Parents are Withdrawing Children from School Due to Wifi / Phone Mast Radiation Issues

Parents Withdraw Kids From School Due To WIFI Dangers – This Is What Needs To Be Done!

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Informed Parents are Withdrawing Students From School Due To WiFi / Phone Mast

The community of Dartington, UK, set an example in caring for the health and safety of their young ones. This is also happening in Australia (see here) and elsewhere. We join the call for parents and teachers everywhere to organize and protect the children. -TBYP

Parents and students at a Devon primary school are planning a mass walk-out in protest of a controversial mobile phone mast.

The 10m high structure is located just 50 metres away from Dartington Primary School, Totnes, which has worried parents over suggested radiation readings at the school which apparently show the highest reading of ‘excessive radiation.’

Those involved in the protest want the mast located at least 1km away from the school, as well as the outdoor pool, a children’s playground and a school for children with additional needs that fall within a 100m radius of the Vodafone mast.

Dr David Carpenter, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Albany, USA said:

“Children are more vulnerable to RF/MW radiation because of the susceptibility of their developing nervous systems.

“Children are largely unable to remove themselves from exposures to harmful substances in their environments. Their exposure is involuntary.

“There is a major legal difference between an exposure that an individual chooses to accept and one that is forced upon a person, especially a dependent, who can do nothing about it.”

Michelle McHale, Director of Attachment Parenting UK whose girls attended Dartington Primary said she is astonished at the lack of precaution or care in siting the mast.

Locals agree that young children’s health is absolutely paramount. Mum Natascha, whose son has additional needs and has been thriving at Dartington Primary commented:

“We love our school and we agree with technological development but the mast’s closeness casts a dark shadow over our newly built school and many parents are seriously considering de-registering which could create a real conundrum for the council who own the small roadside verge where the mast is erected.”

Dartington Primary School Head teacher Jill Mahon (pictured left) Credit: Devon Online / Andy Styles

Mum of one, Leela, feels strongly that the mast needs to be located at a distance to both amenities and housing and that extensive consultation was sorely missing. Leela commented;

“Why would we risk subjecting our children to consistent radiation while other European Countries adhere to the EU’s ‘precautionary principle’ when it comes to EMFs?

“I can see how phone companies could shatter our confidence in the safety of where we live by placing a 10m mast with permitted planning rights alongside a home or school and we have zero rights to appeal our involuntary radiation exposure. What does that mean for our human rights?”

Vodafone originally applied to South Hams District Council for the erection of a 15m mast, but this planning application was rejected amidst local opposition to the mast.

Since then, Vodafone has appealed to the Secretary of State to have the local council’s decision revoked.

The 10m mast was erected during the May half-term break.

The parent-led walk-out will take place at 1.30pm on Tuesday, June 26. The school’s head teacher, Mrs Mahon, objects to the mast’s proximity and school governors are working on the school’s behalf to oppose the current location.

More than 620 have signed a petition to have the mast moved.


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