Mass Bird Deaths in the First Two Months of 2022 – Are Wireless Frequencies to Blame?

It’s a no-brainer folks.  Cell towers and wireless devices are murderous weapons that are destroying the lives of innocent beings.  It’s time to smash them to bits and shut down those towers in whatever way possible.  When do we say ENOUGH!!!!


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5th January 2022 – 1 MILLION birds dead due to avian flu in Netherlands. Link (note – for more than 100 years, the medical and scientific community have been covering up radiation deaths and illnesses by blaming them on a “flu” or “virus”.  Please see my book, “Are Wireless Devices Really Safe?” for more info about this.)

6th January 2022 – 1 MILLION chickens killed due to avian flu in Lincolnshire, England. Link

24th January 2022 – Hundreds of dead and dying sea birds wash ashore in California, America. Link

2nd February 2022 – 400,000 chickens killed ‘due to heatwave’ in Uraguay. Link (note:  “heatwave” = microwaves cooking our Earth!).

6th February 2022 – Hundreds of dead birds wash up on Solway Coast, Cumbria, England. Link

7th February 2022 – Hundreds of birds drop dead suddenly in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico. Link

7th February 2022 – 100+ birds drop dead from sky in St. Louis, Missouri, America. Link

10th February 2022 – 30,000 turkeys killed due to avian flu in Indiana, America. Link

11th February 2022 – Hundreds of birds drop dead after ‘electric bang’ in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Link

18th February 2022 – Dozens of birds drop dead from sky in Virginia, America. Link


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