Our Children Are Now In Grave Danger – by Claire Edwards

Our children are now in grave danger


Claire Edwards,[1] 3 October 2020


This is a response to the request for information from a parent near Leicester, UK, about a high-pitched noise[2] perceived by his child and classmates and his suspicion that it may be connected to 5G. Below I present evidence not only that his suspicion may be well-founded, but also that his child – and all other children in the UK and elsewhere – may be facing multiple threats in 2020 that go well beyond the danger from 5G.


Accelerated installation of 5G during lockdowns


The “Covid” lockdown measures across the world included prioritizing the accelerated installation of 5G on the spurious grounds that it would be needed by emergency services. This led to the “mysterious” deaths of ambulance workers[3] and birds,[4],[5] which cease to be mysterious when one is aware of the extreme dangers of WiFi,[6] hotspots/public access points,[7] 5G[8] and WiGig at 60 GHz,[9] which prevents the uptake of oxygen by haemoglobin.[10],[11]

The widespread installation of 5G antennas and 60 GHz WiGig – both of which use highly dangerous beamforming antennas that concentrate the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) – endangers adults, and especially children, whose bodies and brains contain more water than those of adults and who have developing brains.


Ongoing international campaigns against WiFi in schools


There are ongoing vigorous campaigns against the use of WiFi in schools around the world.[12] Weapons expert Barrie Trower, who campaigns tirelessly on behalf of children, states that exposing children to WiFi will produce sterility within five generations.[13] Professor Emeritus Martin Pall states that this would be achieved a great deal faster with 5G.[14]




Tinnitus or whistling in the ears is one of the well-known symptoms of exposure to EMR. Below is a list of symptoms recorded by Dr. Yael Stein,[15] who specializes in research into so-called electrohypersensitivity, which results from exposure to the environmental toxin that is EMR.

Let us compare the symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiation and the symptoms of the alleged “Covid”.[16]


Symptoms of exposure to

electromagnetic radiation

Correlation with symptoms of “Covid”?

From Stein (see above)

From Investigative Report on the COVID-19 Pandemic and its Relationship to SARS-COV-2 and Other Factors[17]
Headache/migraine Yes – persistent; intolerable; intense; severe; sudden; like a needle
“Brain fog” Yes – confusion
Sleep difficulties Yes – insomnia
Fatigue/weakness Yes – severe; generalized tiredness
Dizziness Yes
Nausea Yes
Absence-like “blackouts” Yes – minor cognitive disorders: sudden dizziness, momentary inconsistent/delusional behaviour or speech; delirium and/or loss of consciousness or convulsions; ramblings
Earache / tinnitus
Muscle tingling / twitching
Abdominal cramps Yes – cramps in the body, legs
Heightened sensitivity to noise/light Yes – loss of vision
Changes in electrical conductance
Other neurologic symptoms
Other short-term symptoms  
Palpitations Yes – cardiac arrhythmia
“Chest tightness” Yes – feeling of suffocation
Shortness of breath Yes – difficulty breathing
Joint/tendon/muscle pain Yes – aches and muscle pains
Skin sensations / rash Yes – skin lesions on fingers of hands or feet (appearance of pseudo-frostbite of the extremities); sudden appearance of persistent and sometimes painful rashes, and transient urticaria lesions
Intermittent sensation of “internal burning” Yes – sensation of tingling and then intense burning in the lungs
From Investigative Report on the COVID-19 Pandemic and its Relationship to SARS-COV-2 and Other Factors:16 Diseases Related to Electromagnetic Fields (US Navy Research)[18]
Altered sensitivity to light, sound, and olfactory stimuli Yes – loss of appetite, smell (anosmia), taste (agueusia), vision
Constipation Yes – digestive symptoms (odd stools)
Dehydration Yes – persistent feeling of thirst
Heating of Organs
This includes heating of the whole body or part of the body like the skin, bone and bone marrow, lens of the eye with cataracts and damage to the cornea; genitalia causing tubular degeneration of testicles; brains and sinuses; metal implants causing burns near hip pins etc.
Yes – multiple organ failure; brain damage; eyes that “burn”; stinging around one or both eyes; feeling of heat without fever; fever above 38.1° (in 90% of cases); intense burning sensations in the forehead, thorax, shoulders, chest, hands; heating of the head without fever; strong burning in the throat
Metallic taste in mouth Yes – taste changed in the mouth
Thrombosis and hypertension Yes – thrombosis; generalized venous thromboembolism (especially pulmonary)
Tremors Yes
Cytokine shock – overreaction of the immune system, which attacks healthy cells
Diarrhoea combined with a sharp chemical odour, linked with vomiting
Dry cough (produces a sharp, metallic sound)
Possible conjunctivitis
Severe acute respiratory distress
Sore, itchy throat
Spikes of pain in the body without aches
Thick white or green mucus
Very long chills (lasting for more than an hour)


