No “Small Cells” in Front of Homes — Federal Lobbying Update and Request for Help

Important message to all who do not want dense networks of 4G/5G wireless antennas and refrigerator-sized power supplies installed in public rights-of-way in front of our homes, schools, and parks: 

The public is waking up. Our legislators (asleep at the wheel for years) are beginning to awaken. Momentum is gathering, and we can and will prevail. But it will take nothing short of gargantuan efforts on the part of every one of us working in concert. We need your help now
Broadband – Our Town, Our Choice is working at the Federal level alongside of other like-minded organizations to protect municipalities from the invasion of cell towers in residential public rights-of-way.   
We have assembled a great team consisting of our veteran and astute Washington DC-based Attorney/Lobbyist, James (Jim) Turner, from the National Institute of Science, Law and Public Policy (NISLAPP); his creative and experienced messaging assistant, Kurt Cobb; a power-house activist who has supported many communities in establishing some of the most protective local ordinances in the country; and a longtime expert on ADA rights and claims. Joining our team is a growing group of volunteers who are also preparing to lobby on the Hill and will meet regularly with Jim Turner to coordinate efforts and receive guidance, materials, and strategies. 
We are convinced we can win the 4G/5G war because unbridled wireless expansion will profoundly and adversely impact every one of us. The time is right. The public is ready. And many are thirsting for a saner world – A world with just enough wireless capability for short calls and texts when out and about, but where the vast majority of all Internet use is delivered through safe, fast, reliable, energy efficient and cyber secure optical fiber to all premises
Jim and Kurt are implementing and helping us fine-tune our messaging and tailor it to specific audiences: legislative staff, the press, and the public. Our ADA expert is leading our effort to mount a strong campaign around Electromagnetic Sensitive (EMS) individuals who are willing to assert ADA rights to protect their homes and neighborhoods. (The ADA may turn out to be the Achilles Heal for the so-called “Race to 5G” –  perhaps better termed, a Race to 4G with a sprinkling of 5G.) We also put together a powerful slide presentation we use for meetings with legislative offices. Though our team is still small, we are launching a campaign that, with your help, will take on a life of its own as more and more people and politicians are awakened.  
We are asking our US Senators and Representatives to do the following:
  1. Write a Letter to the FCC in support of Senators Blumenthal and Eschoo’s Dec. 3rd request.
  2. Introduce/Support a Congressional Review Act (CRA) to cancel the FCC Order, WT-Dockets 17-79 & 17-84, The Wireless and Wireline Infrastructure Order (effective Jan. 14th, 2019)
  3. Place a formal hold on / objection to S.3157 — the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act, which will be most likely be re-introduced in 2019.
  4. Amend Future Telecom Bills to Preserve Local Rule for the siting of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs!), so that counties, cities and towns retain their freedom to integrate broadband technology into their communities with a mix of wired and wireless technology that truly meets residents’ needs, in recognition of the intent of the 1996 Telecom Act, “to protect life and property”.  
No Slam Dunk – We’re Up Against A Lot! 
Big Wireless is pouring billions into their campaign to streamline so-called “Small Cell” deployment by eliminating local control over the siting of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs!) in the public rights-of-way — effectively wiping out any protective ordinances that local communities have passed.  People are already being forced out of their homes due to small cells being installed nearby. The effective date for the FCC Wireless Infrastructure Order is January 14, 2019…all too soon!  Over twenty municipalities are opposing the FCC Order, and have petitioned the Commission for a Stay that was unfortunately denied. Hopefully, the denial will be appealed…so it’s not over yet. 

Now is the time! We need to put the pedal to the metal. We must raise the necessary funds to pay for our lobbyists, who are graciously being MOST generous with their time and expertise! We need your support to continue and expand our work and reach. 
As we approach January 14, 2019 — the effective date for FCC order to take effect, we believe that the following will give us the best chances for a runway of sufficient length to continue these lobbying efforts:
  1. Get a Stay or Injunction of FCC 17-79 & 17-84 by the Tenth Circuit Judge
  2. Convince our Senators to pass a Congressional Review Act of the FCC Order and send this to the newly Democrat-majority House.
  3. Fine-tune strategies and templates for Americans with Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) to make effective ADA claims, forcing “Small Cells” out of residential neighborhoods. (Please view and read  Shelley Masters’ excellent ADA-focused testimony in Sonoma, CA from Nov. 8th, 2018).

Our lobbying effort in Washington, DC cannot continue without financial support. We need your help now.

Please donate to
Broadband – Our Town, Our Choice here.

(If you would prefer not to pay online, please email for information about where to send a check.)

Please also forward this email to all of your lists and contacts who oppose 4G / 5G wireless antennas and accompanying infrastructure installed on or near utility and light poles in public rights-of-way in front of homes, schools, and parks. 
And time allowing, please kindly call or write to as many Senators and Members of the House as you can with the messaging shared above. 
We owe it to our children and to future generations. 
Many thanks. 
Working together for a safer and saner world for us all…. 
Kate Kheel 
P.S. Please note that any donation for lobbying is not tax deductible.

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