EMF Health Summit Starts Today – June 14-20, 2019

Via Lloyd Burrell:


In 2009 for the princely sum of $50 ElectricSense was born.


My first utterings were a YouTube video—filmed in my living room.


I was thinking, if just one person sees this and get’s the message, it will have been worth it.


Fortunately, quite a few people saw it.


Since then over 3 million people have visited ElectricSense.


In fact probably quite a few more than that, my stats only go back to 2013.


In that first video I was just blowing off steam.


I was a bit cheesed off (I’m being polite) not just because I’d been harmed by these supposedly safe technologies but because nobody seemed to know a darned thing about any of these dangers.


The medical community was, and still is by and large, clueless.


But more to the point everyone was walking around ignorant, business as usual, complaining about the poor reception on their cell phone, buying cell phones for their kids, etc.


Since then my mission has morphed into one of not only raising awareness about the dangers but sharing solutions.


And it’s just grown and grown over time, thanks to you.


But despite all my efforts (and the valiant efforts of many others), a lot of people are still buying cell phones as if they’re going out of fashion, buying them for their kids AND complaining like spoilt children when they can’t get enough bars to stream the latest blockbuster on Netflix.


At the beginning of last year I was feeling a bit deflated.


Which got me thinking, what can I do to take this to the next level?


What can I do to really get the message out to a broader audience?


EMFs need’s to go mainstream.


That’s where the idea of holding an EMF Health Summit bubbled up.


I’d like to say that I sat and meditated for a solution and that’s how it came to me.


But it didn’t quite work like that.


I’d been kind thinking it over for about 2 years!


But I guess I felt that, to quote one of my favorite Elvis Presley songs, ‘It’s Now or Never’.


To pull it off I knew that I needed the support of 30 or so world leading experts on EMFs.


I also knew that I needed the support of some major websites in the natural health space to help me get the message out.


How to convince them to help me?


I decided to dive in at the deep end.


I emailed Dr. Mercola, told him my bold plan and asked if he would participate.


I figured if I can get the man behind the number one most visited natural health website on the planet on my side, who by the way is passionate about EMFs, then I would be off to a good start.


He said yes!


And the EMF Health Summit just snowballed from there.


I’ve been able to connect with 34 world-class experts on everything EMF… cell phone radiation, 5G, WiFi, smart meters, dirty electricity, Bluetooth, you name it.


Each of them shares their best strategies to protect yourself from these digital toxins, which are causing chronic inflammation and so many other conditions and diseases. Including cancer.


And do you know the best part?


It’s FREE.


All 35 interviews (34 guests but 35 interviews because I did a 2 part interview with Building Biologist Oram Miller) are free to watch between 14th and 20th June.


Register here today to guarantee you don’t miss it!  


Note: If you registered for last years broadcast – this is the same event. I know how tough it can be to find the time to access all these amazing interviews that’s why I’m sending you this email so you get another opportunity to take part in the biggest FREE EMF Summit event ever…


You know I always ask you to share my emails, well this time it’s super important to share because with your help I really feel we can change something here.


Please share with your loved ones, your friends and your neighbors!


Lloyd Burrell


Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!


P.S. if the above link doesn’t work please copy/paste this link into your browser http://bit.ly/2KCmVQQ

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