Dr. Karl Hecht states that the response to exposure to electromagnetic radiation is individual- rather than stimulus-specific.1 In other words, the response varies from person to person.

A well-known aspect of exposure to EMR is clumping of the blood cells (Rouleaux Effect). Dr. Rob Brown talks about “’Covid-19′ blood clots and their possible exacerbation from wireless and EMFs: “Evidence that EMF [electromagnetic fields] can cause a reaction in endothelial cells, increasing the risk for blood clot formation, was first described in 2004.”[19]

When the blood cells are clumped together, their ability to pick up nutrients such as oxygen is impaired, and their ability to expel waste products such as CO2 is impaired. Inability of the blood cells to oxygenate could lead to hypoxia, another symptom of “Covid-19”.


Normal blood cells, before exposure to wireless EMR


After 10 min. exposure to Wi-Fi, blood cells clump (Rouleaux Effect)


Mask-wearing exacerbates the danger


Given that WiGig gives rise to hypoxia, in combination with mask-wearing the risk is considerably heightened. No risk assessment has been carried out in the UK on mask-wearing, yet face masks pose serious risks, including hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and hypercapnia (carbon dioxide accumulation), as well as serious life-threatening complications. Wearing a mask prevents the escape of viruses (these may actually be exosomes),[20] which concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.[21]


Action of vitamin D and glutathione


Vitamin D has an anticoagulant effect, and low vitamin D levels have been shown to increase the chance of blood clots.[22] Patients with low levels of vitamin D are twice as likely to experience major complications from “Covid-19”.[23] Belpomme and others reported in 2015 that vitamin D deficiency can result from inflammation caused by chronic wireless radiation exposure.[24] Wireless radiation also lowers Vitamin-D receptor (VDR) activity by changing the shape of the VDR, thus impairing VDR activity and its ability to bind with vitamin D, and this interference peaks at 6GHz.[25]

Low levels of glutathione also reduce endogenous vitamin D production in the body.[26] A doctor successfully treated two seriously ill “Covid-19” patients with glutathione and was able to prevent   complications of  “cytokine storm” and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) from developing.[27] Chronic exposure to wireless radiation also reduces glutathione levels.[28]


Our children are targeted by multiple threats


Parents may wish to consider whether they want to risk sending their children to schools that expose them to the extreme dangers of WiFi, hotspots/public access points, 5G and WiGig at 60 GHz,[29] a risk that is greatly heightened if children are required to wear masks.

Given the close correlation between the symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiation and those of the alleged “Covid”, which may result in a false diagnosis, especially when the PCR test was never designed as a diagnostic tool[30] and is notoriously unreliable,[31] producing up to 90% false positive results,[32] including diagnosing a goat and a pawpaw as positive for “Covid”,[33] everyone – and especially children in schools – is at risk from being diagnosed with “Covid” when in fact they are being irradiated. Therefore no measures will be taken to protect them from further EMR exposure and the wrong treatments may kill them, as happened with the use of ventilators in New York.[34]

The top official dealing with “Covid” in Russia described the whole “Covid” pandemic as “bullshit” on 29 May 2020.[35] When we find out that the head of the World Health Organization is a member of a terrorist organization, is accused of presiding over a genocide in his home country of Ethiopia, and has close ties to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which provides most of the funding for WHO, all becomes clear.[36]

