5G: Birds Dying and Going Blind in D.C. – “Experts are Puzzled” About the Cause

This is the kind of shit that makes my blood boil. The reason so many birds are dying — literally dropping out of the sky, some of them screaming and bleeding from their eyes — IS BECAUSE OF WIRELESS RADIATION. It is well known that 5G radiation can cause blindness (see also here). In fact, ALL levels of microwave radiation have the potential to cause blindness. Even OSHA has admitted this:

“At sufficiently high power densities, RF/MW energy can cause thermal effects that can cause blindness, and sterility.” Source

So why are these “experts” perplexed about what is causing this nightmare? IMO, Everyone of them should be lined up and at the very least, imprisoned for life, for lying through their teeth to cover-up the real cause of this planetary-wide, radiation-induced catastrophe. When is humanity going to get? When are people going to WAKE UP???


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An unusual number of birds are suddenly going blind and dying in the area around Washington DC, puzzling wildlife experts.

DC resident Alexandra Dimsdale found a young grackle stumbling around outside her home on Saturday.

After taking it to City Wildlife, a rehabilitation centre in the northwest part of the capital, she told The Washington Post that a member of staff said there was nothing they could do. She learned that the bird probably had some kind of neurological illness, causing it to go blind.

“We can’t do anything for it, but we can put it out of its misery,” was the staffer’s verdict according to Ms Dimsdale.

The worker also told her that they had seen other birds with similar afflictions. An unusual number of blind birds have been found dead or dying in the area around Washington DC recently. Wildlife experts don’t know what’s behind it.

The Animal Welfare League in Arlington, Virginia just outside of DC have released a public service announcement about the spike in calls they have been getting about injured and sick young birds, mostly concerning grackles and blue jays.

“Eye issues were reported in what otherwise looked like healthy juvenile birds, causing blindness and the birds to land and stay on the ground,” the Animal Welfare League said. “Animal Control is now seeing additional species of birds affected. Other agencies and localities across the region and state are reporting similar issues at this time.”

The League is working with a biologist from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources to perform tests on some of the dead birds, the announcement added.

It remains unclear whether what’s causing the deaths of the birds is contagious to, or caused by, humans.

A post on the site Nextdoor said: “Has anyone had a sudden increase of dead birds in their yard? We found one dying in our backyard a week ago, one dead in our front yard this week and our neighbours have also reported dead birds over the last week or so.”

Hundreds of comments were written on the post by people in the DC area.

“Just found a poor bird in front yard… Still alive, but not doing well. Head is extremely swollen and eyes are bulging. Possibly a young Mockingbird,” one comment said.

“A blue jay died in our yard a few weeks ago. It was acting strangely, like it couldn’t move its feet. It’s mate was trying to help — it was sad. My husband tried to pick it up with gloves, and it just suddenly died. We thought it had been poisoned because it had no wounds & seemed dazed and stiff,” another added.

Ms Dimsdale told The Post that the amount of dying birds has “surprised and alarmed” her.

“When something is happening on a large scale in nature, it’s frightening to think about,” she added. “I’m worried this is the canary in the coal mine.”

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources told the paper that the majority of the reports they have received about the issue have come from Arlington, but they have also received notices from Maryland and the city of Winchester in the Shenandoah Valley.

Megan Kirchgessner at the department told The Washington Post: “The volume of reports and clinical signs are not suggestive of something that we have seen routinely in this area, so we may be dealing with an emerging or novel issue.”


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13 thoughts on “5G: Birds Dying and Going Blind in D.C. – “Experts are Puzzled” About the Cause”

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    But who cares when you can sell catheters en mass?

          1. Ya, EFT, OEFT(emofree.com), Satori protocol.
            Chems: Andreas Kalcken protocol A.
            Tools to learn: emotional frequency scales
            because as U move up from apathy to higher awareness U will hit pain from under, as pain is a higher emotion than the apathy band emotions.
            That is a tricky one. It looks like a worsening but is the opposite.
            More in the mail.

  2. Is it true that 5G is radar and it has a range of 200 miles. I have searched the internet but haven’t been able to find anything.

    1. 5G has a very limited range unless it is combined with 4G frequencies. Millimeter waves do not travel very far and cannot get through buildings, etc., so 5G will hugely depend on a continuation of 4G microwave frequencies, on top of which they will add millimeter wave frequencies.

      I assume radar devices can use 5G but I have not studied this so can’t be sure.

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