Geiger Counter Detects Ionizing Radiation Near 5G Cell Tower

The so-called boundary or distinction between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation does not really exist. We are told there is a difference only so that the radiation industry can cover up the harm being caused by wireless and ultrasonic technologies.

We are currently being exposed to so-called “non-ionizing” radiation (such as that being emitted by cell phones, cell towers, wifi routers, etc.) 24/7 in our homes, workplaces, town squares, stores, parks, schools, hospitals, and basically everywhere we go. This chronic exposure is extremely harmful and without a doubt, it is MORE harmful than being exposed to a 30-second x-ray (supposedly considered extremely dangerous “ionizing” radiation).

The lies of the radiation industry need to be exposed. I have done my best to expose these lies in my book. Here are some quotes from the book…

The upper frequencies of non-ionizing radiation…are capable of non-thermal biological damage similar to ionizing radiation.

Five decades of studies confirm that non‑ionizing…radiation…has the same effect on human health as ionizing radiation from nuclear reactions… The damages are so similar that they are hard to differentiate.

The boundary between ionizing and non‑ionizing electromagnetic radiation…is not sharply defined.

There is no strict agreed upon cutoff value for energy that we can use to discriminate between ionizing and nonionizing radiation types.

The region at which radiation becomes considered as “ionizing” is not well defined.

Non-ionising radiation could still be ionising certain atoms. All atoms require different energies to ionise. Possibly, there exists some compound on our skin containing atoms which are relatively easily ionised, hence being ionised by conventionally non-ionising radiation. This may form free radicals which then travel into the cell causing DNA damage.


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Dr. José Luis Sevillano had already told us a few days ago in La Quinta Columna that a subscriber had shared with him a video with evidence that the 5G antennas are radiating ionizing waves.
This individual made the measurements with a Geiger counter, which goes crazy at certain times of the day and being close to the famous antennas that didn’t stop being installed around the world while the plandemic progressed.
The COVID-19 environmental theory established by Bartomeu Payeras and spread endlessly by La Quinta Columna is gaining more strength with each passing day, as more people are becoming aware of the dangers they bring to health, and the environment in which life flourishes. And now that there’s evidence that the waves they emit are ionizing, there is no doubt that what is known worldwide as COVID-19 is the result of exposure to radiation that should only be measurable in nuclear plants or X-ray rooms.
If you have the means, it’s a good idea to get one of these counters to start recording evidence that we are being irradiated. Geiger counters are analog and are very accurate in the measurements they make of electromagnetic pulses.
In the following excerpt from the 105th program of La Quinta Columna that Orwell City has translated into English for its followers, Ricardo Delgado and Dr. Sevillano comment and analyze the video that has reached them.


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Ricardo Delgado: Let’s watch a video because it’s possible that the non-ionizing radiation is being transformed, in principle from telephony, into something very close to ionizing radiation. Placing it already on the THz scale. Since we saw that (graphene) has that capacity based on several scientific articles that we have seen.

Then a friend of ours, a La Quinta Columna subscriber, as you know, has a Geiger counter. One of those from World War II. And we’ve been looking at some for sale, to see if we can acquire one too. And our friend has got numbers.

Obviously, these devices would have to sound near a nuclear power plant. Here, in Spain, there would be nowhere else where this device would detect radiation. However, our friend has detected the following. Let’s watch the video now.

Man: Measurement. Well, here I am measuring. It’s already 8:30 in the morning. I’m sorry, it’s 7:45 in the morning. It’s 7:45 in the morning. 7:43. The sun is coming up. The sun is shining. And the radiation is up again compared to the last measurement I made at 6:45.

Hello, good morning. Well, it’s a little after 13:00, and as you see, as you can see right now, the Geiger counter isn’t moving. It’s running, and you can barely feel it detecting the occasional very small pulse. Let’s see. The needle seems to move a little bit. This means that there’s irradiation. And it’s midday.

So this video, this evidence, is important because it seems that there is a ‘will’ that is not environmental. But there is a will to activate or deactivate ionizing radiation. Therefore, there may be control behind all this. I tell you, we’re at noon, it is hot. We’re still with the blissful haze, this one that they have thrown over us (chemtrail), but the device does not detect radiation.

Ricardo Delgado: Well, for the person who asked in the chat what’s the limit of ionizing electromagnetic radiation ―which this device detects―: none. There shouldn’t be any. OK?

Man: I thought it’d be interesting to stay here for a while. As you can see, there we have the antenna. That’s the antenna that gives us so much trouble around here in this area. And it’s faithfully reflected along with the operation of the Geiger counter.

And the Geiger counter is detecting radiation again. It’s doing it at a much lower level than it was this morning. But, well… This may help us recognize, a little bit, the pattern and think about the hypothesis of the origin.

Ricardo Delgado: What can we say about that, José Luis? That device should… In the only case, it should mark, as I said before, is near a nuclear power plant. Or, for example, also in an X-ray room. It should also go off because it’s ionizing radiation.

Dr. Sevillano: Yes. When the machine is working. But come on, there shouldn’t be this. And have you seen the device when it’s put near the tower?

Ricardo Delgado: Of course.

Dr. Sevillano: You can see how the pulses stimulate the needle and the device. I mean, that’s not just non-ionizing. There’s something in the environment, or there’s something that’s being emitted from there. Or there’s something in the environment that’s dangerously multiplying the energies, the wave energy up into the ionization range. That breaks electrons. That destroys tissues.

Ricardo Delgado: Precisely, they’re called Beta and Gamma radiations. When waves enter the THz scale ―within the electromagnetic spectrum near the infrared―, they’re called Beta and Gamma. That’s to say, very similar to the variants of which they talk about.

Dr. Sevillano: Yes. Like the variants.

2 thoughts on “Geiger Counter Detects Ionizing Radiation Near 5G Cell Tower”

  1. I built my home less than 30 feet from a cell tower that had 2 tenants in 2002 (the local school and local police department). The cell tower now has multiple tenants including Verizon and others. The tower has been rebuilt. I attended a building committee meeting and asked what the radiation emission was before and after the ‘upgrade’. Verizon had attorneys at the meeting and apparently that was a protected trade secret. I was curely slammed into silence. My home is unsellable due to the proximity of the cell towers that have been upgraded. Apparently, I have no legal rights.

    Originally, the EPA had oversight. Now the Federal Communication Committee does (sneaky)

    1. Mary – you might be interested to have a look at this study:

      I think we are all learning by now that the governments, even down to the local level, have been completely infiltrated by the dark side. At some point, humanity is going to realize that it’s time to take matters into our own hands. In some places, they are doing this, burning down the towers. Eventually, the people responsible for irradiating our world like this should be executed publicly.

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