Pandemics are based on deaths and not on cases of people who test positive, especially when virtually all of them appear to be asymptomatic. The 2020 death rates in the US and UK are actually lower than those of 2019,[37],[38] proving that the illusion of a pandemic is being manufactured and propped up by mass testing that proves nothing, but provides illusory “cases”, which are not grounds for declaring a pandemic. The BBC ramped up the fear level in the UK on 30 September 2020 by dramatically announcing that deaths worldwide from “Covid” had reached 1 million, but this number is a fraction of the 2017 deaths from cardiovascular diseases (17.79 million) and from cancers (9.56 million).[39]

The fake and inflated “cases” are being used to install totalitarianism and technocracy by stealth,[40] prolong the lockdowns, maintain the restrictions, decimate economies[41] and promote fear to force the maximum number of people to accept the coming ”vaccine”,[42] which is already being made mandatory in Western Australia.[43]

However, children are not just at risk in terms of health. They are in danger of being torn from their families and disappeared. Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, on 30 March 2020 advised that family members should be forcibly removed from their homes.[44]

Accordingly, governments have put in place arrangements to remove children from their families. Job offers have been published in Germany for people to work in quarantine camps with children with “Covid”.[45] And the German newspaper Die Welt, on 6 August 2020, stated that children aged 3-11 testing positive must be kept confined, alone and separated from all others in the family and that if these measures are not respected, the children will be removed by force and taken to quarantine camps.[46]

UK Column News has reported on the power conferred by the Coronavirus Act 2020 to remove children without the consent of the parents.[47] South Australia has passed even more draconian provisions.[48] The most fascist measures come from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who has told the public that they will never leave a quarantine facility if they refuse to be tested.[49]

Pity the poor parents! If I were a parent of a school-age child in 2020, I would never let him or her out of my sight.

Suggested actions


Parents should educate themselves and their children on the dangers of exposure to EMR. The non-profit Wireless Education, established by Cece Doucette, who helped the first public school district in the United States adopt Best Practices for Mobile Devices, offers a range of online educational short courses on protecting oneself and others from EMR.[50]

Children should NEVER be allowed to touch a mobile phone and these should be cabled directly to an Internet router and never used wirelessly. All WiFi should be turned off at home and all computer equipment and tablets should also be cabled directly to the Internet router. Any reputable computer shop will be able to advise on the requisite cables. NO computer equipment, mobile phones, wearables or other electrical equipment should EVER be present in the bedroom during sleep.

Parents should instruct school principals to call in a building biologist to measure exposure to EMR at their child’s school and advise on halting it. The Building Biology Association in the UK can be contacted to advise on the local availability of a building biologist with the requisite training and measuring equipment.[51] Contact details for international building biology institutions are available from the Institute of Building Biology and Sustainability based in Germany.[52]

All parents should equip themselves with an appropriate meter to measure electromagnetic fields. Several models are available in Britain from the EMF Protection website. [Declaration: the author has no affiliation with this website]. The simplest meter, in my view, is the Acousticom. However, those interested in equipping themselves with a meter should be aware that usually they measure only up to 8 or 13 GHz and current exposures may considerably exceed these levels and therefore be unmeasurable by the layperson. Even health authorities are unlikely to possess equipment to measure current levels, which in itself demonstrates the criminal corporate free-for-all that is now putting the public at major risk.

The French Army Reserve Officers’ Investigative Report on the COVID-19 Pandemic and its Relationship to SARS-COV-2 and Other Factors contains an annex  on the international law on civil and political rights, the rights of children, corruption, crimes against humanity, genocide, human rights, torture and space (see annex 12). From this it may be established that the emergency measures on the alleged “Covid” pandemic, the installation of 5G, including putting upwards of 100,000 5G satellites in space, and the proposed “Covid” vaccine, as well as its imposition by fiat, are in contravention of international law and therefore crimes against humanity.16

