Hundreds of Dead Birds Mysteriously Fall From Sky Outside Spanish Hospital

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The grounds of a hospital in Spain resembled something out of a horror film when hundreds of dead birds mysteriously rained down from the sky. The bizarre incident reportedly occurred at the Juan Cardona Hospital in the city of Ferrol last Friday. For reasons yet to be determined, approximately 200 starlings suddenly perished in mid-air and plummeted onto the pavement, parked cars, and stunned onlookers. A mystified witness to the nightmarish scene, some of which can be seen below, indicated that the birds “came out of the trees in the emergency area of the hospital,” briefly took to the sky, and then just as quickly fell to the ground.

An official with the city told a local media outlet that “The birds have been collected and we are now waiting to find out what happened,” but cautioned that “we are told it won’t be easy.” The mass death follows a similar case that took place in Spain back in February as well as a headline-making incident in Wales from 2019 wherein hundreds of starlings also died under the same mysterious circumstances. In that instance, it was ultimately determined that the creatures perished while attempting a tricky mid-air evasive maneuver, which may wind up being the explanation for the incident outside the hospital in Ferrol.

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