Can Shungite Help Protect Us Against Damaging EMF Radiation?

Studies indicate we should be extremely wary of using shungite or believing any of the hype about how it will protect us against EMF radiation. A 2012 study found that C60 (carbon 60) causes damage to human DNA and RNA and causes other toxic effects to the human body. C60 is what shungite is made of.  A 2018 study also found DNA damage, as well as dysregulation of the circadian rhythm cycles, increased levels of stress hormones, hypoxia and inflammation in zebrafish exposed to shungite.  The zebrafish also displayed a reduction in aggression — a behavioral change that is much sought after by those involved in manipulating humanity and rolling out their New World Order.

Moreover, when asked about whether holding a piece of shungite on or near the body, or putting a shungite sticker on a cellphone, will protect us against EMF Radiation, Tony Pantalleresco (nanotechnology expert) stated:

They don’t work.

You can look at it this way. Let’s say you have a really big piece of shungite the size of a telephone pole. And some one hits you with a 4-G or 5-G signal it will go to that shungite first because it is acting as an antenna or receiver because it is a carbon molecule and it will attract that frequency. It doesn’t mean you won’t get hit it just means it is going to take the brunt of the hit.

Shungite is actually carbon C60. [It is highly conductive.] When people wear it on their skin they are amplifying the signals from the environment and passing the frequencies into their body. I was the first to say that using shungite for protection was a farce.
They were even trying to get people to drink this stuff. When they drank it — it would lodge in the brain, which would make the brain more receptive to frequencies. This kind of thing is all about marketing and sales. [3]

If you are one of the many people who were fooled into putting shungite stones in your water and drinking this toxic substance, please read this article and view Tony’s video on how to use sodium thiosulphate to detox nanotechnologies and other damaging materials like heavy metals, radiation, etc., from the body.


Sources: (thanks to Jim West for uncovering these studies)

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