Since governments and supranational institutions worldwide – all of which are corporations working against the interests of the public who fund them[53] – are engaged in these crimes against humanity, it may be established that we are in a situation of collapse of the rule of law. Parents may therefore wish to avail themselves of one possible remedy, which is to hold governments, parliamentarians and international civil servants to account by sending them a Notice of Liability.[54] The InPower Movement offers NoLs in various languages.[55]

Parents in the UK may wish to write to their member of parliament to ask if they attended the vote on the renewal of the UK Coronavirus Act 2020 on 30 September 2020, the provisions of which effectively turn the UK into a totalitarian state. Half of the members of the House of Commons failed to represent their constituents by not attending at all, as reported by UK Column News.[56]

Our children are now at grave risk and it is incumbent on all of us to take action to protect them. They are our beautiful and miraculous progeny and if we allow them to be manipulated, mind-controlled, injured or killed, the human race will have no future.






[1] Claire Edwards, BA Hons, MA, is a former United Nations editor and trainer, co-author and editor of the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space (warning: hijacked – do not sign!) and translator of the Investigative Report on the COVID-19 Pandemic and its Relationship to SARS-COV-2 and Other Factors. Her work at the UN included editing documents on international law relating to corruption, crime and space, among others.

[2] Health implications of long-term exposure to electrosmog. Karl Hecht, M.D. Available at https://kompetenzinitiative.com/english-brochures/. Accessed 2 October 2020. Note: Hecht states that “EMF effects ‘require time’ to cause verifiable adverse effects in humans … at least three to five years.” However, this paper was originally published in 2012, which means that the scientific findings cited do not take into account the later generations of wireless technology: 4G, introduced in 2011, and the later souped-up version of 4G called 4G LTE; and 5G, introduced in 2019, all of which are likely to provoke adverse effects much sooner.

Ringing ears (tinnitus) short-term effects at 200 -3000 MHz, power density 0.4 mW/cm2. It was observed that for each brain structure specific parameters of the EMF exposure, which are necessary to produce an effect, can be found. It was also demonstrated that, at exposure levels of 100 mW/cm2 at 380-500 MHz, subjects developed ringing in the ears, pulsing in the head, and aggressiveness toward the investigator.

Special tests revealed that humans could hear different sounds at an EMF modulation: whistling, snapping, rattling, buzzing. These sounds disappeared when temple area was shielded. It was revealed that the frequency range of 200-3000 MHz and the power density of 0.4 mW/cm2 were effective in humans.

In addition, it should be noted here: microwave hearing has also been described in the scientific EMF literature of the U.S. [see Brodeur 1977].

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Footnote 2: Birds also sense high frequency transmitters very clearly and belong to the group of animal species that reacts very sensitively to electromagnetic fields. They absorb the impinging energy particularly intensively via the feathers of their wings…. birds’ feathers are semi-conducting and have piezo- and pyroelectrical properties.

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4 thoughts on “Our Children Are Now In Grave Danger – by Claire Edwards”

  1. GEO-ENGINEERING CHEMTRAILS. A massive increase in toxins dumped on us from government planes has been ongoing since March this year across the world. And the deaths from chemtrails are being blamed on a ”covid virus” Do you have any information on that on this website ?

    1. No. Chemtrails have been happening for decades. And yes, they are a problem but this site does not cover the chemtrail issue.

  2. Hi,
    I am with you 100% on the effects of RF, however I am still trying to find out references to studies showing that Oxygen exposed to 60 GHz radiation does not bind (or has difficulties to bind) to haemoglobin.
    All reports I have seen refer to the absorption of 60GHz RF by oxygen in the air, but from this it does not necessarily follow that the ability of oxygen to bind to haemoglobin is impaired.
    References 10, 11 that you quote only refer to the oxygen absorption which has been well known for ages. (unless of course I have missed some links).
    It may well be so, but who has studied this?
    I am asking only two questions: does the excited state reach the lungs, and what properties of the excited state would prevent the binding.
    Any studies on this?
    Thank you

    1. Richard – you will need to pose this question to Claire Edwards, who is the author of the article. I will forward her your question and your email address and hope that she responds to you.

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