Walgreens Partners with Verizon to Install 5G in 9000+ U.S. Stores

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By B.N. Frank

It’s bad enough that Walgreens announced they would be installing creepy facial recognition tech in their stores last year in order to market more products to customers.

Now – despite increasing American 5G opposition and health risks from exposure – the company is partnering with Verizon to install it in thousands of their stores!  Bat-shit Crazy!

From Fox Business News:

COVID inspires Verizon to ‘unlock’ 5G in Walgreens stores across US to enhance health care tech

Verizon Business and Walgreens Boots Alliance announced a multi-year strategic partnership to enhance the customer experience in more than 9,000 Walgreens and Duane Reade locations across the US

Verizon Business and Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) announced a multi-year strategic partnership enhancing health care services in a new way by leveraging 5G technology as businesses prepare for life after the coronavirus pandemic.

The two teaming up with offer Network as a Service (NaaS) to enhance the customer experience at the more than 9,000 Walgreens and Duane Reade locations across the country.

“We’re super excited about this because this allows us to really lean into some of the new 5G applications and capabilities that we know we can unlock for clients like Walgreens and I love that they’re leading in and making health care easier for all of us,” Tami Erwin, Verizon Business Executive Vice President and CEO, told “Mornings with Maria.”

Walgreens is “leading the world to how do we disrupt health care as we think about a post-COVID environment and we are delighted to be their partner of choice, not only be a network as a service, but manage service with security and with the power and capability of 5G,” Erwin told host Maria Bartiromo.

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5G is so controversial that it’s become the subject of several “Dilbert” cartoons.  Since 2017, doctors and scientists have asked for moratoriums on Earth and in space due to health and environmental risks (see 12).  Since 2018 there have been reports of people and animals experiencing symptoms and illnesses after 5G was installed (see 1234).  In 2019, telecom executives gave U.S. congressional testimony that they had NO independent scientific evidence that 5G is safe.  Research has determined that it’s not.

High-speed internet is achievable, safer and more secure with a wired internet connection (see 12).  American 5G opposition is increasing for a variety of reasons in addition to health and environmental risks (see 123456, 7).  Federal agencies and credible experts have warned that it threatens aviation safety, jobs, national security, public safety, and weather forecasting accuracy (see 123).  Recently, the Government Accountability Office identified daunting challenges with 5G deployment as well.

American municipalities have filed 5G lawsuits against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) because of unwanted deployment.  They have passed resolutions to ban deployment until studies prove it’s safe (see 1234, 56) and ordinances to limit and/or control installation.  State representatives in Hawaii and Illinois have also introduced 5G bills to protect constituents.  Cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit installation AS WELL AS issue moratoriums on deployment.

The majority of scientists worldwide oppose 5G deployment.  Of course exposure risks ARE NOT exclusive to 5G.  Last year The World Health Organization warned that high levels of Electromagnetic Fields (aka “Electrosmog”) could cause health issues in a significant percentage of the population.

But whatever, Walgreens.  You may find that exposing your customers and employees to 5G may be really bad for your bottom line and your reputation.  When your employees start getting sick – they may hold you liable.  Customers can also get their prescriptions and other items from other stores.

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2 thoughts on “Walgreens Partners with Verizon to Install 5G in 9000+ U.S. Stores”

  1. Just reading the phrase “Walgreens Boots Alliance” makes me think of, yes, you guessed it, Nazi Germany. Let us not create that future. Defend human sovereignty and freedom. Refuse to wear a Satanic ritual/conversion self-suffocating muzzle of shame. Stand up. Speak out. Your beautiful life is worth your efforts as a truth seeker in this horrific spiritual war! I’m doing what I can, too!

    1. To be clear Sharine – the so-called jewish holocaust is a myth brought forward through a pack of lies. I will not allow lies to be promoted on my site. And I cannot see any connection between Hitler’s Germany and what is happening in the US today. Hitler did everything he could to protect and uplift his people. The American government is seeking to destroy its people. They are polar opposites.

      As regards the muzzle – I agree. It is 100% satanic and people are participating in a huge satanic ritual by wearing a mask. In fact, most of what people are doing in our world is satanic, and that includes using wireless devices.

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