EMF Exposure in Pregnant Women Associated with Shorter Pregnancies, Low Birth Weight

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From Children’s Health Defense:

EMF Exposure and Pregnancy Risks: Here’s What the Scientific Literature Tells Us

Electromagnetic field exposure in pregnant women is associated with a shorter pregnancy, increased fetal heart rate variability and temperature, and babies born with smaller head and chest circumferences, according to a review of scientific findings.
By Julie Comber, Ph.D.

Electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure in pregnant women is associated with a shorter pregnancy, increased fetal heart rate variability and temperature, and babies born with smaller head and chest circumferences, according to a review of scientific findings.
Over the longer term, EMF exposure in utero increases a child’s risk of developing speech, hyperactivity and other inattention issues.
The review, published in February in Heliyon, adds to existing evidence that EMFs cause harm by demonstrating the effect on babies in utero…


What are EMFs?…

The human-made EMFs that pregnant women (and all of us) need to consider are radiofrequency, magnetic fields, electrical fields and dirty electricity.
Sources of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) include cellphones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens and Bluetooth devices.
Common sources of magnetic fields include chargers for electronic devices, high voltage power lines and electrical panels….
The authors of the review set out “to systematically review published studies on the direct effects of EMF radiation emitted from mobile phones on pregnancy, birth, and infant outcomes.”…
The review is titled “Impacts of smartphone radiation on pregnancy: A systematic review.”…
Let’s dive into the findings from the RFR studies.
A large 2019 meta-analysis assessed the impact of RFR exposure. The mothers were categorized into none, low, medium and high cellphone use based on the self-reported frequency of calls per day.

Data from more than 55,000 pregnant women and their children in four countries showed women who reported more frequent calling had a higher risk of giving birth at a lower gestational age compared with those who reported less frequent calling…

A 2018 study on the fetus while in utero examined fetal heart rate variability, a marker of fetal wellbeing.
Pregnant women were grouped by body mass index (BMI) into a normal BMI group and an obese group. The pregnant women were exposed to a single cellphone for 10 minutes.
The fetal heart rate variability increased significantly in the normal BMI group, but not in the obese group.
There is an ideal range of fetal heart rate variability. If the variability is too low or too high, this could indicate an issue — so the important finding from this paper is that the fetus had a physiologic response to the RFR exposure, which could affect fetal health.
2018 model calculation of the RFR absorbed by the maternal body at 13, 18 and 26 weeks’ gestation showed exposure to RFR increased fetal temperature.
Two of the studies included in the review provided evidence of changes in infants’ measurements at birth.

One 2019 study reported pregnant women who used their mobile phones during pregnancy were more likely than those who did not use cellphones to give birth to infants with low birth weight.

The study also showed pregnant women exposed to RFR from base stations and TVs were more likely to give birth to infants with a smaller head circumference.
A 2017 study from Japan showed pregnant women who used their mobile phones excessively tended to give birth to infants with a smaller chest circumference.


What did studies suggest about long-term effect on children of mothers exposed to EMFs?

Two of the studies reviewed by the authors examined the long-term effects of mothers’ EMF exposure during pregnancy on their children…
According to the study, 38.8% of mothers reported no cellphone use during pregnancy. These mothers were less likely to have a child with behavioral, hyperactivity/inattention or emotional issues.

A small 2019 cross-sectional study found using cordless phones (a source of RFR exposure) or living near power lines (a source of high magnetic fields) during pregnancy increased the risk of giving birth to children with speech problems…


An increase of 2 degrees Celsius in the brains of rats exposed to microwave radiation caused behavioral changes


In a recent article in The Defender, Dr. Joseph Mercola offered tips to reduce EMF exposure.
Tips that may be of particular interest to pregnant women include:
  • Avoid carrying a cellphone on your body, unless it is in airplane mode.
  • If you need to take a call on a cellphone, keep it 3 feet away and use speakerphone.
  • Connect computers and other devices to a wired ethernet connection instead of using Wi-Fi.
  • If you must use Wi-Fi, turn it off overnight.
  • Make your bedroom a sanctuary. Turn off your cellphone or put it in airplane mode overnight, and preferably put it in a different room or far from you.
  • Avoid wireless baby-monitoring devices.

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