Got Respiratory Problems? Military Study Finds Rats Exposed to Microwave Radiation Similar to Cell Phone Frequencies Die of Asphyxiation and Severe Lung Damage

Do you or anyone you know suffer from respiratory or breathing issues? Please be advised that the United States government has known for almost 50 years that the very same frequency currently being used in cell phones, wifi routers, cordless phones, baby monitors, smart meters, bluetooth devices, smart TVs, and more, causes death from asphyxiation in rats, along with a host of other very serious health conditions.  It is time to get rid of the wireless devices if you want your family members to survive.


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P. Poison, et al., Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park, CA, 1974.  Study prepared for U.S. ARMY MOBILITY EQUIPMENT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060, Contract DAAK02-73-C-0453



With two exceptions, clinical symptoms at the end of exposure and during the subsequent hour were similar to those described above for the 0.95 GHz frequency, including convulsions and nasal discharge.

The first exception was that the technician grasping the rat’s tail to remove it from the exposure box reported that the tail surface felt soft in many of the animals exposed at 2.45 GHz, an observation not noted for the 0.95 GHz animals.

In addition, some of the survivors showed dark discolorations of the tail at the grasping site on the next day. These subjective observations are consistent with those of other investigators that, during the second week following exposure, the tails of surviving rats subjected to 3.0 GHz irradiation frequently underwent spontaneous amputation at about the point where they had been grasped.

The second exception is that at 2.45 GHz, reddening of the ears, nose, and forepaws, swollen muzzles, and frank burns in the area of the ears and in narrow bands on the tail were apparent in some survivors the day after exposure. The swollen muzzles were also seen by the WRAIR group.  The localized tail burns may have been related to the coiling of the tails as the animals were inserted in the exposure boxes, with consequent inhomogeneity of exposure of the tail to the microwave beam.

In addition to the externally apparent symptoms, froth in the trachea and frank hemorrhage in the lung were apparent at gross necropsy in decedents. These findings were confirmed by histologic evaluation, with congestion and edema also apparent at the microscopic level. Survivors sacrificed after the three-day observation period also showed histologic evidence of lung damage in terms of congestion, hemorrhage, and edema, but no gross damage was apparent. Thus, mortality at this frequency appears to be associated with asphyxia consequent to damage to the lung.

This radiation also negatively affects mitochondria. Mitochondria are responsible for supplying the energy needed for healthy cellular functioning. Mitochondria within our cells account for the majority of oxygen consumption in the cell. Radiation exposure leads to mitochondrial dysfunction, which leads to lowered oxygen consumption in the cell, causing biological distress on many levels.

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