The Evidence Mounts – Were Smart Meters or Other Directed Energy Weapons Used to Trigger the CA Fires?

First off, let’s begin this discussion by taking a look at some of the photos from the California fires commonly referred to as “wild fires,” “forest fires,” “camp fires,” etc. by the lamestream media. Not all of the photos below are from the latest Paradise, CA fire (although most of them are), but all the photos are, to my knowledge, from recent fires that took place in California.

As you can clearly see, the CA fires seem to have completely vaporized homes while leaving trees and other vegetation unharmed. Forest fires and wild fires do not behave this way. Something is very wrong.


























Some people are suggesting that PGE started at least some of the fires.



The CPUC is specifically looking into whether inadequate maintenance of PG&E’s power infrastructure started the deadly fires. PG&E has been ordered by the CPUC to preserve all electrical equipment related to the string of fires and provide internal communications regarding the electrical issues and fires since Sunday, October 8th. The president of the CPUC has stated the agency will focus on PG&E’s maintenance history. “PG&E must inform all employees and contractors that they must preserve all electronic (including emails) and non-electronic documents related to potential causes of the fires, vegetation, maintenance and/or tree-trimming,” Elizaveta Malashenko, director of the CPUC’s safety and enforcement division, sent a letter to PG&E ordering it to “preserve all evidence” regarding the fires.







We have to wonder how these bozos in the lametream media can still refer to this fire as a “camp fire” when it is clear it was electrically caused!

At least one person has shown that an explosion occurred just before the fire broke out? Did this explosion create a chain event that activated smart meters to blow up designated houses?

In the video below, the following statement is made by CBS News:

“But we do know that electric company PG&E experienced a problem with an electrical transmission line near the site of the fire minutes before it broke out.” – CBS News

Watch What CNN Weather Man Hides in Plain Sight!!



And then there are articles like this:

CA WILDFIRES:Did Camp Fire have second start? PG&E filing points to other possible origin

State officials are investigating a second point where Pacific Gas and Electric Co. equipment failed as the conflagration now known as the Camp Fire broke out Nov. 8, the utility said in a regulatory filing.

The company also faces mounting legal challenges over its possible connection to the Camp Fire, with lawsuits now filed in both San Francisco and Butte County courts. PG&E’s latest report to the utilities commission was of great interest to Tom Tosdal, a Southern California attorney representing several Camp Fire victims who recently sued PG&E in Butte County.

What stood out most to Tosdal about the filing was its lack of detail.

“It’s probably the most vague electric safety incident report I have ever seen,” Tosdal said. “We know very, very little from this incident report, and the fact that it’s reported eight days later — it’s weird. It’s just weird.”

But Tosdal, who is also involved in the litigation over the 2017 North Bay wildfires, said he is confident of PG&E’s connection to the Camp Fire’s cause.

“I have very little doubt that this is a utility power line fire case,” he said. “The evidence is extremely strong so far.”

Much of the closely watched legal battle will likely center around whether PG&E has done enough to manage vegetation around its equipment in such a way to prevent wildfires from sparking, said Mark Farley, a Houston attorney at Katten Muchin Rosenman who is not involved in the litigation.

And then there are videos like these…

California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon


Update – 12/9/18  – this video is very important.  Please watch.


So what do you think happened?


6 thoughts on “The Evidence Mounts – Were Smart Meters or Other Directed Energy Weapons Used to Trigger the CA Fires?”

  1. Of course these fires were mind made…..There were no winds in SR, Napa, Sonoma, Windsor, Ukiah, Redwood Valley, Potter Valley etc that night….when we have winds here they quiet down to nothing, it gets cools and damp….less change if fires, nit more. What are the odds that over sixty fires would all start within an hour of each other on the same night? And all those blue shafts if light people saw…where was the reporting on that! Ukiah never did have wind that night but seven mikes. Right in Redwood. Alley my niece’d chicken coup made of two. Y fours, the roof of composition shingles…all anchored in the fours was ripped up with her throat chickens and went sailing past her kitchen window never to be found again….Seven miles away we did not have one for needle blow out of hundred foot firs. I knew of the morning after it happened this was not Mother Nature. This was not from down power poles or downed power lines….This was some evil attack by evil people in charge of our country, our society who hate California and want us to fail as a state, to suffer as a state because we have power in this state! Those evil people want our power, want to control us; Californians are known to be rebels, not to be controlled. Bullshit! Not forest fires….I’ve lived here seventy-two years….No, nit forest fires!!!

  2. FYI: “Camp Fire” does not refer to a fire started at a camping site but refers to the name of the Camp road/area/intersection where the first powerline supposedly was knocked down by high winds.

    That was definitely not a great idea for a name of a fire since it causes confusion unless its explanation was always included in news articles (sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn’t).

    Cheapo-Plastic Smart Meters do not have Surge Protectors on the backs of them as Analogs always had.

    Per videos I’ve seen in the past few years (possibly by Brian Thiessen or Curtis Bennett, can’t remember who), one thing that can cause Smart Meters to catch fire is “arcing”; & that “arcing” can occur when the power company “cuts the power” to a customer due to people not paying their bill.

    In the Paradise case, IF a powerline was really knocked down by winds, I wonder if that acts the same as a utility “cutting power”(?); &/or PG&E really did “cut the power” to the area serviced by the downed powerline.

    Either way, I’m guessing that the power being stopped/cut for the large-area serviced by the downed powerline could have caused the dreaded “arcing” behind the meters leading to the house fires.

    In another California case several years ago, about 100 Smart Meters EXPLODED, some melting/turning black from fire, & some blown off the walls. That occurred after a car or truck ran into a transformer which, I’m guessing, caused a huge SURGE of power to the SmartMeters; & with NO surge protectors on the backs of them, well, what the H did the idiots who designed the pieces of crap expect? SMH!

    1. The thing is Ed, they could send a surge of power to those meters any time they feel like it. I suppose they could just amp up a few of those hideous microwave cell towers in the area and boom. Houses and cars are vaporized. I’ve no doubt all these radiation-emitting devices are weapons.

  3. Great pictures! one or two I haven’t seen before. I Just discovered your website. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Jamie Lee’s website he lives here in Santa Rosa and has been researching these fires since the beginning. : aplanetruth .utube “Paradise list #25” he’s done 25 videos on this very topic the last 20 had a microwave/electrician 30 year specialist explaining how these fires were started. It has to do with the smart meters it has to do with direct energy weapons and it has to do with gas pretty complex but definitely an attack !!! Glad I discovered you guys. Good work.

    1. Hi Jill – thanks for the positive feedback! Do you happen to have a link to one of Jamie Lee’s videos that you would recommend? Another friend has been turning me on to his work as well. Thanks.

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