The Infertility Epidemic – What’s Causing It and How Can we Reverse It?

Dear friends – On June 22, 2022, I hosted a very important webinar concerning the topic of infertility which has reached epidemic levels in almost all western societies save for one.

The youth and young adults of today are in serious danger of no longer being able to produce children. Sperm counts are down 60% from what they were in 1970 and whatever sperm men have left are often deformed, genetically damaged, or cannot swim.  Women’s infertility is also skyrocketing with rates of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and premature ovarian failure (amongst other issues) rising every year. There are multiple reasons for all of this fertility failure, the overwhelming majority of which are due to a very dark agenda that has been in operation for several decades and is designed to create sterility in our young and turn those children who do make it through into cyborg, AI machines fully controllable by the dark side.  We are at the breaking point.  If we do not shift gears now, things are not looking for the continuation of our bloodlines.

Because this issue concerns the continuation of our species, and because it is affecting multiple species on our planet at the same time, I ask those of you who are concerned for the welfare of our Earth to please consider watching this webinar and sharing it with your friends.  If you have children or grandchildren who you would like to see be able to reproduce, or if you are someone who is desirous of having children yourself, please give serious consideration to watching this groundbreaking 2.5 hour webinar so you may educate yourself on what can be done to reverse this serious threat.

Please know that you are not likely to find this information anywhere else as the medical establishment will never reveal to you what I have shared with you here.

Cost for the mp4 recording is $55.


To purchase the recording, click here

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