India 5G Towers Kill 32 Villagers in 20 Days!

There are two short videos below and they need to be seen by many people. Please share. The evil ones are killing people with impunity now.  We have to make this stop.


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This is a village in Jaffrabad district of India where 5G towers were recently installed (around april, 2021). Within 20 days of installing the towers, 32 villagers died! Their deaths were quick and unpredictable without prior illness. Most who died were between 40-50 years old as told by the villagers. The wife of one interviewee died without prior signs in one night. They demand these towers to be removed else they will burn them down. Thanks to the genuine reporter who arrived at the scene to report this unconventional story.

The 5G death towers are being installed all across India, including the rural villages. They are being used to kill villagers and then blame the deaths on corona. This will make villagers take vaccine, who would have otherwise never taken these poisons. Villagers invite telecommunication industries into their land thinking them as means of development, prosperity and change. But, they are soon realising the truth of these death towers, unfortunately the hard way.

Indian Villagers cut 5G tower lines due to many deaths

9 thoughts on “India 5G Towers Kill 32 Villagers in 20 Days!”

    1. Hi Dr. Judith – you are sure correct about 5G being a problem and that people are suffering from radiation poisoning/radiation sickness all over the world. However, 4G frequencies are responsible for making the majority of people sick at this point, and 5G could kill them almost instantly. And apparently it IS killing people instantly. Insane levels of murder happening all around the world.

      One more thing – this technology is not radioactive as it does not contain radioactive isotopes found in things like plutonium, strontium, etc. This radiation is different. It destroys cells. Causes the blood to clot and blood vessels to constrict. It is a frequency assault and a bit different from radioactive materials.

  1. Good to see the Indians have far more sense than we white fellas, who are lining up, like sheep at the slaughter house, for this poisonous vaccine which is now, and into the not too distant future, kill millions as Gates and his New world Order mates work to kill three to five billion citizens, according to their own publicly stated programs.

  2. Am from India and thank you very much for sharing this information, it is much appreciated.

    The protests are happening in small pockets and sometimes are not guided well-enough, when viewed proportionate to the Indian population and the number of illegal/unauthorised towers installed which is an ongoing process.
    It is a shame, that not enough of the so-called educated & professionals (who might be able drive change or create preliminary impact sooner) are rising up.

    The clever youth are slowly being hypnotized and even worse, are being used as labour force to create the infrastructure for the dystopian world of internet-of-things and internet-of-bodies.

    Rural India needs to be informed and provided the available solutions, so they can focus on that, to avoid being trapped in the “learned hopelessness” state of being the liars want everyone to settle into, while taking advantage of the slow govt. and judicial machinery.

    1. I hope people all around the world rise up against this evil machine and protect themselves and their family. The awakening is long overdue and serious danger lurks. Thanks for commenting Jaynil! My best wishes to India!

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