity like Full Fact must be a godsend to those who work there. No one dares rock the boat. All will cower and hide and lie and deny, so long as the public is not told the truth about these towers sprouting all over their landscape: that these base stations are known risks to health.

Telling the public the full facts would simply never do; and trust the British to hold the line. When it comes to genocide, no one does it better.

I hereby put the intrepid fact checkers of Full Fact on notice. You have been proven to be engaging in crimes against humanity, in covering up the inconvenient truth about mobile phone towers. This is corporate genocide. You would far rather be complicit in the illness and death of hundreds of millions of people, than, heaven forfend, look for one moment at the scientific research in this field.

So to Ben Weich, the journalist who was assigned my case: thanks for your time, Ben, and be sure to keep a note of who at Full Fact told you when to say what. Because these people are criminals, and you are now complicit in their lies and crimes. Keep the evidence and you may have a bargaining card, when crunch time for the media comes.

In my book, the very worst and most complicit members of the microwave mafia are actually the media manipulators. There’s a very special place in hell for them. I can’t do better than quote Kurt Vonnegut, talking about the PR people for the nuclear industry:

“And, among all the dumb and vicious people, who jeopardizes all life on earth with hearts so light? I suggest to you that it is those who will lie for the nuclear industries, or who will teach their executives how to lie convincingly — for a fee. I speak of certain lawyers and communicators, and all public relations experts. The so-called profession of public relations, an American invention, stands entirely disgraced today.

“The lies we have been fed about nuclear energy have been as cunningly handcrafted as the masterpieces of Benvenuto Cellini. They have been a damned sight better built, I must say, than the atomic energy plants themselves.

“I say to you that the makers of such lies are filthy little monkeys. I hate them. They may think they are cute. They are not cute. They stink. If we let them, they will kill everything on this lovely blue-green planet with their rebuttals to what we say here today—with their vicious, stupid lies.”


I put it to you that the filthy little monkeys of the nuclear industry are but infants in the propagation of lies, compared with the media spinners of the wireless industry. When I have time, I’ll start pointing out some other truly egregious errors Full Fact makes, when they act as instant experts in radiation health. For now, the prosecution rests.

~> snip


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