Big Island of Hawaii Bans 5G – Within Days, a Major Hurricane is “Coincidentally” Heading Their Way

Well, well, well.  What an interesting turn of events.  On July 23 (three days ago), I received confirmation that the Big Island of Hawaii had successfully stopped the 5G rollout through a resolution passed by the County Council (details are below).

Three days later, Hawaii is in danger of getting slammed by a major hurricane.  Is this just a coincidence?  I absolutely do not think so.


HEADS UP Hawaii! Key Messages for Hurricane Douglas, from National Hurricane Center Advisory 22 as of 11:00 AM HST Sat. 7/25/2020

Now, as we watch this storm over the next few hours and days, let us take note if we see that it takes a sudden 90 degree turn and somehow gets steered right into the Big Island.  If so, we can be sure that someone with their fingers on the pulse is extremely pissed off about them halting 5G.

Also of major curiosity is the following message that was forwarded to me by a friend — originally sent by Debra Greene at


It’s official! Resolution 678-20 to Stop 5G Passed! Almost unanimously (8-1)!!!

We did it! Thank You to all who sent emails, made phone calls and testified in-person!

Success!!! Yay us!!!

In a meeting that lasted nearly six hours, approximately 40 people waited in line to testify one-by-one in separate rooms in Hilo and Kona set-up due to COVID.

Determined to have their voices heard, testifiers persevered as there is no option to testify online from home in Hawaii County, despite the recent closure of rural testimony locations.

Written testimony in support was overwhelming. According to the County Clerk’s Office 650 written testimonies were submitted, almost all of which were in support of the Resolution.

Please say a Thank You to Hawaii Island County Council for doing the right thing!

Email your words of gratitude to:

And can express your concerns to Kohala’s Tim Richards, the only Council Member who voted against the Resolution:

The Resolution document itself is attached to this email.

Here’s a link to the livestream video recording which will be posted on Friday:

Please note, that in Deb’s message, she neglects to mention that Tim Richards voted against the resolution BECAUSE HE DID NOT THINK IT WENT FAR ENOUGH.  Instead, he suggested that ALL wireless infrastructure should be scrapped and the state should invest in a safe, fiber optic network.  According to “5G Crisis” ……


County Council Passes Resolution to Stop 5G

Dear Friend,

Despite telecom industry pushback, including a formal submission by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), the Hawaii County Council, which represents the entire Big Island of Hawaii and over 200,000 residents, overwhelmingly passed a resolution calling for wireless companies to halt 5G deployments due to health and environmental risks.

Only one council member, Tim Richards, voted against the resolution, saying that it didn’t go far enough and that the County should investigate scrapping all cellular infrastructure on the island and invest in a safe fiber optic network instead.

The resolution that was passed is based on our sample 5G resolution which you can access via the 5G Action Toolkit here.

Congratulations to the 5G action group in Hawaii for facilitating this great win and the hundreds of residents who submitted testimony in support of the resolution. (Click the yellow folders titled “July 7, 2020 Public Testimony” here to review some of the testimonials submitted.)

Now I wonder why Deb Greene would not only neglect to mention this, but make it sound like Tim Richards was antagonistic to stopping 5G.

Something is rotten about all of this. But the good news is – there will be no 5G on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I ask that everyone keep the Big Island (and all of Hawaii) in our prayers with the intention to ward off the dark forces intention to inflict harm on the area.  Let us send love to the storm to quite the upset.  The storm is no doubt being agitated by microwave and HAARP technologies and steered with their geoengineering technologies, all of which should be permanently banned from the Earth, along with the creatures that created it.

3 thoughts on “Big Island of Hawaii Bans 5G – Within Days, a Major Hurricane is “Coincidentally” Heading Their Way”

  1. Yes, indeed. This is like Hurricane Erin that was parked outside NYC on 9/11, providing the force field for the Directed Energy Weapon that was used to disappear 7 huge buildings and their contents, turned to dust and blew away in a few hours.

    The Powers that Be have horrible new weapons, Directed Energy Weapons, and their big screen TVs offered ‘for free’ so we can have them pipe their propaganda into our brains 24/7 is not a good deal. Take the damned TVs out to the curb and smash them so they can’t hurt anybody else.

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